Best book this week: Kissed by the Moon

When I think what I want for my children in the future, its complex and often nebulous (to have love, and be happy); which is why when we read this book by wonderful Australian author, Alison Lester, it describes experiences that are wonderful, simple, and in tune with our wonderful world… Experiences that will help them to stop, and smell the flowers, so to speak. Yes, I want them to be kissed by the moon. Intense, and beautiful and highly recommended.

What is the Best book this week all about?

Each week we will be sharing a book that has touched us in some way!

Reading at bedtime is not only an important part of our routine, it’s something that Mumma and the kids look forward to everyday! When the joys of dinner and bath time are over, and the littlies are snug, and fresh in their PJs we cuddle and read a book for each child. Sometimes they want their book of choice read separately (or Little Miss states that her brother’s choice is ‘for boys/ or for babies or she chooses something about Megafauna) but most of the time they love being cuddled and the joy of a new book together. Or reading old favourites! We read a lot of books over and over again!

Like most things related to parenting, even reading aloud did not come intuitively to Mumma. Listening to the lady at Storytime gave her lots of tips as did Mem Fox’s “Reading Magic.” As Mumma read it, a light bulb came on. If your feel that your reading time is sometimes lacklustre, grab a copy from your local library.

And a final word – we do have our own collection of books, but the Library is an important part of our life and many of these books come to us through being part of this wonderful service. If you aren’t a member of your local library – do it! In Australia it’s free and one of the BEST parenting tools we have!

If you wish to buy Kissed by the Moon by Alison Lester