Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids

Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids

This is our off the beaten track Bali holiday! Ever planned a trip and then something happened and you had to cancel?  Well that is what happened to our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids holiday!!!

This was going to be our second trip to Bali in less than 12 months. To say that we were entranced on the first trip would be an understatement.   This time, we planned to use the full 30 days tourist visa that is given on arrival in Bali.

This trip was focusing on places that were a little off the beaten track and not necessarily Bali family destinations.   So, want to get off the beaten track in Bali, with kids?  This is our “planned” itinerary.

Note:  It is important that you know that we have not done all of this trip, only parts of it.  We have not stayed in most of the hotels recommended, and this was just what we had researched as suiting our family, and our family’s budget.

Hotel Style – Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids

Good pool, laid back accommodation  – not too “resort like” or flash. We don’t like resorts which have packed buffet style restaurants or kids in the Kids club all day.   We do like to splurge though, and particularly have a soft spot for infinity pools.

Speed of travel- Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids

This is a pretty “slow” itinerary.  We are an active family, so we like to go out and do lots of things… but that exhausts kids.  So in general we try to do one “easy day” (pool, beach, rest at lunchtime in the air-con, some reading, maths or study) and then one “active day”.  Also, being away from home and work for a month means that we need to keep up with our daily emails, blog and social media, which inevitably takes TIME.


Remember that the first day (eg day 1) of any stay in any place is always travelling and in-complete.   That means that while you stay 5 nights, you only have 4 full days there.

Days 1-5 Sanur – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

Yes, this is not an off the beaten track destination but as some of the others require quite a lot of driving we felt that this was a great place to start.   Sanur, close to the airport and always recommended as a good family place; busy and popular but with a more laid back vibe that is perfect for families. Also, after travel and getting away from home it is always nice to just have an easy place to stay!

Activities planned:

  • Relaxing by the pool
  • Uluwatu temple and Kecak Dance.
  • Sundays Beach Club

The two places that had researched as being suitable for our family to stay in Sanur:

Inna Sindhu

Peneeda View

Days 6 -7 Sideman – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

Our next stop was the small village of Sidemen  purely to enjoy the fabulous Villa Sideman and the rice terraces .

Activities planned:

  • Visit Semarapura while travelling between Sanur and Sideman.
  • Walk in the rice terraces

The two places that had researched as being suitable for our family to stay in Sanur:

Villa Sideman


Days 8-10 Candidasa or Manggis – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

Our next destination; the sleepy coastal villages at Candidasa or Manggis (not sure which!)

Activities planned

Visit the famous temple at Besakih

Tirta Gangga  (visit en route between Candidasa and Amed)

Where we would stay in Candidasa

Bayshore Villas Candidasa, in a Villa or Bungalow

The Alila Manggis appears to have some good deals, but is described as an upmarket hotel style resort.

We decided that at ONE hotel we would splurge>> and for us that includes a spectacular infinity pool.  We really liked the look of Amankila but at the same time thought that it was going to be a stretch for the budget

Days 11 – 15 Amed

From Candidasa we planned to hop up the coast to Amed, hopefully stopping at some tourist sites along the way, including Tirta Gangga,  Pura Lempuyang and possibly Taman Soekasada Ujung.  If this was not possible all in one day we were going to visit them from Amed as a long day trip.

We planned to use Amed as a base for a summit of Gunung Batur, given that it was closer than many other towns.  We are not afraid of a bit of hiking, but – at the same time – we HATE early starts and that is the kind of thing that sends the kids off the rails.   Many tour companies offer a 1am start to Gunung Batur – clearly not something we were going to do with kids ! (note, we were also investigating a camping trip entering on the other side and if that was going to prove less taxing would have allowed less time at Amed. )

Snorkelling was also on the priority list and got this info from forum questions: Jemeluk bay (just east of Amed) was wonderful for snorkeling right off the beach in calm, relatively warm water.  Blue Star end of the beach is pretty ideal I think for kid snorkeling trips. Definitely warmer water than Permuteran,

These were the hotels that appealed to us in Amed

Anda Amed Resort

Coral View Villas

Life in Amed Boutique Hotel

Days 16-19  Lovina – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

Travelling north from Amed to Lovina we heard that there were some interesting little known temples up past Tulamben on the way to Singaraja, whether by this time we would be templed “out” remains to be seen!

We fell in love in Lovina last year, which surprises some people who don’t like the black sand volcanic beach nor the pushy tourist touts in the central village.  We stayed out of there, and had a simple and cheap hotel called Bali Taman which was about half way between Lovina and Singaraja.

Family Activities in Lovina

  • Dolphin trip which my friend described as, crazy and a bit uncomfortable. (we had not done it with a 2.5 year old as we were worried he might jump out of the narrow boats)
  • Banjar hot springs
  • sekumpul waterfall or gitgit waterfall
  • Air Sanih lake

Days 20 – 23  Pemuteran – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

This fishing village on the fair north coast was one of the non negotiable places we wanted to visit, and if you drive directly is apparently only 4 hours from the main tourist areas around the Denpasar airport.

Things we wanted to see

The Turtle Project at Proyek Penyu

Monkey Temple right beside the road (Pura Pulakih

Snorkelling – directly off the beach is apparently pretty good.  or Menjangan Island for norkelling. It is much better than just off the beach which is certainly Okay in its own right. You will have to hire a boat to take you out the short ride to the island. Take a walk around the island and check out the temple while you are there. It is one of the cardinal temples and therefore very holy to the Balinese

Places to stay in Pemuteran

Sunia Loka

Taman Sari Resort

Days 24-26  Munduk – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

Little visited in comparison to the rest of Bali,  Munduk is a welcome respite from the heat of Bali’s coastal areas.  Green and lush, it is filled with wonderful agricultural lands and we loved our first visit so much were enthusiastic to return!  For our full blog post >> Munduk & Bedugul, Bali for families

Planned activities around Munduk

To spend a full day around Bedugul and the Botanic gardens which we loved.

Day in the life of the farmer tour at Tunjuk Village

We are keen to do a summit of Gunung Batur and were not yet sure what would be the easiest option.   Staying at Amed or doing a overnight Camping trip like this one>>

Where to stay around Munduk?

We were going to stay at Munduk Moding Plantation

Already stayed at the Puri Lumbung cottages, our  full review here

Days 27 – 30 Tanah Lot – our Off the Beaten Track Bali with Kids Family Itinerary

From Munduk we planned to head back towards the airport, and it seemed to us that Tanah Lot would be an interesting option, not really in the highly touristed areas, but close enough to provide a jumping off point.  Remember that the final day is just travel

  • Maybe get a car into Seminyak to see what it is all about
  • Visit Tanah Lot temple,
  • Fly out on day 30

De Moksha Boutique Resort

Natya Hotel Tanah Lot

Villa Ayo might be good for bigger families.

REMEMBER:  we have only researched this itinerary and we did not actually travel it.

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