we are family of 4 –1 born in Nicaragua, 1 in Peru, and 2 in Australia.

we’ve lived a blessed life, full of color, and life’s experiences. Mumma is the Co Founder of Threads of Peru and Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists.

The adults have been travellers & adventurers our whole lives, but now we are now embracing the adventure called Parenthood.  Discovering the world through the kids’ eyes means a short excursion anywhere is an adventure.

Everyone has different experiences with becoming parents, and the second child is different again.  After years of being on the road with our little Miss between Australia, Peru and Nicaragua, our little boy grounded us.   For us, 2 children seemed like triple the work, juggling schedules and also trying to maintain a work schedule after he was 4 months old.   To not travel was the only decision to make: we stayed in Australia for 18 months, and we travelled very little.  this time being settled in australia was a wonderful chance for us to experience and savor the wonders of australia, while also working up our appetite for overseas adventure.

In October 2016 our Instagram account was selected by Eric Stoen, of Travel Babbo, as one of the 25 Best Family Travel Accounts in the world.   This was a huge thrill for us and a turning point in our blogging career.  (Ok, let’s be honest, there was no career at that stage.)  Read about our inclusion in the  25 Best Family Travel Instagram Accounts

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visiting the historic village of greenough

to hear more about how we came to be part of the adventure travel agency, Apus Peru.

Airbnb-new-logo-2014We don’t recommend anything that we don’t know and use ourselves. One of our favourite ways to live like a local and immerse ourselves in local culture is AirBNB.  By staying in ‘real’ homes there is more opporunity to mingle with the locals, plus the family settles into a routine, with space for kids to play and the parents to cook.   We’ve got a voucher for AU $50 when you sign up to AirBNB.  Take the opportunity here!