Lima with Kids: Things to do in Miraflores with Children

We love Lima!  We especially love Lima when travelling with Kids and recommend it as a great place to stop and get your travelling feet!  This especially applies if you have travelled long haul and are likely exhausted upon arrival.

Our Planning for Peru with Kids page  explains that the altitude in Cusco 3400m (11,154 feet) can really knock your system about!  We prefer to rest and get our body clocks in order in Lima, or more specifically, Miraflores a suburb of Lima which is modern, and safe. There are wide footpaths which a great for prams (not the case in most other parts of Peru).   After writing the post we realised that we would separate the Blog into three distinct posts as there was so much information to share!

Attractions for Lima with Kids

Miraflores with Children– Roadtested by kids Under 5

  1. Parque Kennedy

This is a great playground that is the most modern of all the playgrounds we have seen in Lima. Also in Parque Kennedy is a thriving community of cats which are fed by the kind citizens of Lima, who you see bringing cat food.   Despite their vast numbers the cats are apparently allowed to stay by the benevolence the church of Virgen Milagrosa which is in the centre of Parque Kennedy.

Given that one of our number 1 tips for Lima with Kids is letting them get out and explore, there are safe paths, fun food carts and a carnival atmosphere.   Also there are often artworks on display – or movable art projects that come and go.


  1. Fast Food.

Did I just mention Fast Food!!! Yes, one of those things that I said I would never do as a mother is let my children eat Fast Food.   When you are visiting Lima with Kids its worth knowing there is an abundance of fast food in Miraflores, (MacDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut).   Priced at Western Prices it is also familiar to little kids and I find that they need recognisable things in their lives, especially after long flights.  Also – travel doesn’t have to be complex, the playground in MacDonald’s works just as well as the Playground outside!!!


  1. Parque del Amor

A nice long walk (think 6 blocks or more) from the centre of Miraflores is the beautifully named ‘Parque Del Amor,’ the Miraflores “Park of Love,” which has a great view of the Pacific Ocean and a series of statues with poetic inscriptions dedicated to love.

This is a perfect walk if you have children happy in the pram and you want to stretch your legs after a long flight!   From here you can watch the paragliders whoosh in and out of the coast as well as get a great view of the sea.


  1. Larco Mar

Impossibly built into the cliff wall at Miraflores, this is an upscale shopping centre where only Lima’s most wealthy, or tourists, can afford to visit.   There are some nice restaurants, and some that are kid friendly like Chillis.   Of note is a huge games parlour, with all sorts of rides for kids.  As anywhere in the world they are not cheap but kids go home satisfied.  Its breaks like this that makes Lima with Kids much easier.

Also of interest when visiting Lima with Kids, there is a small Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) should you not have time to go to the bigger one, a bowling alley and movie theatre.  One of us played in the games parlour with the kids while the other one soaked up some of Peru’s golden history.


  1. Double Decker Bus

Mira Bus is the double decker panoramic bus that departs from Parque Kennedy.  This bus is a lot of fun for the kids to ride on the top deck – plus a utilitarian way to get around, especially if you don’t have a lot of time.


  1. Swimming Pool

In short:  most kids love to swim, and for ours it is a real treat.  So this is something that we can do in the hotel, fit in midday naps, and take care of our bodies while recovering from a long flight.  This is listed last on our tips for Miraflores & Lima with Kids, but it’s the ‘non-negotiable one!’   more information about our Lima hotel recommendations,

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