Planning for Peru Family Vacation?

Planning for a Peru Family Vacation?  This post is packed with realistic and useful advice from someone who has 5 years of travel with a small child under her belt, and is now looking forward to travelling with two!

Flight timing

I’m mentally preparing myself for long haul flights with two kids! Twenty-month-old toddler Master L, who finds an hour car ride sufficient confinement for his active little legs, is likely to be a challenge on long haul flights!!

Miss M, having crossed the Pacific Ocean already 4 times in her 5 years, is likely going to be easier, though the fact that she can fit in a question every few seconds (often inappropriate) is going to be a bit of a challenge. Last time we travelled the Australia – Peru route she was 3 and we stopped for a night in Sydney and a night in Los Angeles before finally arriving in Lima. The travel period lasted for some 4 days and felt interminable… This time we are trying for direct flights and just 28 hours from our home airport to Lima. We leave at midnight (one hopes the little guy will be so tired he will sleep the first leg) and will just fly…. We will let you know which option works better.

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getting to know the locals

Getting body clocks set

So many people arrive in Peru and want to skip Lima – and if you are not into great museums, food and a vibrant city, that’s understandable. But the next destination for many is Cusco – which at a colossal 3400m (11,154 feet) is an extremely high altitude city. We are going to spend 3 nights in Lima in a comfortable hotel – with sound-proof walls. The idea is that we rest, recuperate and swim in the pool until our body clocks are organised without having to cope with high altitude at the same time – as well as getting our kids’ body clocks sorted out. (This advice is particularly appropriate for Australians, whose body clocks are the reverse of Peruvians’). So what have we got planned? – nothing at all –we are just going to rest.

Two nights at every hotel

From Lima we are going to forge south – and from here we have one fixed rule. Two nights in every hotel, which means one day driving/travelling and one day to explore and play. This is going to be slower – and more expensive than if we were traveling on our own, but it will also mean that the kids have a lot more fun!

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Kid with suitcase, travel with kids, family travel, family travel Peru, kids travel Peru, Peru travel tips
Miss M heads off with her suitcase the Cusco airport – when at airports allow plenty of time and make sure the kids have plenty of time to run


When we finally arrive in Cusco, we won’t stay – we’ll rather head to the lower climes of the Sacred Valley. Yes, three of our travelling party have been at altitude before and we suppose we will be Ok. However, Master L, at just 20months, is not particularly verbal and we don’t want to take the risk of not acclimatizing him properly. Some vital -and important – advice I read about travelling with small children at altitude is the following: if you are confident that you are able to distinguish the symptoms of altitude sickness in your child from an upset tummy, or even a terrible twos tantrum, then by all means acclimatize rapidly with a small child. For me it’s a no brainer – it’s much safer for him to acclimatize slowly!

Kid with suitcase, travel with kids, family travel, family travel Peru, kids travel Peru, Peru travel tips
Alpacas at many Sacred Valley hotels provided much fascination for our three-year-old, since we acclimatized before heading to Cusco!

Need help Planning for  your Peru Family Vacation?

It’s not easy planning a Peru Family Vacation!!!consider asking a travel agent for help for some of the logistics.  Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists have plenty of experience in offering treks with young people!

This post was originally published on the Apus Peru Blog,  and has been adapted by the author, Ariana Svenson, coincidentally a CoFounder of Apus Peru!

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