Where to stay in Cusco with kids!

Once the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is the tourism capital of the Americas! As to be expected there is a plethora of  Cusco family accommodation options! From the most opulent luxury, to the simplest homestay and hostels with the best parties you will ever have – Cusco has it all. To add to the choice, there are places that are uphill, and downhill, difficult to access; or not even accessible by car! Some of these are not extremely clear when you are booking, which of course makes it hard to know where to book accommodation. Especially if travelling with kids to Cusco its important to research your choices well.

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When booking; try hard to ascertain how far uphill places are. With the altitude making it hard to breathe even on a short walk, this can really make or break a stay in Cusco. Some of the San Blas properties are absolutely gorgeous but the walk home at the end of the day is likely steep… and with an old world street layout there are plenty of places that are inaccessible by taxi.

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Cusco Family Accommodation: Location – where is best with kids

Cusco is divided into several main parts:

  • The Centre – around the Plaza de Armas & Avenida Sol, including Recoleta and Zaguan Del Cielo is “relatively flat”.
  • Lower down on Avenida Sol or Pardo. Look for the Post Office on the map. Most locations below that on either of these two arterial streets will require a reasonable walk… though probably in the morning on the way to the centre rather than the afternoon.
  • Barrio San Blas & Recoleta – requires a steep walk, many parts are inaccessible by taxi.
  • Barrio San Pedro & Santa Ana – less touristy, more authentic. Has lots of uphill sections.
  • The rest of the city, including the ‘modern’ parts. It’s worth noting that the rest of the city is where the bulk of the people live. The Historic Centre of Cusco is a delightful (and safe) place to spend your time but also more expensive. The rest of the city is best accessed by taxi (not walking) .

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Cusco Family Accommodation: Consider renting an apartment

As Cusco is a place you can easily base yourself for a week or more, you might consider getting an AirBNB apartment and this is our number 1 recommendation for Cusco family accommodation.

Location is IMPORTANT. Whenever we have looked at reasonably priced large places, many of them are in the new but distant San Sebastian and La Rapa neighbourhoods. There is nothing wrong with these except they are really far from the centre and if you intend to travel there each day you may spend about 20 minutes or more in a taxi – or much longer in a combi. We love taking local transport, but don’t take anything valuable as they are definitely places where pickpockets do business. (For locals… not for tourists…!) There are good neighbourhoods (think Magisterio & Marcavalle) and then ones that aren’t well known but we love for their convenience (around the Confraternidad or La Florida). Please don’t hesitate to write and ask us if you would like an opinion on the location of a place you are looking at!


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  • I’ve wanted to visit Peru for such a long time, and these are great tips. My children aren’t great at walking any distance, and I’m sure the altitude would add to the challenge of dragging them along! #MondayEscapes

    • You are welcome!!! definately even a short walk in Cusco is made harder by the altitude. you feel your lungs contracting really quickly!!!

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