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11 Great Things To Do In Denmark With Kids

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After many fond visits, we’ve compiled this list of 11 Great things to do in Denmark with kids!

Denmark, Western Australia is located on the south coast about half an hour from Albany and has an awesome hippy vibe and village feel.   We love the whole south coast area, but Denmark WA has a hip and happening vibe that is pretty captivating.  World class natural attractions are rivaled by wineries, cuisine and even some pretty good shopping.  Throw in a touch of the alternative hippy lifestyle, and we always come home from Denmark feeling pretty hip and a touch more in tune with our inner selves.

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Things To Do In Denmark WA With Kids

Swim At Greens Pool And Explore Elephant Rocks

These two gorgeous beach sites are stunning year round; quite literally a photographer’s dream.  In summer, the natural pool at Green’s Pool is sheltered from the south coast winds and is one of the best places to swim.  All year around the rocks that look like a herd of elephants is a fun place to explore with kids.  Just a hint, because Greens Pool is always packed in summer.  The locals head to Madfish Bay for a less crowded experience.   William Bay National Park is definitely a paradise when traveling to Denmark with kids.

And don’t just take our word for it, well-known Australian family travel experts Y Travel Blog loved it too.  Check out their review here.  

The Denmark Animal Farm

Formerly known as the Denmark Alpaca Farm this place is one of our children’s favorite places in the whole world! (YES – world!) they love feeding the kangaroos and alpacas, petting the rabbits and guinea pigs and generally being in a small farm environment.  Definitely visit the Denmark Alpaca Farm around at feeding time – 3pm- for a chance to bottle feed baby lambs, goats or calves.  100% little kid recommended and our kids pick for the best activity in Denmark with kids.

Explore The Denmark River Area

The Denmark River provides a wonderful centerpiece of this cute little town, and lots of activities to keep families with kids entertained.   For younger kids, there is a decent playground in the center of town (opposite the pub), and all ages love the Kwoorabup Community Park which encourages you to engage with nature.   For older kids, a bicycle ride along the river to the inlet will be a fun outing while adults enjoy the deep reflections and views.   For a fee, you can hire a canoe and paddle down to the inlet and back.

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Denmark Arts Markets

With a thriving art scene and plenty of creative local folk, the Denmark Arts Markets are a great day out; with live music and a boho hippy feel, you can kick back and feel the vibe.  Or get in some shopping for some ingeniously made local products that more often than not are organic and natural.    Held monthly over the summer through to Easter (contact the Tourist Bureau for exact dates).

We’ve traveled with Lonely Planet for over 20 years! For unbiased and detailed advice, they are our trusted guide book.  Even in this digital age, you can’t go past them for maps and info on the go. Take a look.

Enjoy A Winery…With Playground

While not as well-known as Margaret River Denmark has been a major wine producing area of Western Australia for over 30 years and has some excellent wineries to enjoy!   We love the Scotsdale Scenic drive which loops you around at the back of Denmark with beautiful farm scenery,  local produce, galleries and of course wineries to explore.

However, if you are visiting Denmark with kids, Boston Brewery (and Willoughby Park Winery) is a winner on all fronts;  great brews,  large meals, and a fun kids playground.  Frequently over the weekend in summer there are bands playing and the kid’s playground is conveniently located right next to vines and a chilled out table area.


Denmark has not one but TWO great places to eat ice-cream!  And what a better way to finish a summer’s day after the beach at William Bay? (Both are easily accessible too, from the William bay Beaches

Bartholomew’s Meadery has been in Denmark before it was a popular destination, and their product is uniquely Denmark… their hives are kept in the most pristine forests and natural bush land of the south-west, providing unique flavors. Better still, adhere to organic guidelines.  Our kids LOVE the glass beehive where you can spot the queen and of course we all love the Ice-cream and get a pot of honey to take home.

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Just down the road from the Meadery, The Giant Cone has seriously big (and quite expensive) ice cream cones that mix fresh fruits and ice-cream and almost suffice for a whole meal. Located in the Denmark Toffee Factory, Elephant Rocks Cidery, and the“A bit on the side” gourmet sources and preserves there is plenty to keep you entertained.  Not to mention a fun cubby house and Denmark Soccer Mini Golf.

Enjoy The Thrill Of Browsing In An Old Fashioned Book Shop

When this mumma was a kid it was the ultimate luxury to buy a new book. We would at first browse the hallowed shelves before turning the precious pages.  In Denmark, you can have this experience and better, and old-fashioned bookshelf with a coffee shop at the back.  Just a wonderful place to step back in time.

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The Denmark Maze

Bushwalks Galore

Denmark Maze is very simple but a lovely walk for littlies who enjoy the nooks and crannies created by this maze.

Harewood Forest walk is a lovely 600-meter walk (EG, doable with small kids) among a regenerated Karri forest, logged 100 years ago but now full of life.

Monkey Rock Climb

Described as strenuous (but OK for our 5-year-old) this 1.5 km steep walk to the top of Monkey Rock rewards you with stunning views around the Denmark area.

Mount Lindesay – For Older Kids

Mount Lindesay offers a 9km quite steep return walk to the summit of this granite outcrop.  You are rewarded by stunning views and in wildflower season (September) a truly amazing display of colorful wildflowers.

Denmark with Kids, Denmark Western Australia, Denmark family travel,

Go Tip Shopping

No, we are not encouraging consumerism.  However, Denmark is blessed with one of the most awesome Tip Shops on earth!  Like the popular “Op Shop” (Opportunity or Thrift Shop) the tip shop, which is run by Greenskills, this place is filled with so much good quality second-hand stuff your mind boggles. And, it is all offered at very low prices.  We’ve left here with garbage bags of clothes before and every time we visit Denmark this is on the list of stops!

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Thrills Adventure Park

This is the only place we haven’t done on the list… but it’s on the ‘next trip’ list for sure.

Denmark’s Eco-Adventure Park is opened last year and has hydro-orbing, zip lining,  and rope swings …  we think that there is a lot we would love here and have included it on our list of things to do in Denmark with Kids.

More Beaches

It would be remiss of us to only mention Denmark’s most famous beach.  There is of course Ocean Beach just out of town which is a great place to learn to surf!!!  We also like Lights Beach which is a really attractive beach (and dogs are allowed if you are with your pooch).


Where To Stay In Denmark With Kids?

Stay tuned for more!

What Can I do Nearby To Denmark With Kids?

We’ve often written about the wonders of Walpole and the Walpole Wilderness area.  If you are staying in Denmark for a few days, we strongly recommend putting aside a day or more for a visit to this wonderful nature based destination.

There are lots and lots of (mostly) nature-based attractions around.  Check out our post “Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia With Kids“.

A Western Australian icon, don’t miss out on a visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree top Walk.  Our top tips to visit is here in our post  “Valley Of The Giants WA Tree Top Walk With Kids“.

These are logistics recommendations of how to get the best photos out of a visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

More Information About Denmark With Kids?

A great place to get local information is always the Denmark Visitor Center.


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  • What a beautiful spot! And it seems to have absolutely everything you need for a good family holiday – including that lovely bookshop. I’m a sucker for old-fashioned bookstores! We didn’t get to explore much of WA when we lived in Sydney but hopefully we will get the chance in the future.

  • I’ve never heard of Denmark before and unsurprisingly was expecting to read about the Scandinavian country (which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit!). This looks and sounds like a lovely place with plenty to do for kids. But I can honestly say I will never visit! As a nervous flyer, it’s a big enough deal for me to visit European countries and I know I’m never going to make it out of Europe!

  • Wow, what an incredible place! I love the fact that there is a winery with a playground. I think I’d move in!! I have always wanted to go to Western Australia but hadn’t heard of Denmark before. This is firmly on the list for when we make it to Western Australia! Thanks for linking up to #familytraveltips.

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