10 Best Perth Family Travel Instagram accounts


I surprised myself last week.  Instead of heading to google, I searched #KidsinPerth for ideas over the summer holidays.

Some accounts I had been following for ages and were amongst my favorites… others were new and delightful experience!

These are family travel or kids activities accounts that are about Perth or Western Australia and regularly feature West Australian things to do,  and places to see.

There are a lot of very gorgeous, curated Perth Based accounts where parents take stunning pictures of their children in wonderful clothing. There are also some lovely family or children’s photography accounts.  All of these were “ruled out” because it’s more about the children than “things to do”.  (It doesn’t mean that I don’t love them but I had to set some parameters for inclusion on the list).

Below are my favourite 10 Perthl Instagram accounts  for Family Travel in “no particular order”. I’m sure I have missed some wonderful ones and look forward to some suggestions!

@yourboysandmine always full of enjoyable posts and suggestions and we get lots of inspo from this account!


@sayhellojo  has over 16K followers and with good reason – we LOVE this very happy, colourful account that has a great combo of kids and interesting places to see! Just Gorgeous!


in contrast @jamriverama has a handful of followers, but the photography and outlook is refreshing and we have been enjoying their posts for a while!


at the time of posting @raise_backpackers are enjoying Fiji – but they also have some good WA posts and are another account we’ve been following for a while.


@travelwiththetremains is a family that enjoys being out and about, camping and discovering the wonders of Western Australia…  with great photos.  We love this account.


with 31K followers @thedanielsfamilytravels are the heavy hitter on this list – and with good reason, their account is jam packed with loads of good ideas and info!


A more kid & family … and less travel oriented account that we enjoy  @thenotoriousmum


@kidsaroundperth is another of our favourites, full of useful tips and events. And freebies! Definately worth a follow so you know about latest happenings.


another really useful account is @buggybuddys_kids_in_perth which has lots of inspiration and ideas.


last but definately not least,  @perthkidz is another family that gets out and features top things to do around this great city!


Finally,  if you are not already following our account @worldoftravelswithkids please do!  we share lots of activities from Perth and the South West of Western Australia…  in addition to our travels in our “other” homes, Peru and Nicaragua!


Thanks to everyone for sharing their wonderful things to do around Perth! Most appreciated!


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