2018 Family Instagram Roundup

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Last Updated on December 15, 2018 by Travels with Kids

Here is our 2018 family Instagram roundup.  2018 is ending in a way that this travel family could never have imagined.

We thought that we would be spending 3 months traveling and that our lives would continue in the same trajectory of the past few years.  We imagined our best of Instagram roundup would be filled with snaps of Latin American travels.

Instead, by conscious decision and a few tumultuous events, things changed beyond belief.   We were blessed with a pregnancy and the chance to look at life in a completely different way.  True life change doesn’t occur overnight, nor does it occur without a great deal of soul searching.  This takes time, tears, creativity and energy.

At the end of 2018 we find ourselves in places could never have imagined – mentally, not literally!  Our Instagram roundup doesn’t really represent the significant changes that occurred, but it is still a fun review of the year 2018.

The posts featured here are selected by you, the followers, based on the number of likes and comments.  (That is, engagement!)   We hope you enjoy our Best of Instagram 2018!

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Best Of Instagram Roundup 2018


2018 Family Instagram Roundup

In January we spent two weeks at the beach as our daughter did beach swimming lessons and we enjoyed the laid back summers found in remote beachside settlements, with bikes, ice-cream, sand castle competitions, and lazing on the rocks.

This great spot is near Denmark Western Australia; find our 11 Great Things To Do In Denmark With Kids.


2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Our top post in February was a great throwback to our trip to Sydney in 2017, capturing how much our kids love to run in open spaces.  For our entire time in Sydney, we didn’t leave the Sydney CBD and the Royal Botanic Gardens were our fave place for a wander.  This was our best of Instagram shot for the year.

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2018 Family Instagram Roundup

This stunning drone shot was taken on the Amazing South Coast of Western Australia, which we love to visit.  Our 11 Great Things For Kids on the South Coast Of Western Australia are found here.

After a lucky win in a Pub’s “Chase The Ace” competition last year, Papa decided to buy a drone.  After all, when you get an unexpected break, it’s nice to buy something not necessary, but that you really wanted… right?  Well, perhaps Papa really wanted the drone, mama wasn’t that convinced.

Find out why she was wrong in Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

This gorgeous shot of our little Moana on Mana Island in Fiji from last year was the top photo from April.  Every time I look at it, I can see why!  Just one look at those waters and I think “take us back please!”

Our 11 Things To Do in Fiji with Kids are found here.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Did Mumma say that she was wrong about buying the Drone?  Quickly we discovered there was a wonderful scope for stunning pictures of our family adventures!  Plus, more importantly, papa was super content with his new toy which gave him something to do for the endless pit stops, leg stretches, and breaks that you have when traveling on the road!

This is taken in the magical Boranup Forest near Margaret River.  Our roundup of  Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids is found here.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

I was delighted to include in our 2018 Instagram roundup this picture of Papa some 7 years ago when we were a family of 3, and exploring some of Australia’s red center with our little girl as a one year old!  In fact, reminiscing and going through some of these old photos has certainly excited our interest in heading off on a road trip sometime in 2019.  Fingers crossed that the dream comes a reality.

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2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Papa’s early morning forays with the Drone have provided us with a completely different perspective such as this stunning shot of the Warrick Resort in Fiji.  We summed up the different hotels where we stayed in Fiji at Family Friendly Fiji Hotels.

This is also the  post where we shared that we wouldn’t be taking that big trip to Nicaragua, Peru and the USA this year, and how we were consciously winding back to a more mindful and present life.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Possibly my favorite picture of the whole year was also a winner with everyone else.   The early part of the July school holidays were wonderfully blessed with fine weather and we got this shot during a road trip down south.   Take a look at the nature based wilderness of Walpole, in Things To Do In Walpole For Kids.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Our baby announcement in September was a winner, and with good reason, it was taken by professional photographer Nic Duncan. Do follow her on Instagram here  or check out her work at here at her website.

It goes without saying that we are beyond thrilled at the idea of a little one joining us!



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

Earlier in the year we had an awesome 4 day getaway to one of the best regions around Perth.  Just two hours from Perth city and you feel like you are in another world.

In our opinion, this is not only a great place for international visitors but for locals too, to connect with nature, relax and enjoy a burgeoning wine region.  Take a look at our Ferguson Valley Western Australia With Kids.



2018 Family Instagram Roundup

This totally scrumptious shot of some delicious lavender ice-cream from the Cape Lavender Teahouse in Yallingup was a real favorite among our followers in November.  We visited this great spot during one of two getaways to Busselton this year.

For our reviews of Busselton resorts see:

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What will be our most popular picture in December? As always, I am intensely curious as to what resonates with our followers – and sometimes honestly surprised as to what doesn’t!   So whatever appears in December will be a late addition to this list!

Interested in what we did last year, take a look at our best of Instagram 2017 family photos, or read about our Best of 2017 Remarkable Family Travel Experiences.

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2018 Family Instagram Roundup

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