4 Best Playgrounds in Albany W.A.

We love Albany Western Australia a short getaway, for many reasons. None the least it has some amazing playgrounds for kids. These are our 4 Best Playgrounds in Albany Western Australia.

Surfing at Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach Playground

With blue waters, white sands, and a stunning line of pine trees this is a gorgeous beach – and a brand new nautical themed kid’s playground only adds to the attraction.

There are actually 2 playgrounds in this long thin strip of grass, one at each end. One of the best things about this playground (apart from the gorgeous beach) is that you can sit on the veranda at the Three Anchors Café and sip your cappuccino while the kids literally play at arm’s length away.

We also recommend taking the Ellen Cove boardwalk to burn off the cake and Capp, and to get some sensational views of Middleton Beach.

Emu Point

Emu Point Playground

Emu Point is another beautiful beach, with white sand and fun playground. Albany is super blessed to have two wonderfully situated playgrounds on the beach!

We seem to have spent a lot of time at this playground because when we’re away from home we seem to put our babies to sleep in the car (is that a bad habit?) So we would drive around Albany and then the 15 minutes out to Emu Point – by the time we get there, bub would be asleep and Little Miss can play on the great equipment.

We’ve enjoyed visiting the Emu Point Café on several occasions but it’s a bit far from the Playground to let the kids play.

Eyre Park Playground – Middleton Beach

This is an enormous Playground, and has recently been refurbished to include lots of new challenging stuff. We take bread and walk around the lake and feed the ducks.

There are great BBQs here, which is useful if there is a strong wind blowing at either of the above listed coastal playgrounds.

Cull Park Playground, Mira Mar (opposite Retravision)

This playground has a fun bridge, lots of ducks and some great playing equipment. And not least of all, Dippy the Dinosaur with a dual slide which is a winner for our kids.

There are usually few kids at this playground (often none at all) which is a contrast to the other listed parks. Combined with having great, well thought out equipment means that this is a real favourite with our kids, especially in winter when the beachside Playgrounds are really windy and cold!

Things to do with kids in Albany, Western Australia?

thanks for reading our review of the 4 Best Playgrounds in Albany WA… we are working on a post which is a roundup of the Best things to do with Kids in Albany WA! Stay Tuned!


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