A Guide To Visiting Gnomesville WA

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Last Updated on December 23, 2020 by worldoftravelswithkids

Gnomesville is definitely one of Western Australia’s most iconic places!  Really, you ask?  A group of garden gnomes gathered in the bush of rural Western Australia is that worth seeing?  We think so –  it’s something very unique, a bit trippy, and quirky too.  It is one of those things that have to be seen to be believed.  Gnomesville Perth is located just over 2 hour’s drive south of Perth in the glorious green Ferguson Valley.  You can visit Gnomesville during a day trip but it would be a lot of driving.  We’d suggest you make the visit as part of a Perth Weekend Getaway.

In short, a visit to Gnomesville might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to appreciate it’s pretty unusual, and that makes it worth a visit in our opinion!   Without a doubt Gnomesville Perth is worth a stop – your kids will definitely love it!

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Where Is Gnomesville WA

The exact location of the “gnome’s home” can be found off the roundabout which joins Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road, in the Ferguson Valley Western Australia.

If you are entering the destination via GPS or for exact Google co-ordinates try…

LOT 4059 Wellington Mill Road, Wellington Mill, Western Australia 6236

The closest town to Gnomesville is Dardanup, and Gnomesville is supported by the Shire of Dardanup.   If you are looking for other things to do in the Ferguson Valley WA, then our post is one of the most comprehensive around.  Check out Ferguson Valley Western Australia With Kids.

A Guide To Visiting Gnomesville WA

What Is There To See At Gnomesville WA

At Gnomesville you will see a massive community of garden gnomes.  Current counts are apparently over 10,000 but I am sure that no one really knows.  All that I do know is that when you arrive (and you will know you are arriving by the appearance of a few Gnomes on the side of the road) that you are overwhelmed by the numbers of gnomes all around you.

Gnomesville Western Australia is not a place to rush around.  I mean you could walk around in 15 minutes and say “oh cool that’s a LOT of gnomes”.  The joy is in stopping and looking at the gnomes.  Literally every gnome tells a story.  They are doing all sorts of things (sometimes a little bit rude) and its very interesting.

A pretty creek runs through Gnomesville and the gnomes have set up homes up there, underneath some beautiful trees.

Also interesting are the stories of the people that left the gnomes.  You can see that people have visited from all around the world.  There are some sad stories and some celebrations.  I feel like Gnomesville Perth provides insight to travelers – and locals from around the world about what it means to be alive.

A Guide To Visiting Gnomesville WA

How Was Gnomesville Created

As with many iconic things, the creation of Gnomesville is surrounded in myth or legend.

Some people say that a random gnome appeared, and then others joined it.  Others said that the workmen created a Gnome Cricket Game for a bit of fun and then others joined it.  Locals say that someone knows who planted the original gnome, but no one is giving the secret up.  Others cheekily say they appeared with fairy magic.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter who the first gnome was, or how Gnomesville was founded.  It was an idea that quickly caught on and it grew and grew and grew.  When the great Gnomesville flood occurred, it even hit all the local news channels.

Local tourist organizations are working hard to create better facilities at Gnomesville, including toilets and formalized parking.

A Guide To Visiting Gnomesville WA

You Too Can Be A Part Of Gnomesville Western Australia

We knew that we were going to visit Gnomesville and spent some time picking out a fun garden gnome in a red dot store a few days before (Red Dot is a cheap homewares store in Australia).  So, for our kids, the anticipation about visiting Gnomesville started building well prior.  We even named him on the drive to Dardanup and then Gnomesville.  When we arrived we spent a lot of time walking around looking for a place for our gnome to reside.  We wanted him to have good friends, and to fit in.  We had written our names and the date on the gnome.  I have since read that you need to make a sign but not entirely sure.

Gnomes can be purchased at the Ferguson Visitor Centre but not on site.  You have to BYO Gnome.

Gnomesville Western Australia

Other Logistics About Visiting Gnomesville Ferguson Valley

  • There is no entry fee at Gnomesville.
  • Gnomesville has a couple of picnic tables so it would be a fun place to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee.
  • There are no toilets nearby.  I believe that the closest ones would be at the Wellington Discovery Forest about 6 minutes away, or the town of Dardanup 15 minutes away.
  • It would be a nice place if someone wanted to go into business with a coffee van, but for the moment you need to be self-sufficient.
  • Remember that Gnomesville has grown organically, and that means it also has the organic demise of gnomes.  There are whole sections of broken gnomes and those parts are kind of sad.  We spent 10 minutes picking a few up and making them presentable again, imagine if every visitor pitched in and helped a little bit?!!

The Verdict – Visiting Gnomesville WA

What can I say, Gnomesville is a once in a lifetime experience!  Your life takes on a bit of whimsy and magic from childhood!  As you read the different gnomes and see the different stories that are being played out by the gnomes, you can’t help but get a little carried away with the story!  Definitely Gnomesville Perth is worth a visit if you are nearby, or if you are on route to Margaret River.  Take a look at other great stops if traveling from Perth to Margaret River.

Interested in learning more about Western Australia?  Below are some of our favorite Western Australian guidebooks.  Click each one for current prices on Amazon.

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A Guide To Visiting Gnomesville WA

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