Best Beaches In Western Australia

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We hope you enjoy this roundup of the best beaches in Western Australia!  Being an outdoorsy family from this great state, we have had the opportunity to explore much of this awesome coastline.

However, as Western Australia has the longest coastline of any state in Australia, at 12,889 km that’s a lot of white sand to cover!  I’ve called on some other travel bloggers to share with me their favorite beaches in Western Australia and to explain why.

With miles and miles of white sand, turquoise waters, and not that many people, it is pretty easy to understand why Western Australian beaches are definitely in the running for best beaches in Australia!

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Best Beaches In Western Australia – South To North

In case you are wondering, I’ve started in the south and worked my way to the north with this collection of amazing Western Australian beaches.  In the end, is reserved a section for the best beaches in Perth.

Through this roundup of the best beaches in Western Australia.  You will be able to see why we love this gorgeous state.

Best Beaches In Western Australia
Duke of Orleans Bay, Esperance

Best Beaches In Esperance 

On the south coast of Western Australia is Esperance, the mecca for incredible beaches.  While Western Australis is known for its amazing beaches, Esperance is on a whole other level.  The sand here is the whitest sand in Australia which also makes the water an unbelievable shade of blue.  While Esperance is an 8-hour drive from Perth, we highly recommend taking your time on a Perth to Esperance road trip if you do visit.  The most popular beach in the region is Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park.  As well as being a beautiful beach, Lucky Bay is also famous for having kangaroos on the beach.  You can find these iconic Australian animals hopping along the beach at almost any time of the day.  They are so used to people being around that they don’t shy away making it easy to get the perfect photo.

To get the most out of your time in Lucky Bay we recommend staying at the campground that is right on the beach.  It gets booked out months in advance in the summer months so make sure you book ahead.  A 1-hour drive from Lucky Bay will take you to the Duke Of Orleans Bay.  This is my personal favorite beach in the region.  It offers a similarly spectacular beach.  However, the extra time it takes to get here means that it is always much quieter than Lucky Bay.

Once you are back in Esperance you will also be spoilt for choice with a handful of similar beaches right on your doorstep.  Follow Esperance’s Great Ocean Drive to discover beaches like Blue Haven, Twilight Beach, and many more just minutes from the town center.  It is amazing just how many stunning beaches are located in and around the town of Esperance.  No beach will look quite the same after a visit here.

Luke, from The Coastal Campaign

Best Beaches In Western Australia

Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, Albany 

Little Beach is a small and secluded strip of Australian paradise.  Situated on the rugged southern coast of WA, you will find Little Beach in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, 40 minutes drive east of Albany.  It’s about 5 hours south-east from Perth.  Little Beach is wonderfully secluded.  However, it is also growing increasingly in popularity.  This is thanks to Instagram and a deserved inclusion in this list of Western Australia beaches.

The drive into Two Peoples Bay can be as spectacular as the beach itself.  This is rolling Australian countryside at its best crossing the incredibly picturesque King & Calgan Rivers.  You are surrounded by lush greenery before arriving at the dramatic rock faces that surround this secluded cove of pristine white sand known as Little Beach.

The soft sands are ideal for sandcastle making.  The spectacularly azure waters are wonderful for a splash (and also popular with fishermen).  Do be aware it’s not a patrolled beach and as pretty and dramatic as the waves can be – especially on a stormy day – the rips can be strong so do take care in the water.

Accessible by 2WD car, be prepared for a drop loo only and limited facilities at the beach.  However, there is a larger visitor center a couple of kilometers away, and camping is available within the nature reserve.  Take away anything you bring and take care of the fragile coastline here only using defined footpaths and scrambling any rocks with care.

Head there on a weekend or school holiday and you’re bound to find small crowds.  The car park is small.  If it’s full, that’s a good sign that’s enough people and you should try another day.  The fit and able may want to tackle the Class 3 hike from the visitor center to the beach. The hike is about a 4 hours round trip.

Don’t miss the additional little cove that lies beyond the main Little Beach, also known as Waterfall Beach.  It’s only accessible at lows tide as a little scrambling is involved.  Not recommended for your younger kids but possibly even more beautiful than Little Beach!

Albany is a destination for beach lovers, please check out more Amazing Albany Beaches.

Keri, From Our Globetrotters

Best Beaches In Western Australia
Greens Pool, Willam Bay National Park

Greens Pool, William Bay National Park, Denmark

It is no secret that Western Australia has some of the most remarkable beaches in the world.  Greens Pool is quite rightly, one of its best.  Located just outside of Denmark, in the Great Southern Region, Greens Pool is part of William Bay National Park.

Greens Pool is an easy day trip from Albany, just under an hour’s drive.  There is so much to see in and around Denmark.  You might prefer to spend a night or two in the area so you can genuinely enjoy your time at Greens Pool.

Although Greens Pool is well documented, it is not necessarily well signed on the roads.  In fact, if you did not know it was there, you would probably miss it.  Greens Pool is a popular beach for locals and visitors in the warmer months.  However, it is perhaps even more spectacular in the cooler months.

If you are looking for silky white sand, pristine crystal-clear waters, an incredible coastline, and peace, Greens Pool in Winter is utter perfection!

Rug up, pack a lunch and spend the day exploring.  Wander the sandy beaches, take in the immaculate landscape, and watch your kids jump from rock to rock and splash in the water.  Climb across the granite boulders and follow the unwritten path to Elephant Cove where you will fall in love with Elephant Rocks.

From Erin Parker, Love To Travel, Stay-Eat-Do

western australia beaches
Mandalay Beach Walpole

Mandalay Beach, Walpole

One of the best beaches down south Western Australia is Mandalay Beach.  Located 20km out of the small town of Walpole, in the heart of the Walpole Wilderness.

Named after a barque, Mandalay that shipwrecked on this isolated beach over 100 years ago, you can still see the wreck on certain weather conditions.  Ask the locals for insider tips.

However, even if you don’t get to see the wreck of the Mandalay, this beach is massive, full of oodles of white sand – and rarely any people are there!  Just seagulls, rocks, a ferocious ocean, and stunning views.  This is NOT a swimming beach, you can see the ocean is so powerful!

Mandalay Beach is accessed via a gravel 2 wheel drive road and in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.  We’d recommend staying at Che Sara Sara Chalets for a bush retreat experience and exploring our other things to do in Walpole Western Australia for an isolated wilderness escape away from the crowds.

best beaches down south Western Australia
Meelup Beach

Meelup Beach, Dunsborough

Just under 3 hours and around 250kms from Perth you’ll find one of the best beaches in South West Australia: Meelup Beach.

It’s about a 10 to 15-minute drive from Dunsborough, the nearest town, where you can buy supplies for your picnic or barbecue.  Meelup is tucked away down an unassuming lane. I t’s easy to get to and doesn’t require a 4WD.

When you get there you’ll be wowed by its prettiness.  Not just a beach, Meelup offers you the best of both worlds.  Shady trees and green grassy areas leading down to pristine white sand and a gently lapping sea which in summertime turns the most delightful turquoise blue you’ll ever see.  The beach is surrounded by natural bushland and a coastal walk that weaves through Meelup Park. Look out for gorgeous wildflowers during springtime, but also be prepared for flies during December.

Swimming and paddle boarding are popular at Meelup Beach.  This is due to the calm waters in the bay, and during summer you can rent paddleboards right at the beachfront.  The beach and the surrounding park are sheltered from the strong winds you’ll often get at other beaches in the summertime because it’s protected, being situated in Geographe Bay.

On full moons, people sometimes take picnics to the beach to watch the moon rising over the sea.  Others might head out into the bay on kayaks for a truly ‘otherworldly’ experience.  There are barbecues, changing rooms and restroom facilities as well as picnic tables.

Overall, Meelup is one of the best beaches in Western Australia for families with children.

Jo from ZigAZag

Best Western Australia Beaches – North Of Perth

Best Western Australia Beaches
Coral Bay

Coral Bay Beach, Coral Bay 

If grabbing your snorkeling gear and hitting the water is your thing, then the best beach in WA has to be Coral Bay Beach on Ningaloo Reef.

Coral Bay is 1100 kilometers north of Perth.  The entire drive is on sealed roads.  If you want to break up the drive, there is accommodation at various points along the way including Geraldton, Hamelin Pool, and Carnarvon.

There is probably nowhere else in Australia, let alone Western Australia, where you can wade into waist-deep water and see the marine life you do at Coral Bay Beach.  As soon as your face hits the water, you’ll see giant northwest snapper cruising past and rays skimming along the white sandy bottom.

There are mounds of coral a bit further out where you can spend hours spotting colorful reef fish.  For more confident swimmers, you can walk out of the bay along Paradise Beach and drift back to the beach along the reef.

We had our 8 and 10-year-old children with us and they loved it.  The water was crystal clear and calm.  Because you can see so much in quite shallow water, it is ideal for new or inexperienced snorkelers.

We stayed on a powered site at the Ningaloo Bayview Caravan Park.  It was spacious, clean, and had great camp kitchens.  To be honest, we didn’t spend a lot of time at the park; the snorkeling off the beach was just so good!

The peak season is from April to October.  Give yourself a few days as it isn’t unusual to get the odd windy day.  The water temperature is 22 – 25 degrees.  If you feel the cold or even if you want to keep the sun off your back, a rashy or thin shorty wetsuit is worth considering.

Natalie & Steve from Curious Campers

Best Western Australia Beaches
Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay,  Exmouth

The best beach in Western Australia is Turquoise Bay for me.  It is considered one of the most beautiful in Australia!  Honestly, before going there, I did not expect much since the beaches of Western Australia are all beautiful!

For Turquoise Bay, you have to go there to realize how beautiful it is.  What struck me first was the transparency of the water.  When we bathed, we could see our legs, swimwear, and even a turtle and fish!

It is a calm and long beach, nestled in Cape Range National Park, about 1 hour from Exmouth.  The beach is easy to access and you will have plenty of room to put your towel and relax!  What we particularly appreciated was the beautiful surroundings (given that it is in a natural park) and the soft, shiny sand.

I recommend going there at the end of the day when the sun is not as strong.  Especially to watch the magnificent sunset.  The sky was pink, setting on the sea on the horizon.

For the accommodation, we stayed in a caravan park in Exmouth, which is the closest town.

If you visit Exmouth or even Coral bay, make a detour to Turquoise bay, you will not regret it! Better, still follow our amazing itinerary of the West Coast of Australia 

Stephanie, from Parisian Abroad

cable beach australia
Cable Beach Camels

Cable Beach, Broome 

One of the most spectacular beaches in Western Australia is the famous Cable Beach just minutes from Broome.  This beach is a stunning 22 kilometers long.  It has some of the most beautiful aqua colored water I have ever seen complete with a white sand beach and a backdrop of red cliffs.  The contrast of these colors is what makes it extra special.

It’s a great place to just hang out, play, and relax.  There is a playground by the main entrance and bus stop as well as eating options.  The best part, though, is the iconic camel ride.  I was initially reluctant to do this as I have had a painful experience riding camels in the past.  But Mr almost 5 was very keen and how could I say no?  It was a great choice as it is one of my best travel experiences ever.  It is such a gorgeous way to take everything in.

If you have young kids, I recommend taking the pre-sunset camel ride.  It’s a bit faster and 30 minutes was long enough for my son.  Afterward, you can have a sundowner and build sandcastles while watching the sunset.

The only negative is that you can’t swim at this beach over the summer in stinger season.

You can easily reach this beach by car or local bus from most places in Broome.  We enjoyed staying at the Bayside Holiday Apartments.

Sharon, from Baby Journey

Best Beaches Near Perth

Best Beaches Near Perth

Rottnest Island is a small but accessible island just off the coast of Western Australia.  Even though it’s an island, the regular Rottnest Island ferries make it super easy to get to.  There are two ferry terminals you can travel from.  One of which is in the city of Perth and the other which is just 16km south of the city.

Rottnest Island is full of idyllic beaches with white sand and piercing blue water.  It’s a little slice of paradise.  If you want to explore the entire island, you’ll want to spend at least a night or two there.  With only one day on Rottnest Island, you can still enjoy some of the best bits.  If you’re short on time, Longreach Bay is the beach to head to.  It’s one of the prettiest beaches on the entire island and, thanks to its proximity to the port, also one of the easiest beaches to get to.

Rottnest Island’s beaches are calm enough for the whole family to enjoy, making it the perfect place for a family day out from Perth.  Pack yourself a picnic lunch – there aren’t many places to get food on the island – and make sure you take plenty of sunscreen with you.

Jodie from AlaJode 

Beautiful Cottesloe Beach

Best Beaches In Perth

It is no secret that Perth is one of the sunniest capital cities on the planet.  Given it has about 80km of white-sand coastline that goes perfectly with this sunny atmosphere, Perth has some pretty stunning beaches.  In fact, I was pretty surprised that I didn’t have more bloggers knocking down my door with some of the best beaches in Perth.

Scarborough Beach

Best Beaches In Perth
Great facilities on Scarborough Beach

Perth has an incredible array of beaches along its long coastline.  However, one of the best beaches in Perth particularly for first-time visitors to the city is Scarborough Beach.

Located approximately 15 km from the Perth CBD, Scarborough beach is easily accessible by both car and public transport.  On a hot summer’s day, Scarborough Beach is also one of the busiest beaches along the coastline and is particularly popular with the younger crowds.  Thanks to the larger swell and waves, Scarborough is also one of the best surfing beaches along the coastline and has several surf schools.

While the pearly white sand and the glistening Indian Ocean are the main attraction, Scarborough beach’s point of difference is that it offers plenty more things to do.  Its main drawcard is the newly revamped esplanade which provides loads of entertainment once you’ve had a dip in the ocean.  Completed in 2018, the Esplanade is a hub of activity with state of the art skatepark, playground, surf shops, cafes, restaurants, and pub.

Along the Esplanade you’ll also find the incredible new Scarborough Swimming Pool which means that the ocean is not the only place to cool off.  Once the coast gets too windy or you prefer swimming laps rather than ducking waves, then the pool and leisure center provide the perfect respite.

One of the best attractions however is the Scarborough Sunset Markets which are held every Thursday evening during the summer months.  The Esplanade foreshore becomes a hub of activity with a huge variety of food trucks, market stalls, and entertainment.  The perfect venue to enjoy the legendary sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Scarborough beach also has some great accommodation options that cater to most budgets from backpacker hostels to ritzier hotel options.  Our favorite is the Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough.

Submitted by Nina from West Australian Explorer

Best Beaches In Perth
Yanchep Lagoon

Yanchep Lagoon

Perth in Western Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches.  There are few capital cities with such a beautiful coastline, it is very hard to beat.  Since the whole coast of Western Australia is lined with pure sand and rolling waves perfect for surfing, choosing which one to visit can be a challenge and it really depends on what you are looking for.

For families with young children, Yanchep Lagoon is probably the best choice.  Whilst Perth beaches are beautiful, they can also be dangerous.  The surf can be treacherous and swimming may not be recommended unless you are a strong swimmer.

Yanchep Lagoon is in Perth’s northern suburbs almost on the outskirts of town.  There is plenty of parking available, a cafe and shower facilities.  The lagoon is created by a coral reef, not far from the shore.  This means that there is a quiet section of water, perfect for acclimatizing small children to the water without having to deal with big waves.  The water is crystal clear, the sand is crisp and with the reef close by, there is plenty to explore if you want to go snorkeling.  There isn’t a lot of shelter from the sun though so it’s advisable to be suitably equipped with a sunshade or umbrella.

Delphine, from Lester Lost

Best Beaches In Perth
Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

There is no doubt Western Australia is blessed with extraordinarily stunning beaches and a fair share of them are in Perth.  One of the best is the iconic, Cottesloe Beach, home of sculptures of the sea.  Since 2005 this annual event has transformed these famous sands into an outdoor sculpture park.  Rivaling Scarborough Beach as Perth’s most popular, the Cott, as it’s known by the locals, offers something for everyone.  Cottesloe Beach is as pretty as a picture.  Not only is it one of Perth’s most popular spots for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and soaking up the sun, there is no place better to watch a magical sunset over the ocean.

From Peters Pool at North Cottesloe for snorkeling, to right in front of the surf club for swimming and walking, to South Cottesloe’s rocky reefs and cliffs, perfect for wind and kitesurfing, the Norfolk pine framed Cottesloe Beach is divided into three areas, each offering something unique.  When the ocean is calm, this is one of Perth’s best snorkeling spots where you may catch a glimpse of the auspicious leafy sea dragon in the transparent blue waters.

So whether it’s the consistent swells in the crystal clear waters, the buzzing boulevard’s cafes and bars, or the shady Norfolk pines on the terraced lawns and pristine sands, this is the perfect setting for anything from a lazy day to a fun family day out.  That is what makes Cottesloe Beach a trademark premier summer location and a favourite of Perth’s 19 sensational beaches.

With over 1km of pure white sand to sink your toes into, every year in March these famous sands are converted into an outdoor sculpture park where artists from over 17 countries display more than 70 award-winning sculptures.  Its ease of access by car, train, or bus makes this the perfect location for Sculptures by the Sea.  Protected by the southern break wall the art-deco Indiana Teahouse flanked by grassed terraces dominates the foreshore which offers a stunning coastal vista.  Yes, there are plenty of other beaches, and whether you are making your own sandcastles or visiting Sculptures by the Sea, no other beach can pull off an Aussie vibe like our Cott does.

Lyn, from A Hole in My Shoe

Sunset at City Beach

Best Beaches In Western Australia – The Verdict

You will have been wowed by this awesome array of the best beaches in WA!  As you can see from just the photos, Western Australian beaches are stunning.  If you are visiting Western Australia we recommend spending a few days at a beach – enjoy at least one of the best beaches in Perth while also heading either south or north of Perth.  If you have a suggestion for a beach that should be included in the ‘best beaches in Western Australia’ please drop your idea in the comments – we can always learn more!

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Best Beaches In Western Australia

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