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Best Inspirational Movies For Kids

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Here we share our favorite best inspirational movies for kids.  These are movies and documentaries that we loved, and also inspired an appreciation of the world.  These are suitable for 4 years upwards.

A good film is an amazing, something that makes you laugh, cry or follow along intrigued.  As a parent, the simplicity of many kids television shows leaves even the most enthusiastic (or patient?) parent a little muted.  There is only so much of kid’s programming you can watch.

During our little boy’s first year there were many long (endless!) hours of breastfeeding.  This Mumma began the search for inspirational movies for kids that were educational without being boring.  Also, they needed to be interesting enough for a 4-year-old and her slightly stir crazy mother who could feel the travel bug biting with frequency.

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This French film follows the first year of 4 babies around the world.  Completely without a word spoken by a narrator.  As we watched the lives of the first year of babies from Mongolia, Namibia, Japan and the US our 4-year-old daughter loved the story.  Mumma reflected on difference.  Highly recommended, one of the best inspirational movies for kids.

Born to be Wild

Narrated by the charismatic Morgan Freeman, Born Wild, tells the story of orphaned animal babies and the humans that dedicate their lives to raising these orphans. Featuring some very cute baby elephants in Africa and orangutans in Borneo.

This documentary sensitively shares how these animals are nurtured with love and care before they are introduced back into the wild.  We must have watched this 20 times as it continues to be a firm favorite of our daughter (now 7-years-old).

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Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Also narrated by Morgan Freeman, and with a very similar central story-line.  The Island of Lemurs tells the story of a conservationist who dedicates their live to ensure that lemurs survive in the modern world.  With lots of cute lemur pictures and plenty of interesting facts, this one’s a winner.

Earth (A Disneynature Film)

Animal babies are a popular topic in our household!  We have found learning about them has been an excellent way to introduce conservation and environmental care themes to our kids at young age.  The film Earth shows how animal mothers struggle to raise their young in an increasingly dangerous environment. The stars of this film are a polar bear and her newborn cubs, an elephant and her calf, and a humpback whale and her baby traveling over thousands of miles.

African Cats

Also a Disneynature film, and very similar to Earth.  African Cats is another of our favorites, which is in turn similar to Born to be Wild (I think that baby animals are a common theme for us)!  African Cats was filmed for over two years in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.  This film shares the story of Sita, a mother cheetah with five cubs, and Mara, a lion cub.


Best Inspirational Movies For Kids


Inspirational Movies For Kids Aged 8 To Gain A Greater Appreciation Of The World

Our daughter is about to turn 8 and all these movies are on our “to watch” list this year for their environmental themes.

Free Willy

Another movie featuring an animal.  Free Willy is about an orphan who gets in to trouble and, as retribution, is forced to volunteer at an animal theme park.  Here he forms a bond with an Orca named Willy.  Eventually helps the Orca gain his freedom by returning him to the wild.  This is a great movie but also expect many tears.

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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a Pixar animated film.  This is a super popular children’s movie that has many inspirational life themes.  However, we watched this when Little Miss was 6 and it was too scary in places.


An African fable about an escaped Sudanese slave buy who becomes friends with a baby giraffe.  The giraffe accompanies him an a harrowing journey to France and they encounter many trials and tribulations along they way.  This movie is in French with English subtitles so it is best suited for children who are comfortable reading English.


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Best Inspirational Movies For Kids

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