The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA

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Last Updated on August 15, 2021 by Travels with Kids

After many fond visits, we’ve compiled the BEST things to do in Denmark WA!  Denmark, Western Australia is located on the south coast about half an hour from Albany, and has an awesome village feel.   We love the whole south coast area, but Denmark WA has a hip and happening vibe that is pretty captivating.  If you are looking for what to do in Denmark WA, what can we say? World-class natural attractions are rivaled by wineries, cuisine, and some pretty trendy shopping.  Throw in a touch of the alternative hippy lifestyle.  We always come home from Denmark Western Australia feeling pretty hip and a touch more in tune with our inner selves.

Why Denmark Western Australia

Now, I guess the first question on your lips is why is this place in Western Australia called Denmark?  Well, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the country Denmark at all!

Albany Western Australia was the first place settled by the British in 1826, and three years later Dr. Thomas Braidwood Wilson explored the area in 1829.  He described the area positively ‘The surrounding hills are of very fine soil and may be easily turned to good account’ and named it after his tutor at a Medical College in England, Dr. Alexander Denmark.

It is important to remember that prior to the British arrival the area around Albany and Denmark was inhabited by people from the Minang Aboriginal language group for around 40,000 years.

Things to do in Denmark WA

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How Long Should I Stay In Denmark WA

If there is one thing that visitors to this cute little town consistently agree on, it is that they wish that they had allowed more time.  With the drive from Perth to Denmark taking about 4.5 hours (with no stops) you can leave work early on a Friday afternoon and wake up with the birds on Saturday morning at one of the gorgeous Denmark WA accommodation options.   3 nights is the minimum you need to allow for a stay in Denmark WA.  This is the minimum if you are to really disconnect and begin to feel the vibe.

Things to do in Denmark WA

The BEST Things Do In Denmark Western Australia

If we haven’t yet got your interest, please read on to discover more Denmark WA attractions.  There is really a wealth to see and do in this gorgeous town.

William Bay National Park

William Bay National Park is naturally blessed with several gorgeous beaches and some amazing rock formations.  Sometimes incorrectly titled Williams Bay National Park.  This beautiful place is definitely on tour list of the best things to do in Denmark Western Australia.

How To Get To Greens Pool/William Bay National Park

William Bay National Park stretches from Parry Beach at the western end of Mazzoletti beach to the eastern edge of Lights Beach closer to Denmark Town and offers something for everyone.  It is most commonly accessed via the William Bay Road which is 14km West of Denmark.

The Bibbulmun Track winds its way through William Bay National Park on the way from Albany to Perth.

Things to do in Denmark WA

Swim At Greens Pool Denmark

Greens Pool Denmark has hit the big time; quite literally it is “Insta-famous”.  However, this gorgeous natural swimming pool has been a favorite for many years and deservedly so.  In summer, the natural pool at Green’s Pool is sheltered from the south coast winds and is one of the best places to swim.  With its turquoises water (the green water that it is named for!), pure white sand, and unique rock formations, it has become one of Western Australia’s most iconic beaches.  We’ve included it in our list of the Best Beaches In Western Australia.

Things to do in Denmark WA

Explore Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks Denmark is quite literally a photographer’s dream.  All year round the rocks that look like a herd of elephants is a fun place to explore with kids.   We love rock climbing around there. We also like looking for animals in the rock pools and of course, escaping from the rowdy elephants.  Nature has done an amazing job turning these boulders into amazing sculptures.

To explore Elephant Rocks Denmark you park at the main Greens Pool carpark.  There is a walking trail from the carpark.  However, we prefer to clamber over the rocks from the Greens Pool swimming area.

Don’t just take our word for it, well-known Australian family travel experts Y Travel Blog loved it too.  Check out their review here.  

Things to do in Denmark WA

Madfish Bay

I think it’s enough to say that locals in the know swim at Madfish Bay in summer.  This is a gorgeous beach and usually not as busy as Greens Pool.  Keep in mind that the waves come from two directions here.  There is a sand bar going out to an island amongst the rocks.  The southern ocean is dangerous and you should always explore with a friend.

Madfish Bay is accessed via the William Bay Road, follow the signs, and go past Greens Pool turnoff.

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach is very close to Madfish Bad.  In winter, the waterfall courses across the heathland and pours out over weathered rocks and down to the beach.  Once at the beach, it carves a channel to the sea.  We’ve never swum in the ocean at Waterfall beach with the kids, but they did play under the waterfall!

The waterfall is on the left side of the beach when you are walking from the carpark.

Walks In William Bay National Park

As the Bibbulmun Track runs the whole way through William Bay National Park there are several options for short walks by following its route.  While wildflowers in Denmark start in September and run through to November (depending on the season) you can see some nice flowers all year round on this part of the coast.

Tower Hill Walk

If you are looking for a steep climb and being rewarded by spectacular views then you should consider the Tower Hill Walk.  At the top you can see views across William Bay towards Mazzoletti Beach and Parry’s Beach in the distance.

More Green’s Pool beauty!

Don’t forget to wear a hat and adequate sun protection.  Also, take lots of water and be aware that snakes are on the trail during spring and summer.   This walk will take several hours and is described as strenuous.

William Bay Circuit

In planning our next trip we discovered the William Bay Circuit described on a blog page.  We have not done this trail, but it sounds GREAT!

Starts at Waterfall Beach and then follows the Munda Biddi Trail route before joining up with the Bibbulmun trail near the Tower Hill granite rocks.  Then, from Tower Hill, the trail descends to Mazzoletti Beach.  Here you leave the Bibbulmun Trak and return along the beach via Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks before doing more rock scrambling to arrive back at Waterfall beach via Madfish Bay. If you like walking this really is the best overview you can have of the entire William Bay National Park!  Do your own research.  We have not done this, so you should make your own preparations!

Things to do in Denmark Western Australia

The Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca Stud

Formerly known as the Denmark Alpaca Farm this place is one of our children’s favorite places in the whole world (YES – world)!  They love feeding the kangaroos and alpacas, petting the rabbits and guinea pigs, and generally being in a small farm environment.  Definitely visit the Denmark Alpaca Farm around feeding time – 3 pm- for a chance to bottle feed baby lambs, goats, or calves.  100% little kid recommended and our kids pick for the best activity in Denmark with kids.

The Denmark Animal Farm and Pentland Alpacas are located right at the end of Scotsdale Road.  There are two ways to get to the Denmark Animal farm.  Both take about 20 minutes driving along truly stunning roads.

Better still, we would make it into a loop trip.  Travel along picturesque Scotsdale road in the morning.  Stop at some of the Denmark Farm Gate Trail spots (see more information below) before spending a couple of hours at the Alpaca Farm.  Then, you can head onto Bart’s Meadery for a yummy honey-flavored ice-cream (or the Giant Cone if you are looking for more variety). Finish the day up at stunning Greens Pool for sunset and rock exploration before heading back home along the South Coast Hwy.

Things to do in Denmark Western Australia

Denmark Tree Top Walk – Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

The award-winning Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is one of Western Australia’s iconic sites that you must visit while in Western Australia!  Therefore it definitely hits the list of the BEST things to do in Denmark WA and you should plan a day trip towards Walpole and Peaceful Bay.

Denmark’s Tree Top Walk is located 55 km (or 45 minutes’ drive) amongst a forest of magnificent red tingle trees.  Once at the Valley of the Giants, you should allow about 1 hour to walk along the Tree Top Walk and then do the Ancient Empire – for more of our insider tips and hints, take a look at A Complete Guide To The Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk Walpole.

As this unique Tree Top Walk soars 40metres in the air (and wobbles) it’s not for people who are afraid of heights.  On the other hand, it is completely enclosed and suitable for wheelchairs and prams.  This is the perfect place to get a bird’s eye view of the special southern forests!

After visiting the Tree Top Walk you could head into the village of Nornalup for lunch, at either foodie-friendly Nornabar or the fun Tingles Bakery.  There are a wealth of activities around Walpole, which we cover in Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia.

Alternatively, if you prefer to head back in the direction of Denmark WA, we could recommend stopping in at Peaceful Bay.  It’s the same coastline as the magnificent Greens Pool but half the people, and then dropping in at either Bart’s Meadery or the Giant Cone as you head back towards Denmark.

Things to do in Denmark Western Australia

Thrills Adventure Park Denmark Western Australia

I’ve had my eye on the Denmark Thrills Adventure Park for a while but as it sounds very adventurous, even for daredevils.  I thought it was one of those things that I could wait to do until the kids are bigger.  About 10 years old.

Denmark Thrills has zip-lining and rope swings.  It is also is the home of the world’s longest globe riding track, the only one like it in Australia.  And, because I didn’t know, globe riding is also known as hydro-orbing or zorbing!  Basically, you go down a track while inside a 3-meter diameter globe!  My notes say that bookings are essential in order to get the undivided attention of the staff.  This will be helpful if anyone is a bit scared.

The Adventure Park is located just 3 km from Denmark town, on Mt Shadforth Road.  As Mount Shadforth is one of the taller mountains around Denmark WA, I assume you will hydro-orb down the hill!  Can’t wait!

Horse Riding In Denmark WA

We recently went horse-riding in Margaret River.  So, next, we have our sights on doing a trail ride in Denmark WA.  The Lazy R Pony Stud has a gorgeous property in beautiful Happy Valley!  Yes, that’s right, it is located on Happy Valley Road and they have a very pretty property with karri forest, swampland, and some hilly terrain that is perfect for a trail ride.

We are told that the Lazy R Trail Rides are suitable for all levels of riders and the horses are suitable for all skill levels.  This is a kid-friendly activity and they have of Shetland Ponies for smaller children.

As the Lazy R Trail Rides are not far from Bart’s Meadery or the Giant Cone, you can celebrate a successful horse ride with an ice-cream later!

Explore The Denmark River Area

The Denmark River provides a wonderful centerpiece of this cute little town, and lots of activities to keep families with kids entertained.  For younger kids, there is a decent playground in the center of town (opposite the pub), and all ages love the Kwoorabup Community Park which encourages you to engage with nature.

For older kids, a bicycle ride along the river to the Denmark River mouth will be a fun outing while adults enjoy the deep reflections and views.  Yes, the river offers is one of the best Denmark WA attractions – and it is free!  For a fee, you can hire a canoe and paddle down to the inlet and back.

Things to do in Denmark Western Australia

Berridge Park/ Denmark River Playground

If I had younger kids (eg, 5 and younger) I’d prefer this playground to the Kwoorabup Community Adventure Park.  Let’s say that it’s more conventional with typical playground equipment.  There are swings, and a big enough spider to keep my older kids entertained.  BUT – this playground is right on the Denmark River and there is no fence so you need to keep an eagle eye on the children!

Things to do in Denmark Western Australia

Kwoorabup Community Adventure Park

I’ve read this described as the best adventure park in Western Australia, and it’s true that this is by no means a conventional playground.  It is an adventure park in all senses of the word.  Kids really need to be creative and think about how to use the space.  There are logs, gullies, climbable trees and there are lots of areas to explore.

In addition, there’s also a massive lawn area where you can kick a ball or throw a Frisbee.  There are also toilets and BBQ areas.

The Kwoorabup Community Park can be easily accessed from Denmark town via a walking trail that begins at the toilet block opposite Pawprint Chocolate and Tea House Books.

Other Things To Do In The Denmark River Area

Mokare Heritage Trail 

The Mokare Heritage Trail is a very nice 3 km loop walk that follows both sides of the Denmark River.  You start at the main road bridge (or alternatively the kid’s playground opposite the Denmark Pub) and then head towards the river mouth.  After crossing the old railway bridge on part of the Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail you return back to town.  Kids love to ride their bikes on this path, or scooter.

Denmark River Excursions

Next summer we plan to hire kayaks in Denmark and explore Wilson Inlet.

You can launch your kayak or canoe at Berridge Park (park near the kid’s playground) and glide up and down the river.  You can head upstream until the river gets too narrow, enjoying the karri trees lining the shore and looking out for birds.  Then head downstream as far as the Railway Bridge or further if you like.

If you are a stronger paddler, you could also launch your canoe or kayak at the Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park or Poddy Shot Boat Launch.  From here, you can Explore Poison Point and Honeymoon Island.  Get information on how to do this from the folks at the Rivermouth Caravan Park. Note that the inlet can be choppy and difficult to navigate in windy weather.

Denmark Is Delicious

Denmark WA Wineries Are Awesome

While not as well-known as Margaret River, Denmark has been a major wine-producing area of Western Australia for over 30 years and has some excellent wineries to enjoy!  If you are into wines lookup Great Southern Wine Region and you will discover a whole new world of fresh, exciting wines.  I digress, if you are looking for Denmark Wa wineries, we love the Scotsdale Scenic drive which loops you around at the back of Denmark with beautiful farm scenery, local produce, galleries, and of course wineries to explore.

Places to visit Denmark WA

However, if you are visiting Denmark WA with kids, Willoughby Park Winery is a winner on all fronts.  It has great wine, large meals, and a fun kids’ playground.  Frequently over the weekend in summer, there are bands playing, and the kid’s playground is conveniently located right next to vines and a chilled-out table area.

Breweries In Denmark

By far one of our favorite breweries in Denmark is Boston Brewery.  We have visited it many times and each time we love it.

Boston Brewery showcases some amazing Australian beers and has a great laid-back vibe.  The food is locally-sourced and so good!  If pizzas are your thing make sure you try their wood-fired pizzas.  They are seriously heavenly.  Even if you are not into beers, Boston Brewery Denmark is worth a visit just for the food.  It is dog-friendly and has a great kid’s playground area.

For more detailed information, read our post A must visit – Boston Brewing Denmark WA.


Denmark has not one but TWO great places to eat ice-cream!  What a better way to finish a summer’s day after either a visit to Greens Pool or another beach in William Bay National Park?

Bartholomew’s Meadery has been in Denmark before it was a popular destination, and their product is uniquely Denmark.  Their hives are kept in the most pristine forests and natural bushland of the south-west, providing unique flavors.  Better still, they adhere to organic guidelines.  Our kids LOVE the glass beehive where you can spot the queen and of course we all love the ice-cream and get a pot of honey to take home.

Just down the road from the meadery, The Giant Cone has seriously big (and quite expensive) ice cream cones that mix fresh fruits and ice-cream and almost suffice for a whole meal.  Located in the Denmark Toffee Factory, Elephant Rocks Cidery, and the“a bit on the side” gourmet sources and preserves there is plenty to keep you entertained.  Not to mention a fun cubby house and Denmark Soccer Mini Golf.

Places To Eat In Denmark WA

We keep going back to Mrs. Jones Cafe for their awesome breakfasts and tasty lunches.

Places to visit Denmark WA

Shopping In Denmark WA

Enjoy The Thrill Of Browsing In An Old Fashioned Book Shop

When this Mumma was a kid it was the ultimate luxury to buy a new book.  We would at first browse the hallowed shelves before turning the precious pages.  In Denmark, you can have this experience and better, and old-fashioned bookshelf with a coffee shop at the back.  Just a wonderful place to step back in time.

Places to visit Denmark WA

Go Tip Shopping

No, we are not encouraging consumerism.  However, Denmark is blessed with one of the most awesome tip shops on earth!  Like the popular “Op Shop” (Opportunity or Thrift Shop) the tip shop, which is run by Greenskills, this place is filled with so much good quality second-hand stuff your mind boggles.  And, it is all offered at very low prices.  We’ve left here with garbage bags of clothes before and every time we visit Denmark this is on the list of stops!

Denmark Arts Markets

With a thriving art scene and plenty of creative local folk, the Denmark Arts Markets are a great day out.  With live music and a boho hippy feel, you can kick back and feel the vibe.  Or get in some shopping for some ingeniously made local products that more often than not are organic and natural.  Held monthly over the summer through to Easter (contact the Tourist Bureau for exact dates).

Places to visit Denmark WA
The Denmark Maze

Walks In Denmark Western Australia

One of the best things to do in Denmark WA is to enjoy the beautiful forest by doing a bushwalk.  These are a couple of the most family-friendly ones:

Denmark Maze is very simple but a lovely walk for littlies who enjoy the nooks and crannies created by this maze.

Harewood Forest walk is a lovely 600-meter walk (EG, doable with small kids) among a regenerated Karri forest, logged 100 years ago but now full of life.

The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA
Monkey Rock Climb

Monkey Rock Climb

Described as strenuous (but OK for our 5-year-old) this 1.5 km steep walk to the top of Monkey Rock rewards you with stunning views around the Denmark area.

The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA

Mount Lindesay – For Older Kids

Mount Lindesay offers a 9km quite steep return walk to the summit of this granite outcrop.  You are rewarded by stunning views and in the wildflower season (September) a truly amazing display of colorful wildflowers.

Speaking of wildflowers, if this is your thing then you must check out our post Where To Find The Best Wildflowers In Western Australia.  It is packed full of information and great itineraries on where to find the best wildflowers in WA.

Did We Mention That Denmark WA Has Amazing Beaches

It would be remiss of us to only mention the insta famous Greens Pool and the other beaches in William Bay National Park.  There is of course Ocean Beach just out of town which is a great place to learn to surf!  We also like Lights Beach which is a really attractive beach (and dogs are allowed if you are with your pooch).  These are both great beaches for lounging in the sun or taking a walk.

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The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA
At the Forest Hill Restaurant, Denmark WA

What Is The Best Denmark WA Accommodation For Families

For a small village, Denmark WA pretty much has every type of accommodation your heart could desire!  From Luxury accommodation with boutique designs, featuring woods and designs harmonious to the natural environment, to rustic farm cottages from yesteryear, Denmark’s vibe is represented in its places to stay.

There is a range of Denmark chalets, offering self-contained accommodation – some on working farms, some in the middle of the bush, offering eco-forest retreat experiences.  The theme with all the places to stay Denmark WA is escapes.  Get out into nature, switch off, and take a step back from the frenetic pace of life in the city.  Connect with your loved ones, recharge your soul, soak in the fresh air, and be reinvigorated by the ocean.  Come to Denmark for a couple of days and you will wish you had booked for much longer.

For those looking for budget-friendly affordable accommodation Denmark WA also has some solid options.  Amongst the best are three Caravan Parks, all spectacularly sited.

We believe that when it comes to booking your holiday accommodation Denmark WA, this beautiful little town will not disappoint.

If you are looking for more information about Denmark WA Accommodations, The Best Denmark WA Accommodationhas tons of recommendations and reviews.

The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA


Things To Do Around Denmark WA

Other Things To Do Around Denmark WA

We’ve often written about the wonders of Walpole and the Walpole Wilderness area.  If you are staying in Denmark for a few days, we strongly recommend putting aside a day or more for a visit to this wonderful nature-based destination.

There are lots and lots of (mostly) nature-based attractions around.  Check out our post Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia With Kids.

A Western Australian icon, don’t miss out on a visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.  Our top tips to visit are here in our post  Valley Of The Giants WA Tree Top Walk With Kids.

These are logistics recommendations of how to get the best photos out of a visit to the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.

If you have more time to spend in the area, be sure to check out the cities of Albany and Mt. Barker.  For more information about Albany read Things To Do In Albany Western Australia.  For more information on Mt. Barker we have a great post Things To Do In Mt. Barker WA.

More Information About Denmark

A great place to get local information is always the Denmark Visitor Center.

The Verdict – The Best Things To Do In Denmark Western Australia

We’ve been back to Denmark Western Australia many times because we love it.  You will too.  We believe that we have compiled the most complete summary of what to do in Denmark WA that you will find on the web.  That is no exaggeration!  We know that the information here is both comprehensive, complete, and original!  This is because this is our own opinions and experiences over many visits!

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The BEST Things To Do In Denmark WA







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