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as a child travelling from Australia to the USA and Sweden to visit family and friends,  I kept detailed diaries. in high school photography was my passion, and this is something that i continued to study throughout a communications degree – where I majored in Print Journalism.

then came life, career opportunities, and the chance to make my mark. I got a job that i believed could make a real difference.  suddenly, writing and photography became ‘work’ and was mixed up with public relations and promotion.

disillusioned,  I ditched my career in that corporate world at that tender age of 25 and headed off to see the world – first stop China.  and upon return back to australia a short tafe course in website publishing and design set me on a new path – a travel writing website called ‘world of travels’ – which documented my experiences, and passion for the world.

then came a business named Apus Peru,  a Masters degree (never finished) and two wonderful children.  i wouldn’t change it for the world, but here i am again, back doing what i love – writing about travel, and photography.

at home we speak english, spanish an occasionally a bit of quechua for fun…

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