Book Your Families Machu Picchu Holiday Early – 6 Reasons Why!

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For most people a visit to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime experience, a fulfillment of childhood dreams spurred on by movies of Indiana Jones as he searched for lost cities.  If you are going to visit, then make sure that you do it the best you can!  Especially if you are taking the kids there are some extra things to consider to make your families Machu Picchu holiday perfect!

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6 Reasons To Book Your Machu Picchu Holiday Early

Some Peru Tickets Do Sell Out Well In Advance For The High Season

To clarify: there are a number of different tickets you might need.  Firstly, if you plan to trek you need an Inca Trail Permit for either the 4 day or the 2 day trek.  Not sure whether you should trek?  This blog post wil be helpful; “Should I Take My Children Trekking In Peru”.

Classic Inca Trail Permits (4 day trek) sell out at the beginning of the year.  Especially for the Easter Break, May, June and July.  Year after year we have disappointed people inquiring about permits!  You must make your booking prior to Christmas, or at the latest in the first week of January.

For those with older kids (10+) and Huayna Picchu climb is on the agenda, permits are very limited and you need to get in quick to get them.  They are limited to just 200 a day.

For the Short Inca Trail (just 1 day of trekking) permits are more plentiful until later in the year, but get in early to get your preferred date!

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Machu Picchu itself is limited to 2500 people per day and has not sold out as far as we are aware!


Book your Machu Picchu Family Holiday early - 6 reasons why!


Get The Best Train Tickets To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is most easily accessed by train, and booking early means you get the best train tickets.  There are other ways to visit but they require traveling on hairpin bend roads etc.   Adrenalin filled but not family friendly!

There are only two trains a day from Cusco to Aguas Calientes (and in reverse).  So, if you would like a wonderful 4 train journey through the Andes, you need to book this train really early!

Alternatively, you can take the train from Ollantaytambo.  This gives you a lot more options but the best timetables book out early!  Another tip, especially on the Vistadome service, the first seats on the train are the best!

For our kids, aged 5 & 2, the train to Machu Picchu was a real highlight!  Read all about it here in “Visiting Machu Picchu With Kids”.

We’ve traveled with Lonely Planet for over 20 years! For unbiased and detailed advice, they are our trusted guide-book.  Even in this digital age, you can’t go past them for maps and info on the go.  Take a loo at some of our favorite Peru guidebooks which will also help your planning.


Book your Machu Picchu Family Holiday early - 6 reasons why!


Plan To Spend Two Days At Machu Picchu And Take Your Time

If you are going to travel all the way to Peru to see Machu Picchu, don’t cut yourself short by allowing just one day to visit the famous lost city.  As our number one tip for a successful family Machu Picchu holiday we strongly recommend allowing two days.

This means that if the weather is overcast on the first day, you can visit a second day.  Or, you can stay right until closing time and have the ruins to yourself!  In short, during the planning process plan to spend two days!

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Pick Your Seasons, And Check Out Some Local Fiestas

If you are well organized you can take your pick of the seasons.  We love April when the mountains are still green.  Also, September when it’s not so cold and the tourists are not so abundant.

It is true that there are fiestas in Peru almost year round.  However, if you want to see something specific or you would like to see a couple its worth getting out the calendar and doing some real planning!  Take note, that as the bulk of Peruvian fiestas are linked to the Catholic Feast Days they are movable dates – and can fall anywhere in a month-long period.  Check out our partner travel agency calendar here for more info .


Book your Machu Picchu Family Holiday early - 6 reasons why!


Family Rooms In Aguas Calientes

How you travel as a family depends on various factors.  Factors such as the ages of your kids, how many they are, and how fond you are of co-sleeping.  Peru has a relatively generous policy when it comes to sharing beds.  So, if you have a child under 3-ish that co-sleeps, they won’t charge you for the child to occupy the room.

Other rooms that have multiple bed arrangements do exist, but book out very early!  Especially those in the mid-range budget option!  Getting the best family rooms is another reason to get your families Machu Picchu holiday booked early.

For more information on where to stay around Machu Picchu, take a look at Best Family Hotels in Machu Picchu”.  This post is filled with great information and reviews of accomodation options that have been tried and tested around Machu Picchu.

Without a doubt, our favorite hotel in Aguas Calientes, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo does definitely book up on many dates!  Read our full review here in our post, “Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo – Hotel Review”.

You can also check current rates for the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel here.

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Book your Machu Picchu Family Holiday early - 6 reasons why!


You Need Time To Get Prepared

This point applies *mostly* if you are going to trek either the 4 day or 2 day trek.  Take your family out trekking for a full day.  See if they are able physically to walk for 5 hours, and also for the kids, mentally able to do it!  If at first you don’t succeed, then try again!

Cusco and the Inca trail are high altitude treks.  Which means, in addition to the distance and steep terrain, you will have to deal with altitude.  Therefore you must be prepared.  All good travel agencies should be able to give you some ideas for training!


Machu Picchu Family Holiday – More Resources!

Our site has LOADS about traveling to Peru with kids!  We love Peru and know the country very well.  If you are interested in a Peru destination but haven’t seen it on our site, please ask.

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6 Reasons Why!






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