Caversham Wildlife Park Perth

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Caversham Wildlife Park Perth is an amazing place to get a photo with one of Australia’s native animals.  Even better, you can also learn more about Australian farm life on “Molly’s farm” – in our experience the best animal farm Perth.

Highly polished and well run Caversham Wildlife Park is a great place to kiss a kangaroo, cuddle a koala, or to give a wombat a rub.  You can even pet a python! Not to mention you can get a koala photo included in your entrance fee!   In Caversham Wildlife Park, there is a range of reptiles. There are dingoes, crocodiles, penguins, and an amazing array of Australian birds.

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How To Get The Best Out Of A Visit To Caversham Wildlife Park Perth

The key to a successful visit to Caversham Wildlife Park is to plan your day carefully.  Each of the animal photograph opportunities is on a specific time, so you need to work out what time you want to cuddle the koala and what time you want to get your photo with the wombat or feed the penguins.  In between these awesome photo opportunities, there’s a wonderful array of Australian wildlife to get up and close and personal with.

The Shows

The koala show offers a great chance to get a koala photo and also spend a tiny bit of time with these furry guys.  In short, you line up and go to have your photo with the koala, just like everybody else.

The wombat show is a little different.  You can have a photo with a wombat, a python, as well as seeing a lot of beautiful Australian birds like galahs and cockatoos without cages.

Pro Tip: For cuddling the koala or getting your photo with a wombat, we’d recommend arriving just a bit later than the scheduled time.  So for example, if the koalas start at 12 o’clock, if you arrived at 12:20, there’s not such a long queue, and you can get your picture taken quickly and right away.  However, don’t miss the beginning of the farm show.  That’s very interesting.

Molly’s Farm: The Best Animal Farm Perth

Do not miss the farm show at Molly’s Farm!  This is a wonderful welcome to Australian farm life.  You get to watch the sheepdogs round up the sheep.  Then watch as the shearer shear the sheep, and finally, an explanation of what is done with a fleece after shearing.  The shearer goes on to then show the tips n’ tricks behind the cracking of an Australian stockwhip and gets a lot of audience participation!  Yes, it is very loud, but they do warn you.

Other parts of the farm show include lamb feeding and, the final part of the show, getting to milk a cow.

After the show, you can explore this extensive animal farm.  If you like you can meet goats, guinea pigs and more.  There are plenty of hands-on experiences at this animal farm Perth, as well as learning about Australian farm life.

Where To See Kangaroos Perth?

The other highlight of the Caversham Wildlife Park is getting to feed the kangaroos.  Caversham Wildlife Park has a huge kangaroo sanctuary! You get free feed, so you can take handfuls of feed and go around and feed the kangaroos.  This is better than other parks which gives you a small bag of feed.  We went right to the back of the kangaroo enclosure and found the ones at the back were much hungrier than the ones at the front of the enclosure!

One of the most interesting things about this program is that they have white kangaroos and have been breeding a white kangaroo gene.

Pro tip: The kangaroo keeper told us that the kangaroos were all rather full when we visited, which was early in the afternoon.  You might want to go and see the kangaroos earlier in the morning if you want to have lots of feeding opportunities.

What To Eat At Caversham Wildlife Park?

We’d recommend packing your own lunch.  The Caversham Wildlife Park doesn’t sell food.  Instead, they have enormous numbers of picnic tables scattered around the park.  Tables are located at Molly’s Farm, in the wombat area, and then at the entrance.  So you can just grab a picnic table and eat the lunch that you brought.

Rainy Days In Perth

The Caversham Wildlife Park is well organized for wet and rainy days.  All the main sections are under a cover, and you could still visit the majority of the wildlife without getting wet.  If you are looking for other activities in Perth, check out Things To Do In Perth With Kids.

Caversham Wildlife Park Perth – Final Overview

Final comment, Caversham Wildlife Park is not the most modern wildlife park/zoo that we’ve seen in Australia.  There are ones that are more modern, and by that I mean open-plan.  However, in terms of organized photo opportunities, this place is the best.  You get included in the entry fee the chance to get a koala photo, kangaroo photo, and something you don’t often see, a wombat photo!  The fact the koala photo is included in the price makes this ticket good value for money because you’re not paying extra for photos.

As for prices for Perth families looking for a day out, it’s certainly a place that you can spend a good portion of the day.  It’s on par with other Perth family attractions for price.  We found that about four hours was enough for our children, aged nine and five at the time.

Caversham Wildlife Park Entrance Fee

Caversham Wildlife Park’s entrance fee includes all the photo opportunities, food for the animals as well as all the attractions AND shows.  That makes it a very good value for money.

Adult $30/ Child $14  Children under 3 free.

To check the latest prices please look at the Caversham Wildlife Park Perth

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