Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review

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Last Updated on June 5, 2021 by Travels with Kids

The Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River is often mentioned as a top kid-friendly stop in the Margaret River region and we have to say, that we totally agree.  This fun craft brewery and restaurant ticks all the boxes in summer and in winter.

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Cheeky Monkey Brewery Location

For starters the Cheeky Monkey Brewery is really well located; just off busy Caves Road.  It is located just south of Yallingup and Busselton.  If you are making the trip up to Busselton and want more information, read Things To Do In Busselton With Kids.  Also, Visit A Busselton Winery And The Best Busselton Breweries! and The Best Restaurants In Busselton will come in handy.

 Similarly, Best Things To Do In Yallingup is a great post as well.  Combine these attractions with a visit to Cheeky Monkey Brewery and you have a wonderful, fun-filled day.

You can easily swing in a visit to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory or the Cape Lavender Teahouse before or after a stop at Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River.  If you are heading up to the Dunsborough area, make sure you read Best Things To Do In Dunsborough WA for all our recommendations.

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review

Ambiance – Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River

Totally fitting for a family kind of atmosphere.  You also see young twenty-somethings enjoying the beer tasters, while you see pensioners enjoying a beer and while tucking into the mouth-watering pizza.

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review

Inside the Cheeky Monkey Margaret River, the atmosphere is friendly and convivial with big warm fires roaring in the hearth on a winter’s day.  A wood décor gives it a hospital and cozy feeling.  While the big practical table means that you could pull up a stool for two or for a large group.  We saw a number of extended families with grandparents right through to babies overflowing from the large practical tables.  Huge ceilings and fun monkeys give the whole place a light-hearted feel, while there is a touch of elegance around the cellar door area.  We would describe the Cheeky Monkey as classy without being pretentious.

We can only rave about the well-equipped outside area.  Our family was there on an early spring day.  It wasn’t terribly warm, but still, the area was packed with families having a fantastic time.  Kids can play in the big playground, suitable for approximately 2 to 8 years old.

If the playground doesn’t excite them, there is a great big dam, with a couple of little bridges, a jetty, and a creek running through.  If you have a kid that likes to get wet and muddy, then pack a change of clothes.  We wished we had have been carrying extras!   Our kids would have had a ball playing in the mud!

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review


Food – Cheeky Monkey Margaret River

As to be expected for a family-friendly winery, the food was good, nourishing, and portions plentiful.  There are some practical kid’s meals, like kids ham and cheese pizza and fish and chips.

The menu for the adults is simple, good hearty fare.  You can have a range of one of 5 mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas, absolutely delicious.  There were enough variety and twists in the menu for foodies to feel that were fulfilled.  For example, what could have been a Hawaiian pizza had a touch of truffle oil.  This added a delicious variation to what could have otherwise been a pretty plain ham and pineapple pizza that we shared amongst the kids and ourselves.


Of course, you don’t go to Cheeky Monkey Brewery if you don’t have a taste of the different beers.  We enjoyed both the Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale and the Cheeky Monkey Apple Cider.

Sometimes when things are advertised as family-friendly, it doesn’t meet your expectations, but in the case of Cheeky Monkey Brewery it was all that we hoped and it ticked all the boxes.  Warm and cozy inside during the winter, expansive lawns for nature play, and a very good playground for those that want to keep the kids fenced in.

Winter or summer, the Cheeky Monkey is a great place to take the kids in the Margaret River region.  Whether it is for a refuel on a busy day or a leisurely beer and lunch, Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River worked for us.

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review


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The Verdict – Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River is one of our favorite breweries in the Margaret River region.  The brews are awesome, the food is delicious, and it is a great family-friendly brewery.  If you are traveling south, you might be keen to visit the famous Boston Brewing Company in Denmark.  

Do you love Cheeky Monkey or want to suggest another great Margaret River brewery? Leave a message in the comments below!

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Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review


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