Departure Day Travel Departure Checklist

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Last Updated on September 13, 2020 by worldoftravelswithkids

Departure Day Looms and the final 24 hours before travel are either horrendously stressful or as easy as checking items off a list.  That is why we have developed a departure day travel departure checklist that takes the stress out of remembering what to do.

We start planning really early, which does spread out the time preparing for a trip.  We do this because invariably one or both children get sick in the lead up to the trip and have a day or two off school.  That means some glitches in the preparation.  Also, being self-employed means that work has to be done at a faster past than normal prior to a holiday or postponed until after the holiday.

Remember – packing for a mum and two kids will easily take 3 hours or more – without distractions.  Especially air travel with toddlers can take a lot of preparation and packing.

Our Departure Checklist

You can find our departure day travel departure checklist below in a table, or if you like to print things out, click here for our FREE printable PDF  Departure_Day_Final_Checklist . We hope you find it useful!

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Travel Checklist - 24 hours before travelCHECKNotes 
Weather Forecast - Check Again!
Online Check-in - 48 hours prior
Last minute - don't forget!
Kids favourite toys (for sleep time)
Water bottles
Pack fruit
Travel Items - check they are all working, clean, ready to go
padlocks on suitacases
fussy 3 year old's special eating plates.
Potty (also for 3 year old)
Wash kids hair
Chargers in bag
Everything charged?
House and Home related
Pet food accessible to neighbour
Check all bins are empty
Are all perishables out of the fridge
All windws/doors locked
All the appliances unplugged/turned off.
turn off the Gas


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Departure Day Travel Departure Checklist




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