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Glamping at Potters Gorge Review

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Glamping is an amazing way to get out and camp under the stars – without needing to set up the tents!  Just a little over 2 hours south of Perth you too can have a great camping experience at Potters Gorge in the Wellington National Park.

For us, the feeling of being outdoor in tents is simply awesome.  Since having kids we haven’t made the investment of buying a bigger tent.  We have been a little overwhelmed about the effort involved in camping.   From talking to other parents in our circle, it seems that we are not alone!

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Glamping at Potters Gorge Review

Potters Gorge is a new campsite in the Wellington National Park.  It was a wonderful experience for us to arrive after our drive and find two very large tents set up for us!  Inside comfy camp beds looked cozy and warm, and everything we needed for our two night stay was right there.

Night-time walks doing a bit of spotlighting (looking for native animals) was a highlight, as was doing our cooking on a small gas burner stove.  We lit a campfire to roast our marshmallows and the kids thought this was superb!

Camping or glamping, whatever you want to call it – is wonderful because it is so simple.  There is no electricity, just the light of the fire, and an early night tucked in under a warm doona.  The first night during our stay it rained.  We are pleased to report that the tents stayed warm and dry!  Also, the sound of the rain on the tent was incredibly harmonious!

The Tents – Glamping At Potters Gorge

 For our stay at Potters Gorge, the tents were Black Wolf two room tents.  Stretcher beds covered in “Duvalays” (a high quality mattress and Doona set) and two super soft pillows per bed made it very comfortable.   A floor rug added to the homey feel, and towels were included.   It should be noted, however, that there were no shower facilities on site.  This meant we just sponge bathed in the evenings.

Meals – Glamping At Potters Gorge

There are brand new camp kitchens at the campsite, with big new bbqs.   Here you can sit at the picnic tables and cook.   Alternatively, included in the glamping package are a small gas stove and all the required cooking implements.   You do need to bring all your own food.

It is worth noting there is no refrigerator, but an Esky works well in our experience.

What To Do And See At Potters Gorge

The tents are set up in the public campsite under shady Jarrah and Marri trees, not far from the shore of the Wellington Dam.  As we visited at the end of summer the dam was looking very dry and there was a big beach area.

We can imagine this would be a great place for swimming in the summer months.  Also great for a spot of fishing year round.

If you have your own Kayak or boat, definitely bring it.  It would be a fabulous place to explore from the water.   There are no hire facilities nearby.

There are a number of well compacted walk trails which make them easy riding for beginner bike riders (such as ours).  A feature of the Potters Gorge campsite is the mountain bike pump track which offers another activity for families – great for older children.

You can also hire mountain bikes from the kiosk at the dam in order to spend a day exploring.  Check here for more information about rentals. 

What To Do And See In The Wider Ferguson Valley Area

Kiosk at the Dam has a range of coffee/tea and home baked goodies as we well as extremely friendly owners who are happy to talk to you about the range of things to do in the area.  Additionally, Wellington Dam is a short walk from the kiosk at the dam and is worth a look.

Honeymoon Pool drive area could easily occupy a whole day.  This is a one way drive stopping at a number of picturesque swimming and picnic spots, with the most popular and well known the romantically named Honeymoon Pool.

Click here for our full review of the Ferguson Valley Western Australia With Kids.

Definition of Glamping

We’ve been enormously lucky to have two glamping experiences in Western Australia in the past two years.  You can read about our first here in our post Glamping in Western Australia with Kids.

On these two occasions the style of camping could be best described as “pre-organized” camping.  Yes, it is luxurious in the sense that the tents are set up for you, there are raised camp beds, and it is a very easy experience.  However, it is not glamping like I have seen in other parts of the world where glamping is 5 star and very luxurious. bThese are also referred to as safari retreats, tented cabins, or permanent eco-tents.   These appear to be more permanent, and larger, than the glamping experiences we have had.   If this is more what you are looking for, check here is a bit of inspiration!

More information – Potters Gorge

Click here for the kiosk at the dam website.

Click here for WA parks information page on Potters Gorge.


Potters Gorge is located in the Wellington National Park, just over 2 hours south of Perth.

For more information on Western Australia, check out some of our favorite guidebooks below.  Click to see current prices.

Disclosure: We won this prize from Kiosk at the Dam as part of a photography competition, but we were not compensated in any way to write this post. All travel and associated travel costs (meals) were paid for us and all opinions, as always, are our own.

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Glamping at Potters Gorge Review

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