Hotel Paracas, A Luxury Collection Resort Review

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Last Updated on May 1, 2019 by Travels with Kids

From the moment we walked through the doors of the impressive foyer atHotel Paracasin Paracas Peru and out to the beach, we loved this hotel.   After seeing the room, we went straight back to reception and extended our stay to 2 nights!  If that is not a heartfelt recommendation then we are not sure what is.

The Hotel Paracas is luxury personified!  From the imposing lobby with water features, huge vaulted ceilings in the restaurants, and very ample sized beach villas, and several amazingly landscaped pools.  This is a hotel that is truly luxurious.  Perhaps it was because 5 days after arriving in Peru (from Australia) we were still suffering the effects of jet lag with a 2-year-old, and we needed pampering.

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Check here for currents rates to stay at the Hotel Paracas, A Luxury Collection Resort.


Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort Review


Our Experience At The Hotel Paracas In Paracas Peru

The Hotel Paracas spoiled us, and more!  There is a gorgeous pool, that reflects the bar and restaurants, for adults.  For kids and families another lovely pool located near the playground.  They give out various activities, like kayaks, sailing boats, volleyballs.  There is a small heated kids pool and they also provide kids floaties for your enjoyment.


Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort Review
We visited in winter, so the small heated pool (and the complimentary floaties) were a win!

In addition, they have a well-equipped kids club and a playground.  In short, they have everything you would expect at a 5-star resort catering to families.  We don’t normally stay in this style of hotel.  So, for us, everything was perfect and more.

However, we overheard an American family staying with kids complaining about the lack of towels at the pool and at the speed of service at the restaurant and other items.  I think it’s best to say there was still a Peruvian feel to the place, despite the gorgeous setting.

Check here for currents rates to stay at the Hotel Paracas, A Luxury Collection Resort.

Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort Review
The private jetty offered a wonderful place to watch sunset.


In the evenings we wandered along the beach.  We enjoyed the spectacular sunset and the kids ran along the private jetty with fantastic views of the picturesque Paracas Peru harbor.  For those less active there is a spectacular sunset bar on the end of the jetty to get unparalleled views.  Should you wish to look for a super safe and quick trip to the Ballestas Islands, they also offer speedboat trips (extra to room rate) to the sights out there.


Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort Review
Kids Club at the Hotel Paracas


The rooms are also special with glass separating the room from the bathroom.  So if you choose to, you have a direct view of the bathroom, especially the shower.  There is a deep luxurious bath and the bathroom is quite large.  The beds (we had two queen size beds in a double room) were large, soft, and encouraged sleep.

Two days here and finally our body clocks were adjusted!  For full property details please view Hotel Paracas, A Luxury Collection Resort.

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  • […] From the moment we walked through the doors of the impressive foyer and out to the beach we loved this hotel; certainly it is a 5 star hotel, but it was the luxurious break that we needed after a long trip from Australia. With heated pools, a kids club, white beach and its own jetty, we were hooked! Read the full review of the Hotel Paracas, A luxury collection resort. […]

  • Any ideas about how they feel about families with three kids? I have booked a room there for a couple of weeks time to relax after the long journey from Australia as well but now worried that they may have a big issue with 5 of us in a room.

    • Hi, Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I’ve been offline. This will be a beaut place after the marathon from Aus. The short answer is, I don’t know… but Like many hotels, they will have a max room occupancy and its the luck of the draw whether they will object to 5. Sometimes Peru can be very relaxed, but sometimes not. I know how hard it can be to keep one kid out of sight, but that is my best advice at this stage. Alternatively, I can get someone to call the hotel and ask them the policy if you want. 🙂 Let me know.

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