Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas

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What are your reasons for looking for non chocolate Easter gifts for kids?  Ours are varied, but we are striving for a chocolate free Easter.

Last year, we opted for just one fair trade Easter egg for our family because we felt it was ethically the right thing to do.  However, in the end, the kids got loads of chocolate from other people and it was a pretty chocolatey Easter all around!

During the course of the last 12 months we’ve also had to face our son’s sensory issues and it has made us more conscious (than ever) of what he will eat and doesn’t eat.   After spending much of his 2’s and half of his 3’s throwing tantrums every time he saw chocolate, we have weaned him from this delicious substance.  His eating is improving, slowly but surely, and we don’t want to face a sugary chocolate-coated setback this Easter.

As with many things with parenting,  this Easter we need to be well-organized.  We will plan ahead to ensure that Easter is special, memorable, and chocolate free!

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Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas


Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas

Talking About Christianity And The Life Of Jesus Christ

We are not a religious family but Easter is a good time to talk about the Christian faith.  Specifically why we have Easter and what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross. This makes sense as, in Australia and Latin America, many holidays are connected to Christianity.

To date, this education has involved the reading of age-appropriate library books.  We might attend a church service or wait until the kids are a touch older.

There are some great books on Easter and Jesus that we have read.  Below are some of our favorite.



Decorate Easter Eggs

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas


We’ve always loved decorating Easter eggs using food dyes purchased from the shop, mixing the colors, and watching the results.   This year we are thinking of using natural dyes (think red cabbage or red onions) and experimenting with colors that way.   Given our son’s sensory issues, this kind of fun activity with foodstuffs is perfect to help him relax and have fun with food (without actually having to eat it).  This is a great traditional Easter activity that helps make a chocolate free Easter doable.

Below are some supplies you can buy from Amazon for egg decorating with your kids.  We love the idea of purchasing natural kits and eco-friendly egg dying kits.

Craft Activities

Google “Kids Easter Craft Activities”!  You will come up with a pile of stuff that will suit your own abilities, and what you have at home in your crafting or sewing kit.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate or difficult to make Easter fun for the kids.  Think a pair of bunny ears!  Easy for the kids to make yet super enjoyable.

Making crafts is a great activity as the kids can even make some non chocolate Easter gifts for their friends or siblings.



Give Other Types Of Gifts

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas


Last year we were already experimenting with a “different type” of Easter.  We bought Easter-themed pajamas for both kids.  These were super cute, and they did look gorgeous going around hunting for clues in them.  But they haven’t grown out of them yet, and they are in great condition.  So, no Easter pajamas this year!

Two brands of pj’s our family loves are:

Snuggle Bums PJ’s are a Melbourne (Australian) brand of all cotton sleepwear for kids.  They are super comfy and the kids just love them.   Our daughter, at 6, had wanted a onesie for a  while and they fit the bill.

Nightie Night Lane is run by two mothers who hand these pajamas!  These are organic, 100% cotton nightwear with a vintage look.  Our daughter has eczema and we found these guys after searching high and low for nightwear that wouldn’t irritate her skin.


The Easter Egg Hunt

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas


Last year, because we just had the one big fair trade chocolate egg to share for the family, we gave some small gifts.  Such as some biscuits and other incentives for the kids during the Easter egg hunt.

This year we are going to buy some plastic (boo!) shells for eggs, like these ones on Amazon. com, and place little bits of Lego inside for the little guy, and a necklace-making kit for the Little Miss.  We are planning to prepare two sets of Easter eggs – plus a range of other slightly funky incentives along the way.

They aren’t going to get sweets or chocolate but they aren’t going to miss out!  They will still get some non chocolate Easter gifts each.


Also, if you are going to go down the Chocolate path, then do consider buying fair trade chocolate!


Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas


Got Easter Eggs on your mind? 🐣 Then read on!⠀
Did you know that over 2 million children in West Africa work in cocoa production?  And that 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa?  That is, there is a likelihood of your Easter eggs having had some origin in child labor.  Takes away the sweetness, doesn’t it? ⠀

Initially, we decided on non chocolate Easter gifts and activities because chocolate does not bring out the best in our little guy’s personality.  But, in researching special ideas for our choc free but crafty Easter, Mumma hit upon the subject of Fair Trade Chocolate.

In the past 18 months, we have made a commitment to shop Fair Trade where possible. And then she felt it was a bit drastic to have a completely choc free Easter! We like eating chocolate! So we bought a $10 Fair Trade Easter egg to share as a family.  One egg for the whole family seemed somewhat miserly, but making a commitment to a new lifestyle requires being uncomfortable sometimes! ⠀

We gulped because for $10 we could have got two dozen Cadbury eggs. Mind you, we are dark on Cadbury after reading that they don’t offer fair trade chocolate lines.  (Don’t quote us, but we saw something about that!) ⠀

We believe in the ripple effect!  So, thanks for reading to the end AND will you make a difference this Easter and buy fair trade chocolate? 


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Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids And Other Ideas

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