Perth Playgrounds And Parks In Perth

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Here we explore the best Perth playgrounds and park in Perth for kids.  If you are traveling with children you know how important it is to find a good playground for the kids.  We love sharing our insider knowledge of our home city with you so that you can decide what is best to do and see for your family.

Best Perth Playgrounds And Parks In Perth

Beautiful Elizabeth Quay, Perth
Beautiful Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Elizabeth Quay Area

This beautiful area on Perth City’s waterfront certainly is one of the best parks in Perth.  There are four permanent fixtures which are always popular!  Take a look at our full post, “Elizabeth Quay For Kids”.

State of the art, Optus Stadium, Perth
State of the art, Optus Stadium, Perth

Optus Stadium Playgrounds

This is Western Australia’s newest playgrounds for kids.  We have to say it is one of the most fantastic playgrounds in Perth, largely because there is something for all ages, and ranges of abilities.

Playing in the Sensory Playground at Optus Stadium
Playing in the Sensory Playground at Optus Stadium

Sensory Playground

First up is the Sensory Playground, which is completely fenced for families with smaller kids who are worried they might run off.  There’s a picnic shelter, a zip line, and a rope climbing tower.  In keeping with being a Sensory Playground, there is also a beautiful set of pipes to play.  All this with the backdrop of the brand new Optus stadium and in the shadows of the Matagarup Bridge.

Running onto Matagarup Bridge, Perth with a storm threatening!
Running onto Matagarup Bridge, Perth with a storm threatening!

Matagarup Bridge

Matagarup Bridge links the new Optus Stadium with the City of Perth.  It is designed to keep traffic away from this tiny little peninsula on the Swan River.  Matagarup Bridge is designed so that that people can park for sports events and then walk over this truly sensational bridge before the game.  In keeping with the spirit of “big games”, the Matagarup bridge is big and bold and really fantastic and worth a visit in its own right.

Walking over the bridge is lots of fun for the kids as you look up and can see the amazing arches etched against the sky.  While the structure was controversial in Western Australia, it is definitely worth a look.

If you are visiting, check out if bridge limbs and zip lines have been started commercially.  There are rumors of offering a bridge climb to the highest point of the Matagarup Bridge, before zip-lining back to shore!

Building humpies in the shadow of the Optus Stadium

Chevron Parkland Adventure Play Area

This is a fabulous natural play area for the older child.  The sensory playground which I have just mentioned is fenced and suitable for younger children. The Chevron Parkland nature play area is suitable for older children, 5 years and up.  It is not fenced and does its best to recreate a natural environment.  There is plenty of unfenced water around on all sides, which definitely adds to the feeling that this is not for small children.

The Chevron Parkland is large, about 500 m from one end to another (this is a big playground)!  The playground has various sections, and each part explores a different element of the aboriginal seasonal calendar.  You can learn about indigenous culture while also playing.  In our case, our kids took off and had a ball.  They loved the emu egg nest, complete with emu eggs and an area where they were building bark huts and humpies.

Their absolute favorite section was a funky red and black tower about 5 m tall up into the air.   The kids were required to use some very complex climbing skills to get to the top of the tower and then walk on narrow bridges across to other towers.  It was definitely a challenging climbing exercise.  Our 5-year-old did it competently; our 8-year-old loved it.

There are some nice picnic tables and shelters interspersed amongst the different seasonal play sections.  Pack a picnic while your children roam free! The Sensory Playground is not for your pooch but the Chevron Parkland is pet-friendly and there were many people walking their dogs on the walk and cycle trail along the beautiful Swan River.

The Optus Stadium Chevron Parkland is a very new and innovative area of Perth playgrounds and parks in Perth.  It is a great place to visit for both locals and those visiting Perth for the first time.

Beautiful Hyde Park, Perth

Hyde Park

With a very European feel, we love to walk and run here all year round.  There is a lovely lake, winding walk paths and especially in autumn, lots of leaves to run about in.

All year round there is a great all-access playground.  In summer there is a great water feature that kids will get a kick out of.

Playing at Mends St Jetty Playground with views of Perth City in the background
Playing at Mends St Jetty Playground with views of Perth City in the background

Mends Street Jetty Playgrounds (In Sir James Mitchell Park)

The Mends Street area has grown up in recent years to have a vibrant cafe scene.  The Windsor pub on the corner is always a vibrant place with some delicious meals.

If you are looking for a cheap but interesting way to get from the South of the river area to the city, then our kids love a ferry ride across the Swan River.

The Mends Street esplanade and parkland provide stunning views of the Perth city skyline, and plenty of places to put down a picnic rug or soak in the ambiance.

There are two playgrounds in the Mends Street Jetty area.  One is immediately adjacent to the ferry terminal and is suitable for smaller kids and toddlers.  Meaning it is not very challenging! Our children loved looking at the paddle wheel and looking at the boats arrive.

About 150 meters walk from the jetty is a far more challenging playground.  Suitable for kids approx. 5 and above, it is much higher and includes a good range of climbing and slides.

Also, in Sir James Mitchell Park, along the South Perth foreshore is another great playground; for more information check here.

Heathcoate Reserve Pirate Ship Playground

This Pirate Ship Playground ticks the boxes for parents and kids alike! For the parents, there are stunning views across the river.  While for kids the playground is cleverly designed and takes them away with their imagination.   In short, the Heathcoate Reserve Pirate Ship Playground is a giant pirate ship made out of wood.  There are tunnels, climbing sections, and slides all around the ship.  Our kids loved the portholes as well.

We did lose track of the kids a couple of times.  It’s not a great place for very young children (say under 4) without keeping your eyes on them at all times.

We packed a picnic and enjoyed evening drinks and cheese on the grassed areas before going on a long walk along the Swan River.

Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground - a great place for a few hours!
Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground – a great place for a few hours!

Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground

This new playground located in Beaton Park, with views of the Swan River and adjacent to the Perth Flying Squadron yacht club is a wonderfully organized place to play with A LOT to do for the whole family.

Better still, as it is an “All Abilities” playground, there is a wide range of difficulty meaning you can play with kids of a range of ages.  There are a few things that will keep littlies entertained, while heaps for older kids.  Our 5-year-old loved the super high climbing spider web style net, the zip line as well as the nature-based play area.

The area combines soft fall under many swings, with a more natural aspect in others.  Those more artistically inclined will also enjoy a range of musical instruments.

This is a brand-new Perth playground (as at end of 2018).  There are also good BBQ and picnic facilities which were well-used the day we were there.

Finally, this entire playground is fenced, which gives you a little extra peace of mind with the river nearby.   For the folks, a river is always a nice place for 5 minutes of headspace.

cotteslou beach playgrounds in Perth
Cottesloe Beach Playground

Cottesloe Beach Playground

Without doubt, Cottesloe is one of the most iconic beaches in Perth and that makes this a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Walk out on the rock wall for views back to iconic Lifesaving Club done art deco style, and the pines etched on the horizon.   Or, play and barbecue under the pines.  There are two play areas.  Either the playground grew organically, or they constructed one side with smaller children in mind.  The other section is for older more adventurous children.

In a city where there are some seriously amazing new and custom designed playgrounds, these playgrounds are on the simple and traditional side.  However, on the other hand, you can’t beat the location.  There are also some very hip places to stop for a drink and a meal should you want to extend your time in the Cottesloe area.

Perth Western Australia playgounds
The Whale Playground in Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach Whale Playground

As one of Perth’s favorite beaches, the recent building of a new whale sized playground at Scarborough Beach has just added to what is already a beautiful area.  At the heart of this innovative themed playground is a skeleton of a whale.

While this is not fenced, the playground is contained by the dunes and landscaping and is an all abilities’ playground.  In addition to the challenging whale skeleton climbing area, there are swings, a lookout, and wheelchair accessible swings.

Our kids loved climbing through the netting in the whale’s skeleton and also the VERY fast slide!  (Faster than a normal slide!)

There are other nautical and whale themed play equipment through this Perth Playground which captures kid’s imagination and excitement as they run around.

For those kids less climbing oriented, and more into imagination there is a great lookout, where you can imagine you were shipwrecked alongside a big whale. We love Scarborough Beach for a good walk or a swim, so this playground is the perfection addition for the kids.

children playing at the park in perth western australia
Nature area in the Jo Wheatley Playground

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