The South Pacific Islands Destination Guide

The South Pacific Islands destination guide encompasses several different islands and islands chains in the Pacific Ocean over a vast area.  These include island such as the Cook Islands, Tahiti, Samoa, Guam, and our family favorite Fiji.


The Pacific Islands With Kids

We rate the Pacific Islands 4/5 for Kids

  • Kid friendly facilities – 4
  • Variation in budgets – 3
  • Tourist levels – 4
  • Travel times –  4

What is the best time of year to visit the Pacific Islands?

When is there not a good time to visit?  In general, the Pacific Islands are fortunate enough to have a year-round tropical climate.  The seasons are typically divided into the “dry season” and “wet season”.  Generally, the best and most popular time to visit is during the dry season or May to October.  This time of year has less humidity and the least amount of rain.

When should I avoid visiting the Pacific Islands?

While there is no time the islands should be avoided, keep in mind that November to April is generally regarded as the “rainy season” in which there is increased humidity and frequent downpours and monsoonal thunderstorms.  This is also the time of year when the most tropical cyclones occur which may result in evacuations and/or travel delays.


Pacific Islands festivals and events to plan around

Please note, each island has it’s own holidays and celebrations so it is best to do some more in-depth research.

January – New Years Day is generally a public holiday in most all of the islands.

March/April – Easter celebrations take place on most of the islands.  ANZAC day is also celebrated on April 25th in the Cook Islands, Tonga, and Niue.

May – Several festivals and holidays take place in Fiji in May including the International Triathlon and Ratu Sukuna Day.  Several religious holidays are celebrated in May on various islands like Ascension, Pentecost, White Sunday, and Gospel Day.

June – The International Bula Marathon is held in Fiji.  The Queens birthday is celebrated on many islands on June 14th.

July – In July independence day is celebrated in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.  In Fiji the Nadi Bula Festivals takes place.

August – The Suva Hibiscus Festival takes place in July in Fiji.

October – In October Fiji celebrates its’ independence day on October 10th.  The famous Round Raro Road Races also take place in the Cook islands.

November – Several holidays are celebrated in November across different islands including Thanksgiving, All Saints Day, Armistice Day, and National Unity Day.

December – December sees Christmas and Boxing Day across many of the islands as well as New Years eve.

For a great link to all the various South Pacific Island holidays and when they are celebrated please click here.

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