The Truffle Kerfuffle With Kids

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Last Updated on May 31, 2019 by Travels with Kids

The Truffle Kerfuffle Manjimup is a glorious celebration of the southern forests of Western Australia with food, wine…and the black truffle.

From the moment we drive through the verdant hills of Manjimup, the winter hues are abundant. With a gorgeous setting around picturesque Fonty’s Pool, the Truffle Kerfuffle is a picture perfect event. With live music floating through the air as does the wood smoke from a number of open air fires. Located around 3 hours south of Perth, this is a wonderful family day out, and for kids and adults alike to learn more about our state’s fresh produce.

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Our Visit To The Truffle Kerfuffle

We attended on the Kid’s Day – Sunday. There was a Kid’s Cooking Class with Perth’s Jessica Arnott from the 2015 Mastered series which looked like it was popular. Meanwhile, our littlies were getting up close and personal with local produce, sculpting fruits in playdoh and painting a wall mural.

For us, the truffle dog demonstration was a highlight, showing how they train dogs to sniff out truffles.

Did you know that Western Australian trees were inoculated with a truffle fungus, and that they can only be located when ready for harvesting by well-trained Truffle Dogs?  In case it’s not on your everyday shopping list, the Black truffle is the third most expensive food in the world!  We were all (but especially the kids) unimpressed by this black, dirty looking and unappealing smelling fungus.

During our Truffle Kerfuffle visit we learned that the truffle’s unique taste does something special to foods, whether its pasta, added to scrambled eggs or risotto. (But it’s STILL safe to say that it is not on our shopping list.)


Both kids loved patting the very patient and pretty Viva the truffle dog – and the six-year-old owner’s son who was a natural comic, with an affinity for the dogs was a great addition to the demo.

As expected there was plenty of delicious and different food on offer.  For us we enjoyed that there was plenty Latin American food on offer, including Argentinian steaks and for something different a Colombian empanada featuring potatoes and black truffle!!!  You certainly wouldn’t get that in Colombia!


We had lots of fun tasting delicacies in the food tent– and guessing the names of some weird and wonderful vegetables.  When the din of wine tasters had grown louder, we slipped out the back and played on the Fonty’s Pool Caravan park playground equipment, the kids had a ball in the playground amongst the crunchy leaves.

As we had only decided to go quite late, we had missed out on participating on an actual Truffle Hunt as tickets were limited. But we were sufficiently captivated that next time we go we will fork out to pay to go on an actual truffle hunt!

Where To Stay For The Truffle Kerfuffle – Manjimup Accommodations

On this particular visit we stayed with friends, but on other occasions in the area we stayed at these places

Karri Valley Resort

Treenbrook Cottages

Warren River Cottages

Some great Manjimup accommodations are The Diamond Forest Farm Stays and The Manjimup Motor Inn.

For places to stay close to the Truffle Kerfuffle check out places to stay in Manjimup or nearby Pemberton. There are several Pemberton and Manjimup accommodations to choose from.

Truffle Kerfuffle 2017

We attended the Truffle Kerfuffle for a second time in 2017, and have written about two awesome experiences.

Glamping in Western Australia with Kids, at the Truffle Kerfuffle

Going on a Truffle Hunt with some gorgeous truffle dogs!

New activities that we loved in 2017

More Information About The Truffle Kerfuffle

Tickets, and extra activity information can be found at the Truffle Kerfuffle website.

Heading Further South After The Truffle Kerfuffle

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