Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

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Last Updated on June 5, 2021 by Travels with Kids

If you are looking for things to do in Busselton for families, you have come to the right place!  Busselton Western Australia is one of our favorite weekend getaways, as there is so much to see and do!   To start with as a seaside resort town, the vibe in Busselton is great.   It is also an awesome base to explore both the local area and further afield to Dunsborough, Yallingup, and Margaret River.

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Things To Do In Busselton With Kids
Mumma visiting Busselton with the little guy at just over a year old!!!

Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

Top Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

We don’t want to rave, but there are a LOT of things to do in Busselton with kids.  These kids activities Busselton range from the world-famous Busselton Jetty to the adventurous Forest Adventures tree climbing facility in the Tuart Forest, right through to the simple joys in life like relaxing on the beach.  For our kids, the new Busselton playground is very special.  It ranks up there as one of the best playgrounds in Western Australia.

We feel like we are really well qualified to write this post, we’ve holidayed in Busselton every year since … well… since we had just one child.  Then two kids, then three kids … let’s say that we feel like we have a good grip on what to do in Busselton with kids.

I also want to add that one of the reasons why Busselton is such a family-friendly destination is a large amount of good quality family accommodation available.  This means that it’s much easier to find places to stay than in a couple of other areas in the Margaret River Wine Region.  Busselton is especially practical when it comes to Busselton accommodation options.

Here is our roundup of kid-friendly things to do Busselton – tried and tested by us.

Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

The Busselton Jetty

Top of the Busselton attractions is the Busselton Jetty.  It not only makes Busselton famous but also is a Western Australian icon!

Some places list the Busselton Jetty as the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.  In other places, it’s described as the longest wooden pier in the world at about 1.8 km (1841 meters) in length!  In short, it’s very loooooooooooong!

The original Busselton jetty was built in 1865 and was 161 meters long.  As Geographe Bay is quite shallow, sand-drift made it necessary to extend the jetty further… and further out into the bay.  Over 90 years many extensions were made to the Busselton Jetty taking it to its remarkable 1.8-kilometer length.

In brief, you can take a train ride along the jetty.  You can also explore the underwater observatory at the end.  There is plenty of parking, restaurants, and restrooms located at the park adjacent to the jetty.  You can plan to spend at least half a day on the Busselton foreshore and around the jetty.

Things to do Busselton
We took a trip to the end of the Busselton Jetty with Grandpa!

The Busselton Jetty Train

The iconic Busselton Jetty is a “must-see” stop whether you are staying overnight in Busselton or traveling further afield!  Given the jetty is 1.8 km (1.11 Miles) long we would recommend jumping aboard the Busselton Jetty Train which takes you out to the end of the jetty.  The train takes 45 minutes for the return trip and leaves every hour on the hour.  We’ve done it a few times now and it always seems pretty full so get there early.  It is on top of things to do in Busselton for families.

Also, if you are short of time the Busselton Jetty Train is quick.  A non-strenuous way of appreciating just how long the jetty really is!

If you have older kids you might decide to stretch the legs and hike out to the end.  This is something we’ve yet to do as there are no guard rails.  I find it frankly terrifying with little ones!  You can watch the locals doing some fishing.  Also, if your kids are so inclined they might like to jump off and swim.  This is only recommended for very competent swimmers.

Learn more about the jetty on the Busselton Jetty website.  If you are looking for information on tours, be sure to check out the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory Tour.

We’ve also listed a stop at the Busselton Jetty as one of our top things to do on a Busselton to Margaret River Road trip which you can read here.

Things to do Busselton
If you look closely you can see the Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty in this picture!

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

This fascinating underwater observatory is a wonderful addition to the train trip to the end of the jetty.  The pylons of the Busselton Jetty have created an amazing environment for Australia’s greatest artificial reef to grow.  The underside of the jetty is covered in a stunning array of sponges, tropical and sub-tropical corals.  There are hundreds of marine species to see.

The Underwater Observatory is a huge room located 8 meters below the surface and is suitable for all ages.

This is still on our list of “Things to do in Busselton” as it is weather-dependent.  From May through to September there is poor visibility from the Underwater Observatory due to weather conditions.  They do offer a virtual reality tour.  However, we decided to do this during the summer months when visibility should be better.  If you are looking for information on tours, be sure to check out the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory Tour.

If you got a particularly mermaid-obsessed little one, you might be enticed to make a special trip to see them float past the observatory on Sundays in summer!  Wow, talk about kid friendly activities!  Contact the Busselton Jetty for more information.

Things to do Busselton

Busselton Jetty Underwater Walk

If you are looking to explore the depths under the Busselton Jetty you should think about the Busselton Jetty Undersea Walk!   This underwater walk was the first of its kind in Australia. It is completely different (and much easier) than SCUBA diving!

Place a dive helmet on your head, and you can then descend down into the marine world beneath the 150-year-old Busselton Jetty.   I read that the dive helmet doesn’t affect your makeup or hair.  Also, you can breathe normally throughout your tour, and also can walk upright.  Best of all, you don’t need any previous diving experience or to be physically fit!  I think this is one of the top Busselton things to do.

Busselton playgrounds
The new Busselton Playground

Which Is The Best Busselton Playground?

We used to love visiting the Busselton playground on Busselton’s foreshore for years.  So, we were very curious to see the new “mega-playground” that opened recently.  Without a doubt, this playground is one of the best things to do in Busselton for families.

Busselton playgrounds
Loving the very steep decks!

Sea Play By The Bay – Busselton Foreshore Adventure Playground

Wow!  As with all the new mega playgrounds in Perth, this Busselton playground leaves your kids grinning.  The theme is a humpback whale attacking a ship, or perhaps the whale is taking down the ship as it is trying to hunt the whale.  The ship is on a fantastic lean.  It offers many opportunities for climbing with frames, rope ladders, and nets all built-in.

In addition, the playground includes a sandpit with a climbing frame and swing, and rocks to climb.  We visited during winter.  However, this water playground would be lots of fun in summer as the humpback tail sprays water.

The playground is only 50 meters from the Busselton Jetty, the Busselton Visitor Centre, and very close to the Equinox Café where you could order your coffee and still keep an eye on your older kids.  This is one of the awesome activities in Busselton that will keep your kids happy.

Busselton playgrounds
Busselton Foreshore Playground has been revamped since this picture!

Busselton Jetty Playground

We always loved this great playground underneath the pines on the Busselton foreshore.  While it has been overshadowed by the Whale Playground a hundred meters up the beach, it is still a good place for a play.

The Busselton Jetty Playground includes a small climbing tower with a slide, ability wheel (with a large climbing frame, basket swing, and toddler swing).

Facilities such as picnic tables, BBQ pits, and drinking fountains, and public toilets are very close to the playground.  This means parents can sit at the tables while still watching the kids.  I suspect with the older kids more interested in the bigger and newer Busselton playground down the foreshore, this will become a toddle/preschool playground.

Also, this location offers a great view of the Busselton Jetty, perfect for pictures.  If you are wondering what to do in Busselton with your littles, check this playground out.

Busselton playgrounds

Toddler Play Space At Busselton Jetty

As if the Busselton Foreshore didn’t have lots of great playgrounds, here is another for you to consider – the Busselton Foreshore Toddler Playground.  It is located on the other side of the Goose Restaurant than the new Busselton playground.

It is not a big playground.  However, there is plenty to keep toddlers busy.  It has active including swinging nets, lots, boulders, tunnels, roundabouts, and wooden walkways.  This is one of the many things to do in Busselton with toddlers.

The main attraction of the playground is a replica of the famous Busselton Jetty Train.  Here the kids can pretend to be train drivers!

Port Geographe Marina Playground

If you haven’t had enough playgrounds, try the Port Geographe Marina Playground, Busselton.

This new playground is on our list of things to do Busselton for our next trip.  Located 8 km from the Busselton Jetty it is rumored to be fantastic for toddlers while also catering to older kids.  Photos show a brand-new lagoon for swimming that would be perfect for toddlers.  Definitely on our ‘what to do in Busselton’ list for our next trip down there!

what to do in Busselton
There is plenty of beach exploring to be done around Geographe Bay

Busselton Foreshore

One of the best things to do in Busselton is also free – a walk along the lovely Busselton Foreshore.  We love to soak in the feeling of a seaside town!  There is a wide path that is great for bikes, scooters, prams, or a stroll.

One of our favorite Busselton activities (either in winter or summer) is to take a picnic down to one of the plentiful BBQ shelters and watch the sunset go down.  We love that one of the best Busselton activities is also completely free!  Also FYI, there is also an electric car charging station here. It is located near the older Busselton playground.  Great for those planning to make the move to electric!

what to do in Busselton

Geographe Bay – Beaches, Swimming & Fishing

The Busselton Jetty reaches out into the Geographe Bay.  It is a large curving section of coastline that stretches from Cape Naturaliste in the South, past Busselton, and ends up near Bunbury.  Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the worst of the ocean’s weather the bay is popular for boating and is also a great place for families to enjoy the beach.

You can access the beach all along the coast, either in Busselton itself, from Dunsborough, or in Bunbury.  We like the area called Broadwater.  It can be accessed via one of the resorts or the walking trail that winds along the coast.

Popular activities in Geographe Bay include beach walking, swimming in the ocean, and fishing.

Busselton FUn Park

Fun Things To Do In Busselton – Fun Park/Fairground

During school holidays the carnies (show people) set up some rides, clowns, and a little fun park opposite the Shipwreck Playground.  This really adds to the carnival atmosphere around the Busselton jetty.  My kids had a ball with the clowns and also went on a jumping ride.


what to do in Busselton
Forest Adventures Busselton

Things To Do Near Busselton

Forest Adventures Busselton

Forest Adventures Busselton offers a high ropes course in the forest, with plenty of adrenaline for everyone in the family.  This should be on your list of Busselton things to do, especially if you like being challenged.

We were super keen to do this ropes course after the kids had nailed a forest ropes course for younger children at Dwellingup the year before.  They had BEGGED me to do this course as soon as the little guy was old enough.  This ropes course has a minimum age of 7 and 110cm.  You need to have enclosed shoes!

You don’t have to have prior experience; there is an informative and helpful introduction section, followed by a trial run on a low course.  I didn’t see anyone have any troubles on this course, once they worked out the safety system.

These courses at Forest Adventure are not consecutive.  You don’t have to complete level one before doing level two.  Somehow Master 7 somehow headed straight to the level 2 course! It was way too high for my liking!

One thing to know about these ropes courses is once you are up there; it’s pretty hard to head back.  This made the Forest Adventures really challenging because of the height.  It is up to 5 meters, and some of the sections are very tricky.  I did hear at one point some tears and a wail from my 7-year-old:  “I wanna goooo home!” but the patient Forest Adventures folk on the ground talked him through it.  Once he sailed in on the final zip line it was all smiles and “mum I want to come back here tomorrow”.

Master 7 is a great climber.  He is very confident, but he might have benefited from a bit more maturity.  A lot of the difficulty is overcoming your fear.  On the other hand, Miss 10 totally took it in her stride.  We had a few ‘Girl Power’ moments from this Mumma whose heart was racing a lot of the time! ⁠

Busselton Attractions

There was more staff than what we had personally experienced in Dwellingup.  They were also very attentive.  This was very helpful.

Busselton Attractions

Whale Watching Busselton

Western Australia is blessed to have the Humpback and Southern Right whales migrate up along their coast during winter and spring.  Popular ports for Western Australian whale watching are Augusta and Dunsborough, but you can also go Whale watching Busselton.   Naturaliste Charters operate an “extraordinary Busselton Whale Watching Experience” from the Busselton Jetty itself, starting from $50 per person.

Check the season, but in general, it is possible to go whale watching from Busselton from September through November.

Busselton Attractions

Ludlow Tuart Forest

The first time we visited the Ludlow Tuart Forest we quite literally stumbled upon it.  It’s an easy alternative route to or from Busselton.   Since then, we have taken the route a few times as it’s nice to get off the highway and see the truly magnificent trees.   The road also goes past the Busselton Marina which is interesting.  You could always pop into the Port Geographe Marina Playground.

Stop and have a picnic in the Tuart Forest.  The trees are huge and estimated to be over 300 years old.  Also, this is sadly the last remaining natural tall Tuart Forest in the world.  The rest of the Tuart forests were logged at one time (or lost to mining).  There are a number of walk trails in the Ludlow Forest.  If nothing else you can see and hear the birds and enjoy this natural environment.  Harder to see is the knowledge that this is one of the “rarest ecosystems on earth”.

The Ludlow Tuart Forest can be combined with a visit to the Forest Adventures.

Enjoy lunch at the picnic facilities set against a picturesque backdrop of the magnificent giant Tuarts.  It has so far survived the test of time, and the threats of mining.

Busselton Attractions

Wonnerup House

Wonnerup House is a great place for a stop if you are visiting the Tuart Forest or are just interested in getting an idea of the life of the early settlers to the Busselton area.

There are a number of buildings at Wonnerup House and farm, including a blacksmith’s shed stables, the original house dating from 1859, and a later house which are great to visit and get a sense of the life led by the early settlers.

As with many historical places, you learn about the struggles and tragedies of the first Europeans here.

Wonnerup House is run by the National Trust volunteers and not always open.

Busselton things to do

Around Busselton – Things To Do

Often listed as “Busselton things to do”, the following items I have seen listed on other websites as being kid’s activities Busselton.  Technically that is not correct, as Simmos Ice Cream and Mini Golf is located in Dunsborough, 30 minutes drive from central Busselton.  However, we’re including it here in case you want to try out some delicious ice cream and love a round of mini-golf like my kids do.

Additionally, the Farm Life suggestions seem to hit lists of things to do Busselton but are again, not actually in Busselton.   Like Simmos, the Country Life Farm is in Dunsborough and the Wonky Windmill farm is further south again, in Yelverton, which is toward Margaret River.

We have a bumper roundup of Best Things To Do In Dunsborough WA.

Simmo’s Ice Creamery
yummy Simmos!

Simmos Ice Cream and Mini Golf

Simmos Ice cream is creamy AND delicious!  Yum!  Kids will be overwhelmed when picking from the 60 plus flavors.  Then, when you are done, you might like to have a go at mini-golf.  We just sat back and digested the ice cream while the kids burned theirs off in the playground and grassed area.   Simmos is incredibly kid-friendly.  The mini-golf area is to one side and is an additional cost to the ice creams.

Check out Simmo’s website here.

Busselton things to do
Feeding a llama at the Wonky Mill

Country Life Farm

The Country Life Farm is located just outside of Dunsborough and provides plenty of opportunities to pet the farm animals like guinea pigs, donkeys, alpacas, bunnies, horses, and more.

However, if animals aren’t your kid’s thing, then they won’t leave here disappointed because there are also lots of rides, (dodgem cars), and bouncy castles.   All the rides and a bucket of animal food are included in the entry fee.   Check here for more information.

Wonky Windmill Farm

Another option of visiting a farm in the Busselton/ Margaret River area is the Wonky Windmill Farm.  This farm/ petting farm is located in Yelverton, further south towards Margaret River.  During our visit to the Wonky Windmill the presentation paled in comparison to other places we have visited, but certainly, see if you can find some recent reviews to see what you think.   They have alpacas, llamas, as well as a great area where the kids can sit and hold rabbits and guinea pigs.

If you happen to be heading up towards Margaret River, make sure to read our Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids.

activities in Busselton

Naturaliste Reptile Park – Discover Deadly

The Naturaliste Reptile Park is located south of Busselton in Carbunup River.

Ok, I will admit it; this Mumma is not into reptiles – so it took m a while to get to the Naturaliste Reptile Park, even though when I went I thought it was great.  Eg, their website says:  “Our goal is to encourage a positive attitude towards snakes and other misunderstood animals that can be perceived as dangerous.  Our fiercely fun experiences and encounters help to replace fear with knowledge”.

Though very small in comparison to some of the other attractions in Busselton or Margaret River, the Naturaliste Reptile Park is home to a large number of reptiles especially snakes; amongst them are Tiger snakes, Dugites, Adders, and several Pythons.

activities in Busselton

If you are game, you can even hold a Python!  In addition to reptiles (mostly snakes), the Naturaliste Reptile Park is also home to small crocodiles, oblong turtles or long neck tortoises, frilled neck lizards, and frogs.

We visited straight after opening at 10 am and it was not crowded – and stayed for the talk at 10.30 am which was about turtles and very interesting.  At the end of the talk, people lined up to hold the python!  My son did it twice!   In all, we were there for just over one hour.

The Discover Deadly Park is located off Bussell Highway, about 30 minutes drive from Busselton.  (Incidentally, Maiolo wines which are one of the closer Busselton Wineries are also located in Carbunup River) Wow, Illusions is about 10 minutes from the Discovery Deadly park and we combined the visit into a comfortable morning’s activities.


activities in Busselton


Xscape At The Cape

Technically closer to Dunsborough than Busselton, it’s an easy drive and worth having a look in summer as it’s touted as the South West’s Premier Family Fun Park.

We’ve driven past a lot of times (going slow) and had the kids look out the car windows and they’ve given it a resounding YES as a place they want to visit.   On doing our research, you need to spend a full day to get good value for money.  Reviews tend to indicate that it’s tired and in need of a bit of love, so that also made us think we would allow plenty of time.  We’ve personally found that as long as we allow time and have a good attitude, it doesn’t matter if things aren’t 100% up to scratch.  And the Xscape at the Cape DOES sound like a lot of fun with a water playground, cliff drop waterslide, trampolines, Mazes Wacky Putt Golf, a rope climb, and more!

Busselton Archery Fun Park /Primal Archery Park

We just glimpsed the Busselton Archery Fun Park during our last visit to Busselton and went WOW!  It’s on our “to do” list, and with field archery, mini-golf, and a bungee run it looks like we might be spending at least half a day there!

Par 3 Mini Golf Course

Located on Old Broadwater Farm in Busselton we’ve heard that this Mini-Golf Course has come under new management and is a great place for a round of mini-golf.  I might try to convince the kids to give this place a try instead of Simmos!  Though I would be hard-pressed.  They love Simmos Mini Golf.

Things To Do In Busselton In Winter Or When It’s Raining

We love making a winter getaway down to Busselton with the family.  Invariably some days it is raining or cold – but don’t worry there are plenty of things to do in Busselton in winter.  These involve a bit more driving, though it is worth it!

Things To Do In Busselton When It’s Raining

Swimming In Your Hotel Pool

Our kids love to swim, so in the middle of the winter spending time in a heated indoor pool makes them so happy.  For that reason, we’ve stayed in a couple of great Busselton resorts with heated pools.  Swimming is among our kid’s top what to do in Busselton checklist.

Things To Do In Busselton When It’s Raining

Beachcombing Or Walks On Geographe Bay

Even in winter Geographe Bay is stunning with endless long beaches,  sheltered water, and places where you can be on your own.   Even though we don’t go swimming in Geographe Bay during the winter, we don’t miss out on a walk down there – it is simply stunning!

Ngilgi Cave

The whole Margaret River region is rich with gorgeous caves, but the closest cave to Busselton is Ngili cave.  Pronounced Nil geee its about 31 km (30 minutes drive) from Busselton and has self-guided tours departing every 30 minutes.   We took my son at just over 1 and he was fine.  You would want to wait for boisterous toddlers to be older though.

activities in busselton

Busselton Visitor Centre

If you are looking for ideas of things to do in Busselton, or Busselton attractions (especially in winter) then a great place to visit is the Busselton Visitor Centre.  It is conveniently located right on the Busselton jetty and had a warm vibe when we went in there and asked a couple of questions!

Little Monsters Indoor Playground Busselton

If you have younger ones who are going stir crazy while it’s raining, Little Monsters is an indoor playground that you might like to consider.   They also offer Laser Tag which might appeal to the older ones!

Busselton Museum

The Busselton Museum was damaged by fire several years ago.  It has been refurbished and there are 10 rooms which explore the region’s maritime history.  With my older kids now 7 and 10, we are really beginning to enjoy museums and plan to head to the Busselton Museum very soon!

activities in busselton

Candy Cow Cowramup

My kids love Cowramup the “cow town” and you can visit the cows up and down the highway even when it is raining.  That is you would need to shelter in the shops and wait for the rain to pass.  Alternatively, you can go spend some mouth-watering time in the Candy Cow.  37 km from Busselton (29 minutes approx).


Three Oceans Winery

This is an enormous winery on the Bussell Highway about 25 minutes (32km) from Busselton.  We’ve mentioned it as a great thing to do on a rainy day as there space for the kids to play. Plus, great wines and excellent food!

fun things to do in busselton

Cheeky Monkey Brewery

If you prefer beer to wine, why not head to the Cheeky Monkey Brewery? A little further from Busselton (about 45 minutes drive) you will be warmly greeted on arrival.  There is a huge wood fire,  pine-paneled walls, and plenty to keep you warm on a winter’s day.

We visited during winter and despite cool weather, the kids had a great time in the playground!  Check out our full post, Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review.

Busselton with kids

Wow Illusions Margaret River

One of the newest attractions in Margaret River is Wow Illusions located in Metricup – 20kms from Margaret River and 35km from Busselton.  Technically it is something to do in Margaret River, but a short enough drive to be possible from Busselton.

Like other illusions centres around Australia and the world, Wow Illusions features a range of different rooms of puzzles and confusion.  And that’s the whole thing about these places – what will it be like, how will they present the tricks!  We can’t wait to go and have put it on our list for winter in Busselton or Margaret River this year!
You don’t need to book in.  There are no session times and you can come whenever you like, though be aware there may be waiting times on busy days.

Busselton with kids

Where To Stay In Busselton – The Best Busselton Accommodation

Busselton has a lot of wonderful family accommodation, and as it’s one of our fave places in the South West, we have been lucky to try out a lot personally –take a look at our reviews of the Abbey Beach Resort, the Broadwater Beach Resort as well as Busselton Caravan Parks.

Busselton with kids

Busselton really has an amazing range of places to stay – from the high-end resorts like the Aqua Resort Busselton or the Sebel Busselton to some excellent family-friendly options like the Ramada, which is located halfway between Busselton and Dunsborough.

For those looking for self-contained resort-style accommodation, we have enjoyed staying both at the Abbey Beach Resort and the Broadwater Beach Resort.  Both of these are located right on the wide sand beaches of Geographe Bay.

Caravan Parks in Australia are not just for those who are into caravanning and camping – many also have self-contained chalets or cottages.  Many caravan Parks along Geographe Bay have taken holidays with kids and vacation fun to a whole new level – and should be more correctly named the Busselton Holiday Parks.  The most famous of these is the Mandalay Beach Resort with its fantastic water slides, heated pools, playgrounds, and more.  It’s particularly difficult to get a booking at the Mandalay Resort – and I know because I have tried on various occasions!

Pet-friendly accommodation Busselton is currently covered in two posts – A Guide To Busselton Caravan Parks and also our Dog & Pet Friendly Accommodation In Margaret River.

If you are traveling to Busselton in winter, then you absolutely MUST check out Best Family Accommodation In South West WA.  It provides the definitive guide to heated swimming pools at hotels and resorts in Busselton!

Busselton with kids


How To Get From Perth To Busselton

It’s very easy to travel from Perth to Busselton by car.  It is an easy 2.5-hour drive on freeways or 222km.

Busselton is 40 minutes from the major regional center of Bunbury and 24 minutes from Dunsborough, which is another holiday town on the edge of Geographe Bay.

Busselton marks the top end of the Margaret River wine region, and if you are looking on accommodation booking engines, you will often find that Busselton resorts are actually listed when you search Margaret River (true, try it yourself!).

Margaret River town itself is another 40 minutes south of Busselton.  Between the two towns is the heart of the wine region.  You can experience many wineries and attractions.

Best Restaurants To Eat In Busselton

As can be expected of such a popular resort town, there is no shortage of great food to eat around Busselton.   In fact, we were summarising places to eat in Busselton for this post when we discovered that we had written so much useful information we needed to a page completely dedicated to the best restaurants in Busselton.  Check out our post The Best Restaurants In Busselton.

We recommend checking out Equinox Busselton (family fave on the foreshore), the Good Egg (raved about by all), and the Ship Inn for family-friendly fun.

Best Restaurants To Eat In Busselton

Best Breweries In Busselton

When I wrote the first version of “Things to do Busselton” several years ago there was no Busselton Brewery at all!  True!  In fact, even on revisions of this information… still no brewery!  2020 changed that and now there you can visit two breweries in Busselton – the Shelter Brewing Co. by the Busselton Jetty and the Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Is There A Busselton Winery?

Technically, there is no winery or cellar door in Busselton, though you can do some wine tasting and either the Rocky Ridge Brewing Co or the Fire Station Bar.  The closest winery to Busselton is Flametree Wines, which has a cellar door halfway between Busselton and Dunsborough.   It’s definitely worth a stop with gorgeous grounds and well-accolated wines, especially its chardonnay.

For all the details on breweries and wineries in Busselton, read our Visit A Busselton Winery And The Best Busselton Breweries!.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Busselton

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Busselton

We think that Busselton is great year-round – there is really no one season that is better than the other.

Let’s start at the beginning of the year – December, January, and February are the hottest months of the year in Busselton and also the busiest with holidaymakers from Perth enjoying this resort town.  Your days on the beach will be long and hot, and there are long balmy evenings when you can enjoy barbeques or the beautiful grounds of the many wineries and breweries of the region!  Still, it is also the busiest time of the year and there might be waits at many of the Busselton activities listed here.

March and April are excellent months to visit Busselton.  The days are cooler and shorter, but swimming is still likely to be pleasant in Geographe Bay (but not 100% guaranteed).  We had a wonderful weekend getaway in late April and the weather was spectacular and we had never seen Busselton look so gorgeous.  Keep in mind that Easter usually falls in April and it is always spectacularly busy in the whole Margaret River region during Easter, so definitely anticipate waits at popular Busselton attractions.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Busselton

May and June are the end of autumn, with short cool days – but the weather can be crisp and delightful.  Think beautiful beach walks, warm fires, and still some leaves on the vines. Definitely a decent option, as long as it’s not stormy.

July and August are the heart of winter and can be characterized by winter fronts hitting the southwest bringing storms and rain for a couple of days at a time.  Sometimes you will need to be inside for a whole day – but there are enough activities in Busselton when it is raining to keep you occupied.  Usually, winter fronts pass and there will be rain showers on either side.  We’ve visited a number of times during this season and as long as you dress appropriately and dodge the rain, it’s still a truly spectacular time of year to visit.  The major plus is sipping wine by a log fire if you are lucky to find one!

September through November is springtime in the Busselton area, the weather begins to become warmer – and the wildflowers of the region begin to bloom.  There is still some rainy weather and cool days but on the whole, it’s a lovely time to visit Busselton.  Keep in mind that in our opinion this is the best time to tackle the Cape to Cape Track, or visit Quinninup Falls.  Both starting nearby Busselton.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Busselton

The Verdict – Things To Do In Busselton

Well, if we haven’t said it enough times already – we love Busselton.  Especially that there are so many fun things to do in Busselton!  From stunning beaches to the world-famous Busselton jetty, this is a picturesque place to spend a few days.  With the world-class wineries and breweries of the Margaret River region now expanding their range into the Busselton area, there is some really great dining nearby and a few brews too!  We hope we’ve helped you decide what to do in Busselton on your next getaway!

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Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

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Hi! We are a multicultural family from Peru, Nicaragua & Australia. We believe adventures can be global – and local – and are one part of our sustainable lifestyle, and raising children who are global eco-citizens.

About Us

Hi! We are a multicultural family from Peru, Nicaragua & Australia. We believe adventures can be global – and local – and are one part of our sustainable lifestyle, and raising children who are global eco-citizens.