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If you are looking for things to do in Busselton with kids, you have come to the right place!  Busselton Western Australia, is one of our favorite weekend getaways, as there is so much to see and do!  There are loads of things to do in Busselton for families as there is a family vibe typical of a seaside town and lots of great places to stay.

Mumma visiting Busselton with the little guy at just over a year old!!!

Top Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

Here is our roundup of kids activities Busselton – tried and tested by us!!!

We took the train to the end of the jetty with Grandpa!

#1 Busselton Jetty & Busselton Jetty Train

The iconic Busselton Jetty is a “must see” stop whether you are staying overnight or traveling further afield!  It is 1.8 km (1.11 Miles) long and one of the longest jetties of its type in the world.   For young ones we would recommend jumping aboard the Busselton Jetty train which takes you out to the end of the jetty.  The train takes 45 minutes for the return trip and leaves every hour on the hour.  We’ve done it a few times now and it always seems pretty full so get there early.  It is on top of our list of what to do in Busselton.

If you have older kids you might decide to stretch the legs and hike out to the end.  This is something we’ve yet to do as there are no guard rails and I find it frankly terrifying with little ones!  You can watch the locals doing some fishing, or if your kids are so inclined they might like to jump off and swim (Only recommended for very competent swimmers).

Click here for more information and to check out the Busselton Jetty website.

We’ve also listed a stop at the Busselton Jetty as one of our top things to do on a Busselton to Margaret River Road trip which you can read here.

If you look closely you can see the Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty in this picture!

#2 Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory

This fascinating underwater observatory is a wonderful addition to the train trip to the end of the jetty.  The pylons of the Busselton Jetty have created an amazing environment for Australia’s greatest artificial reef to grow.  The underside of the jetty is covered in a stunning array of sponges, tropical and sub-tropical corals, and there are hundreds of marine species to see.

The Underwater Observatory is a huge room located 8 meters below the surface and is suitable for all ages.

This is still on our list of “Things to do in Busselton” as it is weather dependent.  From May through to September there is poor visibility from the Underwater Observatory due to weather conditions.  They do offer a virtual reality tour, but we have instead decided to do this during the summer months when visibility should be better.

For more info you can visit their website here.

If you got a particularly mermaid obsessed little one, you might be enticed to make a special trip to see them float past the observatory on Sundays in Summer!  (Contact the Busselton jetty for more information).

Busselton is one of our favorite places for a winter getaway.  You can read all about our recommendations here in our post “Accommodations in Southwest WA: Best Indoor Pools For A Family Winter Escape”.

Take a look at these other suggestions here. 

Busselton Foreshore Playground has been revamped since this picture!!!

#3 Busselton Foreshore And Playgrounds

One of the best things to do in Busselton is also free – a walk along the lovely Busselton Foreshore.  There is a wide path which is great for bikes, scooters, prams or a stroll.   There is also a brand-new adventure playground which will keep the kids occupied for hours.

One of our favorite things to do in Busselton (either in winter or summer) is to take a picnic down to one of the plentiful BBQ shelters and watch the sunset go down.   There is also an electric car charging station here, for those planning to make the move to electric!

There is plenty of beach exploring to be done around Geographe Bay

#4 Explore The Beaches Of Geographe Bay

The Busselton Jetty reaches out into the Geographe Bay, which is a large curving section of coastline that stretches from Cape Naturaliste in the South, past Busselton and ends up near Bunbury.  Protected by Cape Naturaliste from the worst of the ocean’s weather the bay is popular for boaters and is also a great place for families to enjoy the beach.

You can access the beach all along the coast, either in Busselton itself, from Dunsborough or in Bunbury.  We like the area called Broadwater, which can be accessed via one of the resorts or the walk trail that winds along the coast.

#5 Simmos Ice Cream And Mini Golf

Simmos Ice cream is creamy AND delicious!  Yum!  Kids will be overwhelmed when picking from the 60 plus flavors. Then, when you are done, you might like to have a go at mini golf.  We just sat back, and digested the ice cream while the kids burned theirs off in the playground and grassed area.   Totally kid friendly. Almost in Dunsborough.  Mini golf costs extra to ice-creams.

Check out Simmo’s website here.

Feeding a llama at the Wonky Mill

#6 Farm Life

The Country Life Farm is located just outside of Dunsborough and provides plenty of opportunities to pet the farm animals like guinea pigs, donkeys, alpacas, bunnies, horses and more.

However, if animals aren’t your kid’s thing, then they won’t leave here disappointed because there are also lots of rides, (dodgem cars), and bouncy castles.   All the rides and a bucket of animal food are included in the entry fee.  Check here for more information.

Another option is the Wonky Windmill, which is in Yelverton, further south towards Margaret River.  During our visit this paled in comparison to other places we have visited, but certainly see if you can find some recent reviews to see what you think.  (Or write to us direct)

#7  Port Geographe Marina Playground,

If you haven’t had enough playgrounds, try the Port Geographe Marina Playground, Busselton.

This new playground is on our list of things to do in Busselton for our next trip.  Located 8 km from the Busselton Jetty it is rumored to be fantastic for toddlers while also catering to older kids.  Photos show a brand-new lagoon for swimming that would be perfect for toddlers.  Definitely on our ‘what to do in Busselton’ list for our next trip down there!


Things to do in Busselton when it’s raining

We love making a winter getaway down to Busselton with the family.  Invariably some days it is raining or cold – but don’t worry there are plenty of things to do in Busselton in winter.  (These involve a bit  more driving, though it is worth it!)

Broadwater Resort Busselton Review

  1. Swimming in your hotel pool

Our kids love to swim, so in the middle of the winter spending time in a heated indoor pool makes them so happy.  For that reason we’ve stayed in a couple of great Busselton resorts with heated pools

  1. Ngilgi Cave

The whole Margaret River region is rich with gorgeous caves, but the closest cave to Busselton is Ngili cave.   Pronounced Nil geee  its about 31 km (30 minutes drive) from Busselton and has self guided tours departing every 30 minutes.   We took my son at just over 1 and he was fine.  You would want to wait for boisterous toddlers to be older though.

  1. Candy Cow Cowramup

My kids love Cowramup the “Cow town” and you can visit the cows up and down the highway even when it is raining (that is you would need to shelter in the shops and wait for the rain to pass); alternatively you can go spend some mouth watering time in the Candy Cow…  37km from Busselton (29 minutes approx.)


  1. Three Oceans Winery

This is an enormous winery on the Bussell Highway about 25 minutes (32km) from Busselton.   We’ve mentioned it as a great thing to do on a rainy day as there space for the kids to play.  Plus great wines and excellent food!

Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review

  1. Cheeky Monkey Brewery

If you  prefer beer to wine, why not head to the Cheeky Monkey Brewery? A little further from Busselton (about 45 minutes drive) you will be warmly greeted on arrival. There is a huge wood fire,  pine panelled walls and plenty to keep you warm on a winter’s day.  We visited during Winter and despite cool weather the kids had a great time in the playground!

Where to stay in Busselton in Winter

Busselton has a lot of wonderful family accommodation, and as it’s one of our fave places in the South West, we have been lucky to try out a lot personally –take a look at our reviews of the Abbey Beach Resort, the Broadwater Beach Resort as well as Busselton Caravan Parks 

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If you are making an itinerary, read our post “Best Of Western Australia Itinerary For Families”.

Below are our favorite Western Australia guidebooks.  These are great for researching destinations.


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Things To Do In Busselton With Kids

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