Things to do in Margaret River Western Australia with kids

Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids

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Last Updated on August 1, 2020 by Travels with Kids

These are the top must-see things to do in Margaret River with kids.  For each of the things we have given you a “Northern” or “Southern” option, so that you can minimize your travel time around the Margaret River area.

Margaret River, Western Australia has enough to keep you occupied for two weeks or more.  Over a series of short stays, we would have spent at least that long in the area.  However, if you are short of time we have taken the headache out of researching.  Here is our hit-list of kids activities Margaret River for a short stay of 2-3 days.

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Our Top Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids

Visit A Cave In The Margaret River Region

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Climbing the steps out of Mammoth Cave.

The ancient caves around Margaret River formed approximately 1 million years ago and there are over 150 highly decorated limestone caves beneath the surface of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge.  Visitors are lucky that a number of these fairy-tale grotto’s are open to the public.  Some of them are filled with lights, others are guided, and others an adventure that includes scrambling through tight areas.  Each one is different and it is worth doing some research as to which one suits your family!

Most recently we chose Mammoth Cave.  It was self-guided meaning the kids can go at their own pace (and make plenty of noise when there was no one around).  It was a great experience and one we recommend.  One of the top things to do in Margaret River with kids.

We’ve done Ngili cave, which was offered as a guided tour and tended to be a bit limiting for the kids while the guide was talking.  However, we found it very colorful and brightly lit.

Margaret River Wine Region Northern area:  Ngili cave

Southern Area:  Jewel cave

Check here for more information about things to do in Margaret River for kids and the cave attractions.


Explore Pristine Beaches Around Margaret River

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Exploring the beach at the historic Water Wheel, Augusta

The coast around Margaret River is as stunning as you will find anywhere in the world.  One of the top Margaret River family activities is visiting them.  White sands, turquoise waters, but also incredible rock formations due to the geology of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge are a real highlight.  We expected the white sands, but we were amazed by the weathering and erosion of the different colored rocks at several different places.

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Lookout at Hamelin Bay

Marg’s (as it is known fondly in Western Australia) is famous as a world-class surf destination and the waves are incredible.  However, there are lots of more sheltered swimming options for kids as well.  You can’t go wrong with the Margaret River beaches, that is for sure!

Northern area:  Yallingup Beach and Canal Rocks are stunning.

Southern Area:  Hamelin Bay is a fave year-round.  Also, the Waterwheel Beach nearby to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is great.  One of the top things for kids to do in August is gorgeous Flinders Bay.

Hamelin Bay Bonus – If you are lucky you will see the stingrays that congregate here during the summer months.


Visit Some Kid-Friendly Wineries Margaret River

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Yum!!! Our meal Xanadu Winery

The fame of Margaret River Wine Region is now well established across the world.  For families, there are plenty of options of wine/beer + food + playgrounds as some of the best establishments offer all of them!  While parents enjoy the wineries, it is also surprisingly one of the top things to do in Margaret River with kids.

So far, we have enjoyed the following places for a family time out.  This is, however, a work in progress.  If you have a fave kid-friendly winery in the Margaret River area please drop it in the comments as we are open to suggestions!

Xanadu, Margaret River With plenty of places to play, a playground, and delicious food, you can’t go wrong.  Check here for more information about Xanadu Margaret River.


Visit A Margaret River Brewery … With Kids

In addition to the amazing wineries, breweries are now firmly stamping their mark on this region which has loads of fine foodie events.  There are many breweries in Margaret River to choose from, each one with their distinct brews and activities.

However, our favorite brewery without a doubt has to be Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River.  It is truly one of the top things to do in Margaret River with kids.  The ambiance is wonderful. For the kiddos, there is a well-equipped playground, a jetty, and a creek all to keep them entertained.  Read our Cheeky Monkey Brewery Margaret River Review here.


Visit The Cows In Cowaramup

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids

This cute little cow-town has taken country innovation to a new level.  Cowaramup is now full of amazing black and white Friesian Cows that inhabit the main street and are found in all sorts of places.  The kids love visiting this town, as well as its amazing sweet shop!

Our kids loved discovering all the different cows.  That is why it is on our list of top Margaret River activities for kids.

Enjoy a Margaret River Animal Farm

One of the best kid’s activities Margaret River is to visit a cuddly animal farm!  In the north of the Margaret River region, you can visit the Wonky Windmill Farm And Eco Park.  This is a great Margaret River animal farm experience.

There are a lot of establishments offering farming experiences and the chance to get close to the animals.  You could consider doing an overnight at a farm stay.  For example, Taunton Farm gets good reviews.

We are currently booked to stay at the highly-rated Sunflower Farm Margaret River.  We can’t wait to see what animals we can see!  There will be a petting farm Margaret River review up here for you as soon as possible, but I am sure it will be full of tractor rides, animal feeding, and all-round country fun!

Visit A Lighthouse – Margaret River With Kids 

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Where the Southern and Indian oceans meet!


The Margaret River Region is blessed with not one, but two amazingly attractive lighthouses.  Perhaps it is a testament to the wild and woolly coastline in this area!  Tall and imposing, both lighthouses capture the kid’s imagination and are a photographer’s dream.  Visiting a lighthouse here must be on your list of things to do in Margaret River for families.


Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Located in the North of the Margaret River region, the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse is an easy climb and offers stunning views over the surrounding areas.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse marks the Southern end of the Margaret River region and ticks the boxes for people who like the biggest/tallest and landmarks.  It is Australia’s tallest mainland lighthouse, located at the most south-westerly tip of Australia.  The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse also has a lookout where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet – which is a cool fact.  Find out more here about Cape Leeuwin guided tours.

Otherwise, if you are just looking for a windy walk and some rugged coastline, this is the place for you!

Get Zen With Stunning Trees

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Spotting a kangaroo in Boranup Forest

Ok, Boranup Forest, it is among the most Instagrammed places in this very attractive region.  This area of stunning Karri trees is worth a visit.  Interestingly, the gorgeous straight trunked Karri trees, almost symmetrically aligned through the forest are the result of logging in the late 19th Century.   You can do an amazing scenic drive through the forest, or stop for a short walk or picnic.  Unmissable, and very enjoyable and high on the Margaret River things to do with kids itinerary.

Get Lost In A Maze

Mazes are lots of fun for kids, as they run about trying to find the right way to go.  Most parents can only afford the time/energy for one maze, so it is worthwhile to know a little bit about the differences.

The Amaze’n Maze; the only Margaret River Maze is located to the north, near Yallingup.  It is huge and has amazing gardens.

The Boranup Forest Maze is very different – rustic, but fun for the kids all the same.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Margaret River With Kids

As an established foodie paradise, eating has to be high on the list of things to do in Margaret River with kids.  Also, if you like sweet stuff; there are certainly some delectable treats that you and the kiddos will enjoy.

Simmos Ice Creamery in Dunsborough is mouth-wateringly delicious, with over 60 super creative flavors to choose from.  Plus, they have a fun park and mini-golf on the grounds, so you can make it a winner with the kids as well as enjoying the ice-cream.


Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Milking a cow at Miller’s Ice Creamery


Just as tasty is Millers Ice-Cream in Cowaramup.  Millers Ice cream is a bit of a drive off the main road, but has a great play area, and feels connected to the farming land.  There are great cows that kids can pretend to milk and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit here.

The Margaret River Chocolate factory offers free tastings – so how can you go wrong?  Check here for more information and opening hours.


Do A Short Walk – Kids Activities Margaret River

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids
Hamelin Bay

So far on this list, we’ve included rather sedentary indulgent activities.  Margaret River is most certainly known as a place for kicking back and enjoying fine food and wine.  However, it is also a nature lover’s paradise!  We’d suggest that to get your best out of the region, do allow some time for a short walk.  We enjoyed our walks around Hamelin Bay (part of the famous Cape to Cape Track) and also a short walk in the Boranup Forest.

Take a short walk is high on the kids activities Margeret River.  Not only do you get to get out and enjoy nature, but the kiddos also get to burn off energy.

Learn The Margaret River Region’s History


As one of the older farming regions in Western Australia, Margaret River has some interesting historical sites to visit, like the Waterwheel at Augusta.  In fact, visiting the Waterwheel is one of the great things for kids to do in Augusta.  Ours thoroughly enjoyed it.

On our list of things to do in Margaret River for kids are visits to these two historical homes in the Margaret River region, but we can’t comment yet, not having visited.

Check here for information on Ellensbrook Heritage Site.

Check here for information on Wonnerup House.

Bonus- Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids

Things To Do In Margaret River For Kids

Margaret River Playground

Never forget that there are plenty of FREE Things to do in Margaret River with kids – like Margaret River playground.  Located on the banks of the Margaret River, it has a boat and enough play equipment to keep them occupied for an hour or so.  We also enjoyed a walk along the Margaret River itself.  We always break up our “touring” days with time at playgrounds!

If you are looking for things for kids to do in Augusta (apart from visiting the fantastic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse or doing some Margaret River whale watching) then we enjoyed the playground in Augusta very much!   As it’s quite a long drive down to Augusta with kids, I think that the mood of the entire traveling party was better for the break!

Horse Riding Margaret River

Horse riding Margaret River has been on our bucket list for years… our horse-mad daughter spotting an ad in the Margaret River brochure and was devastated to find out that it was for minimum age 10 years.  The idea of seeing the sights and sounds of the Australian bush from horseback sounds pretty amazing to me too, so the idea is that we were to have a mother-daughter ride the next time we visited Margaret River.

There are two great places to go horse riding Margaret River!

One is the Humble Horse and the other is Jesters Flat, located at Rosa Brook.

We are already booked for the Humble Horse and hoping also to get a ride in at Jesters Flat.  Stay tuned as we will be hoping to get you lots of information about what to look out for when horse riding Margaret River, including useful tips on choosing a horse ride.  We are hoping going on a horseback ride will be one of the top Margaret River family activities to recommend.

Whale Watching Margaret River

OMG, doing whale watching Margaret River is a ‘must-do’ things to do in Margaret River in winter!  Why is that – because it’s the best season to see the Humpback and Southern Right whales!  The Humpbacks are seen in their annual migration off August from May to August, right in the heart of the winter.

We are planning to do a cruise with Whalewatch Western Australia which offers a luxury catamaran with many viewing decks and family-friendly facilities.  Check here for information on luxury whale watching tours.

We can’t wait to report back on the whale watching Margaret River.  This is one of the best things to do in Margaret River in winter.

Things To Do In Margaret River In Winter

So, I bet you are asking, “What to do in Margaret River when it’s raining”?  Let me give you some great news!  There are many things to do in Margaret River when it’s raining; you just need to plan carefully!

We love Margaret River in winter, the forests are misty and so green, the coast is thunderous and powerful – but oh so refreshing!  Then there are the cozy fires that you can curl up beside, a fine glass of Margaret River wine in your hand.

So please, check out our things to do in Margaret River in winter or when it’s raining:

Check The Forecast

Yes, Margaret River in winter can be very wet.  However, the weather pattern over the southwest land division tends to be a system of fronts of weather.  Typically, you might have one awful day of squalls and heavy rain followed by several days of sunshine and light showers.  If you watch the forecast you should plan to do outdoor activities while the sun is shining!

Enjoy A Long Lunch

Have I mentioned that Margaret river family-friendly wineries are like the BEST?  Get in out of the rain, enjoy the heat of a wood fire and eat the delicious food that Margaret River is so famous for.  We particularly enjoyed our visit to Cheeky Monkey Brewery when we were in Margaret River in winter.

Whale Watching Margaret River

The best time of the year to go whale watching  Margaret River is winter.  Yes, the heart of winter in fact!  The Humpback Whales are in-migration from May to August and sightings are guaranteed from the Augusta harbour.

Explore One Of The Margaret River Caves

Underground in one of the many Margaret River caves, you won’t know if it’s raining outside.  Not only is it one of the great things to do in Margaret River with kids, but it is a perfect winter activity.

Gourmet Food And Wines

Margaret River abounds with gourmet food.  You can while away a day visiting the Margaret River Chocolate Factory or cheese factory, visiting one of many gourmet ice-cream shops, or do a wine tasting of course!  Most of these places are cozy and warm, especially on a rainy day.

If you are looking for great food and wine tour, check out the information here.

Enjoy A Wood Fire

If you look carefully, there are many Margaret River accommodation with fireplace.  A few suggestions are the Constellation Apartments and Bushy Lake Chalets.

Have A Good Attitude

It’s raining – so what!  Get out between the showers and enjoy the power of the beautiful landscape of Margaret River.  You might get wet, but you will also be invigorated and refreshed.  In short, we love the Margaret River in winter!

What Are The Best Kid Friendly Wineries Margaret River

It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it.  On our upcoming winter escape, we have a list of Margaret river family-friendly wineries that we plan to check out and report back on here soon.   As there are several on the list I am sure we will come up with a very family-friendly winery Margaret River as our top pick!

How To Get From Perth To Margaret River

It takes just 3 hours to drive from Perth to Margaret River.  However, if you can, why not enjoy the road trip.  Take a look at our comprehensive suggestions for a Perth To Margaret River Road Trip, and how to plan a three-day itinerary!

Traveling to Margaret River and Western Australia?  Here are some of our favorite guidebooks we use.  Click each one for current prices.

The Verdict – Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids

As you can see from this jam-packed post there are so many great things to do in Margaret River with kids.  You are really spoiled for choice when researching kids activities Margaret River to keep your family entertained.  No matter what the age of your children or interests of your family, there is truly something to keep everyone in the family entertained.

Do you have any other Margaret River family activities suggestions?  If so, we would love to hear them.  Please leave them in the comment section below!


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Things To Do In Margaret River With Kids

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