Things To Do In Perth With Kids

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Last Updated on January 25, 2021 by worldoftravelswithkids

What are the best things to do in Perth with kids?  Family activities in Perth are wide-ranging, from the beautiful outdoors to lots of indoor activities for kids as well.  If you are asking, “what are the best activities in Perth for kids?” then we are here to help.

There are some excellent family-oriented Perth specific websites covering all types of kids activities Perth, which are particularly useful for Perth kids looking for school holiday activities.

Wildflowers at Kings Park Perth
Exploring the wildflowers display at Kings Park Perth

The Best Things To Do In Perth With Kids

We won’t lie, if you Google search, there are loads of lists covering the “best of things to do in Perth with kids.”  But – we are locals, and we have visited many of the places on this list a couple of times.  We’ve even seen lists about Perth that include Margaret River and Busselton!

Our collection here are things that our kids LOVE to do in Perth.   It is for both Perth residents and locals looking for the ‘wow’ things when in Perth for kids.  An awesome list of kids activities Perth that are tried and tested by US!

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Things To Do In Perth With Kids
Stunning playgrounds in Kings Park, Perth

How To Use This Perth For Kids Guide

When you love a city as much as Perth (and we do!) it is hard to narrow your advice down.  We have tried to walk in the shoes of the visitor and consider the top things to do in Perth with kids.  I’ve grouped the different attractions by area.  For example, we have a Perth city kids section and another on things to do in Perth hills for kids.

One of the difficult things about writing a mega-post about places to go with kids Perth is that “kids” covers a range of ages – from toddlers right through to school-age kids.  Then they turn into tweens before becoming full-blown teenagers!  Where possible we have either shared the ages our kids were during our visit/or visits or made suggestions at the best age to visit.

Our guarantee to you is that these family activities Perth have been tested by us.  We are confident in saying they are amongst the best family things to do in Perth.  The good news is, as we do more around Perth, the more we can add to the list.

Things To Do In Perth With Kids
View of Perth from Kings Park

Looking For A Perth Family Holiday Itinerary

If you are looking for a Perth itinerary for family travelers or a family holiday, then look no further than our An Awesome Perth Intinerary For Family Travelers post. This is a truly unique and well-researched itinerary.  It explains what the best things in Perth for kids are to see, in what order we recommending them, and even allows downtime for that all-important kid activity – PLAY!

And, if you like our Perth family holiday itineraries why not also check out our recommendations for the rest of this great state?  We cover all of Western Australia with kids at our mega-post The Best Of Western Australia Itinerary For Families.  From Broome in the North to Augusta in the South, we cover lots of family-friendly tips and ideas for enjoying our home state!

Things To Do In Perth With Kids
Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground

Perth Playgrounds & Parks

Without a doubt, Perth is blessed with some of the very finest playgrounds in all of Australia.  How can we say that with such confidence?  Well, we have traveled extensively, and although the saying ‘there is no place like home’ the Perth parks and playgrounds are state-of-the-art.

Most of the new Perth playgrounds are designed sensitively with consideration for the area they are located in and have a natural theme.  They encourage children to play in their native surroundings, as well as extending them to challenge themselves.  Without a doubt, one of the best free things to do in Perth with kids is to visit one of the many playgrounds.

Things To Do In Perth With Kids
Rio Tinto Naturescape

Kings Park

We love Kings Park, the world’s largest inner-city park.  Kings Park offers a great family day Perth; by this, we mean that it’s interesting for all ages.  Let’s start with the views.  You get stunning vistas over Perth city and the Swan River at all times of the day, but particularly at sunset.  The Western Australian War Memorial is a somber reminder of the impact of war, while the Botanic Garden provides a beautiful introduction to the glorious plant species of Western Australia.  If you can visit during September for their stunning wildflower festival – you will be truly blown away!  For our full overview, please read our Top Things To Do In Kings Park.

Of course, the BEST kid’s activities Perth are the varied playgrounds in Kings Park.  They surely are amongst the best collection of children’s playgrounds in all of Australia.  Each of the Kings Park playgrounds has a different theme and works well for different age ranges.  For more detailed information, please read A Guide To Kings Park Playgrounds.  Spoiler alert, of all the Kings Park playgrounds our absolute favorite is the Rio Tinto Naturescape.  This awesome nature-based playground allows kids to explore, get dirty, and in touch with nature – all in the middle of the city.  We love it!

Things To Do In Perth With Kids

Chevron Parkland at The Optus Stadium

This is another of the Perth mega playgrounds that have been recently built.  There are two sections.  A fenced sensory playground, located near the Camfield Pub and Matagarup Bridge, is perfect for younger children.  For older children, head down to the Swan River and you will discover a huge nature play area – the Chevron Parkland.  It includes lots of natural play, but also some truly awesome climbing structures!  My kids would have stayed for hours if I had let them.  For more information, take a look at  Perth Playgrounds & Parks In Perth.

kids activities perth

Scarborough Beach Whale Playground

Everyone who visits Perth should spend some time on its spectacular beaches with white sands and turquoise waters; it is a truly stunning place to visit or live.  Scarborough is also one of the more popular beaches, and easily accessible by public transport.  Newly built, our kids totally loved the whale and nautical theme.  We’ve covered both these on our Best Playgrounds of Perth post link directly above.

kids activities perth

Lake Monger

Lake Monger is one of the largest suburban lakes in Perth.  It is located in the easy to access suburb of Wembley.  We’ve included it in our list of parks in Perth because we love to visit it and see the black swans, as will visitors to Perth.  The black swans are the animal emblem of Western Australia.  They glide about elegantly on the water of Lake Monger, though if they think you have food can be quite aggressive.

The walk around Lake Monger is 3.5 km on a very flat walk path.  Most of the walk is quite serene, apart from the sounds of the freeway nearby.  Kids learning to ride a bike or scooter will particularly enjoy the dual-use trail.  There is also a small playground that will keep small children entertained for a while.  We particularly enjoy a walk around Lake Monger at sunset with our dog.  In addition, the Lake Monger dog area is a huge, safe place for your dog to have fun off the leash!

Secret Garden Perth

That’s right, Perth has its very own Secret Garden.  You will hear locals call it the “Gwelup Secret Garden” and it was a secret until it became popular on Instagram!  Kids can really get lost and use their imagination in this overgrown little patch of park in a North Perth suburb!  Maybe the Secret Garden won’t be top of your “Perth for kids” list, but it definitely should be if you are a local or enjoying an extended stay in Perth.

kids activities perth

The Best Of Perth City Kids

Blue Boat House Perth

While we don’t necessarily agree that the Blue Boat House should be on a list of ‘Things to do in Perth with kids’, it is certainly now a Perth icon.  For that reason, it has hit the list.

In reality, Perth’s Blue Boat House is anything BUT kid-friendly.  You need to park up by the University of WA to walk along the busy Mounts Bay Road with kids.  However, nearby Matilda Bay Reserve is absolutely stunning and has lots of space to run around for both the kids and the pooch.


Enjoying Elizabeth Quay
Enjoying Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay Area

One of Western Australia’s “must-do” family activities Perth is the Elizabeth Quay area.  From waterfront walks to delicious eateries, and an opportunity to climb the Perth Bell Tower, there is plenty to keep the kids occupied around Elizabeth Quay.  Our children have always loved a ride on the gorgeous Elizabeth Quay Merry Go Round.

Don’t forget to pack some extra clothes to get wet.  At all times of the year, the kids can’t resist getting wet at the awesome BHP Billiton Water Play Park.  This is definitely one of our fave what to do with kids Perth, and we have written a full post about Elizabeth Quay here.

WA Museum Boola Bardip (Perth Museum)

Four years in the making, it is an understatement to say that Western Australians are super excited to see their new museum which is scheduled to open on the 21st of November 2020.  Obviously, we have not been to the museum yet but we can’t wait to explore the new exhibitions.  They explore Western Australia’s rich cultural and natural heritage with a special focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those of WA’s multicultural population.

Located in the Perth Cultural Centre we absolutely can’t wait to explore the new WA Museum Boola Bardip.  We can’t wait to get to experience all the rumored interactive and innovative technology! Watch this space as we will definitely be heading to the WA Museum during the next school holidays.  We suspect it will become a great family day out Perth activity.

Perth for kids
Science inspired fun at Scitech Western Australia

SciTech And The Perth Planetarium

SciTech is an interactive science museum and discovery centre with loads of hands-on activities to captivate your child, as well as having a great Planetarium.  During Western Australian school holidays there are special exhibits to keep your kids on their toes.  If you are looking for school holiday activities Perth, be sure to check out SciTech.

SciTech is also our pick for rainy day activities in Perth with kids.  As Perth is officially the sunniest capital city in the world, with about 144 days of sunshine a year, it is hard to believe that there are plenty of rainy days.  However, there are.  So for us, the best rainy day activity in Perth is Scitech Discovery Centre and Perth Planetarium.

For more information check out our full review of Scitech And The Perth Planetarium here.

Perth Mint

We haven’t actually been to the Perth Mint yet, as I always wondered if my kids were too young.  I want their visit to the Perth Mint to not only be fun, but educational.  I do love world schooling while we are on holiday.

Housed in an impressive building that was built in 1899, it’s interesting to know that the Perth Mint is the National Mint (eg, for all of Australia) for gold, silver, and other precious metals.  The mint is open 7 days a week.  The heritage tours are highly recommended and last one hour.  In addition make sure you see the pure gold exhibits, watch a gold pour, and see the world’s largest coin!

Perth Zoo

Depending on where you hail from, Perth Zoo is a wonderful way to spend the day.  It is one of the best kids activities Perth.  You can spend the whole day here learning more about animals, especially local marsupials.

I copied this beautiful phrase from the Perth Zoo website, “A childhood trip to the zoo used to be a beloved rite of passage, but increasingly some people are beginning to feel uncomfortable with zoos”.  Read more of that article here.

To be honest, I felt that way about the Perth Zoo.  Then I did some more research and found that they had regional accreditation for animal welfare.  They were also commended for their conservation and breeding programs.  In fact, the Perth Zoo orangutan breeding program has apparently released more orangutans back into their native habitat than any other breeding program.  In general, at the Perth Zoo, I found that the animals were healthy and well cared for and it was easy to view them without being intrusive.

If you are staying in Perth city, our top tip would be to take the ferry from Elizabeth Quay to South Perth.  This public transport ferry offers world-class views of Perth Skyline for a fraction of the price of a tour.


things to do in perth for families

Tips For Planning A day At The Perth Zoo With Kids

In addition, go early in the day, preferably at the opening as the animals seem more active.  After our first visit to the zoo, where the queues around lunchtime were huge, we packed our own picnic and enjoyed eating in a grassed area.

If the kids are getting tired during the afternoon, consider booking zebra car tours.  These are like large golf carts, driven by volunteers, that cart you around the zoo.  The minimum price for the zebra car to operate is $10 and it seats up to 10 people.  Not only is it a great way to get some insider information about the Perth Zoo, but when it is hot outside the zebra car can be a lifesaver.  We suggest if you are looking for some family things to do in Perth that you give the Perth Zoo a try.

Perth’s Seaside Suburbs:  Kids Activities Perth

Iconic Cottlesloe Beach, Perth Western Australia
Iconic Cottlesloe Beach, Perth Western Australia

Visit A Beach

This is one of the best things to do in Perth with kids and it is also completely free.  You must visit one of the spectacular beaches that line the coast.  From Trigg Beach in the North to South Beach in Fremantle, these beautiful soft sand beaches are as white as they come.

Cottesloe is possibly the most famous beach or alternatively take a look at Scarborough Beach.  While Cottesloe has beautiful art deco buildings and a rock wall to walk out on, their playground is a little older.  Scarborough has a brand new, multi-million dollar playground that is fantastic and will keep the kids occupied for an hour at least.  Indian Ocean views are a must if you are going to visit Perth.  We suggest that heading down to the coast at sunset will be worth your while.

If you are looking for a list of beaches in Western Australia and near Perth, check out our post, Best Beaches In Western Australia.

Cottesloe Beach on a gorgeous summer’s day

Perth Beaches – What Is The Best Kid Friendly Beach In Perth

For good reason, Perth is famous for its long expanses of white beaches, beautiful blue water, and beachside lifestyle.  However, not all of the Perth beaches are good for kids.  It’s so important that you do your research and pick a beach to visit that will suit your family’s swimming skills.   For a full wrap-up on Western Australia’s beaches, including the Perth beaches, take a look at our Best Beaches In Western Australia.

Here are some of the better beaches in Perth for kids:

Yanchep Lagoon

Also a day trip from Perth, the Yanchep Lagoon beach is one of the best beaches for small kids.  The reef makes the waters really protected and good for little ones to dabble.  In addition, you can visit the koalas or caves at Yanchep National Park, rounding out the whole day!

Hillary’s Boat Harbour

Hillary’s Boat Harbour is defiantly the best beach option in Perth for toddlers and young kids.  This lovely shallow beach is located within the Marina itself.  There is also a playground and lots of grassed areas to sit and enjoy a picnic.  It is surrounded by a heap of cafes and places to eat.  Alternatively, you could make a day trip

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of Western Australia’s iconic spots, with its beautiful Indiana Tearooms building a lovely place to take photos.  The backdrop of the Norfolk Pines also gives it a European resort feel.  The waves are generally gentle, though there is a steep entry and it falls away quite quickly once you are in the water.  There is also a Shark net which adds some security.   At Cottesloe Beach there are several playground options at the top near the grassed picnic areas.

If you are in Perth in March, don’t miss the Sculpture by the Sea artworks which kids love to visit.

Mettams Pool, Trigg

Like the Yanchep Lagoon, the natural pool at Mettam’s is protected by a reef.  It has very calm water, making it a good place for families with young children.

Fremantle For Kids

what to do with kids Perth

The WA Shipwreck Museum

What a great place for the little pirate or the history buff.  A highlight is the hull of the Batavia which is kept in a temperature-controlled room in the museum.  There is also a small kid’s play section.  We loved this museum, be inspired by our review of the WA Shipwreck Museum.

WA Maritime Museum

On a bigger scale than the Shipwreck Museum, the WA Maritime Museum offers great things to do in Perth with kids.  This museum offers local history and plenty of hands-on exhibits.  Personal favorites are the submarine and Australia II.  Like SciTtech, they always offer loads of different kid’s activities Perth for the children during Western Australian school holidays.

Check the official WA Maritime Museum website here for more information.

Visiting AQWA, Aquarium of WA with Kids, Tips to visit Aquarium of Western Australia with Kids
Enjoying AQWA with Grandpa

AQWA – The Aquarium Of WA

While AQWA is quite small, you can easily spend a half-day here learning more about the Western Australian coastline.  There is a stunning and well-presented collection of marine life.  Even the toddlers will get into the action.

There is a central shark tank and an underwater tunnel goes through the tank.  You ride on a slow conveyer belt so that you can see the sea life swimming around.  We saw manta rays, sharks, many fish, and even a turtle.  We went in the afternoon when it was not busy, so we even went for a second lap around the conveyor belt.

Our full hints for a visit to AQWA are found here:  Tips For Visiting The AQWA Aquarium With Kids.

Best Things For Kids To Do In Perth Surrounds

what to do with kids Perth

Whiteman Park (Includes Caversham Wildlife Park & Train Ride For The Kids)

Did you know that Whiteman Park is reputed to be the largest metropolitan park in the world?  With so much to see and do, if you are looking for a full day activity in Perth with kids, then you have found a “beauty.”  Whiteman Park is definitely worth a full day of your time.

You can feed kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park, visit the Boy of the Bush in the Children’s Forest, jump in the driver’s seat of a bus at Revolutions Transport Museum, and have fun with all the different activities on offer each school holidays.  With so much variety, you’ll need to ask mum and dad to come back over and over again!

family things to do in Perth

Our top tips for a visit to Whiteman Park are:

  1.  Plan your day well, as the park is big with a lot to see.
  2.  Allow a full day for the area.
  3.  Allow time for driving from Perth to Whiteman, it takes at least 20 minutes from central Perth.

We loved our visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park Perth.  It is very well maintained and quite spacious between the different exhibits.  The highlight has to be that we could get up close and personal with most of the animals.  This is a rare treat and the photo opportunity with a koala, kangaroo, wombat, and reptiles is amazing.  In addition to experiencing Australian wildlife, the kids loved the farm animals in Molly’s Farm.

Don’t forget to read our helpful review and information at Caversham Wildlife Park Perth.  This is a must for an opportunity to feed a kangaroo or koala, and to meet a wombat!

family things to do in Perth

Wanneroo Mini Golf

The Wanneroo Mini Golf and Botanic Gardens are a huge treat for everyone!  We’ve visited with the kids and grandmother.  While the kids are having a ball with the golf, she loved the flowers and sculpted gardens.  The Wanneroo Mini Golf has 18 holes of mini-golf and another 18 holes of billiard golf.  They are open from 9 am in the morning, and we visited during the school holidays.  We rang to find out peak times and they said generally until 3 pm after that was quieter.

As it was, it was still quite busy with happy family groups of 5 to 10 people enjoying the beautiful grounds and innovative mini-golf holes.  They have a limit of 8 strokes per hole, and that was lucky as if you let the kids keep going, it could last forever.  So keep in mind to try and avoid peak times so you are not waiting too long at each hole.

family things to do in Perth

After our first 18 rounds, we enjoyed a well-earned ice-cream (and coffee) which was fantastic.  If you were planning to make a full day of it, Leapfrogs Café looked just lovely and full of families enjoying delicious food.

After our refreshments, we headed out to do the billiard golf.  We probably needed someone to teach us the rules.  Even if you decide not to do more mini-golf, do go and check out the gardens as this part is like a Japanese water garden and very pretty.

Don’t Forget – Wanneroo Mini Golf has night time sessions Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Their last tee off time is at 8:30 pm.  Also on our Perth bucket list is to visit during the Christmas lights which we think would be amazing.

Outback Splash

Outback Splash Perth is located near the Swan Valley and about 45 minutes from Perth’s CBD.  This awesome waterpark is so much fun and one of the top family things to do in Perth.  Outback Splash has many waterslides, splash zones, and water play areas for families to cool off.

If waterslides aren’t your thing or if it is too cool outside to properly enjoy the water, there are still other year-round activities.  These activities include mini-golf, mazes, a playground, sensory activities, and Australian animal encounters.  If you are looking for things to do in Perth for kids, consider Outback Splash no matter what time of year.

Note that Wanneroo Mini Golf and Outback Splash have the same owners, so you can get a discount if you visit both places.

Latitude Perth

Latitude Perth is a giant indoor trampoline and climbing center.  The kids really love this place as they get nonstop fun.  It’s certainly a good way to wear off their beans and bounce.  Our kids would tell you this is one of their favorite family activities in Perth.

Note, it does get busy during the school holidays and especially on wet days.  If you are traveling by public transport you can walk to Latitude Perth from Edgewater train station.

There is a variety of activities including a mixture of different trampolines, rock climbing, skywalk, and a parkour/ obstacle style course.  Kids need to be 125cm for one for the large trampoline jumps and for “The Grid” but otherwise, anyone any size can go on.  This puts our 5-year-old just under, but no issues for the 8-year-old.

Make sure you have enclosed shoes for any of the climbing activities and you’ll need to purchase latitude-specific socks if you don’t already have them ($2.50 a pair).  Children under 13 need to be supervised while climbing.  However, the rest of the harnessed activities just need an adult to accompany them to get their harness and they’re good to go.

There is also a section for under 5’s but they then can’t go to the main area.  When the kids were a little younger I found it hard to be able to supervise them all as the smaller kids area is a bit more tucked away.

Adventure World

When I was in my early teens, my brother and our neighbors LOVED Adventure World and we would go a couple of times a year.  Given I have such fond childhood memories of Adventure World it is surprising that I have not yet taken my children.

Adventure World is Perth’s only theme park.  There are some huge roller coasters, a water park, as well as wildlife experiences.  Given my last visit was as a teenager, I’ve read that there is a new world-class thrill ride called the Goliath.  Plus, another favorite is the roller-coaster Abyss and Kraken; the longest, tallest and steepest funnel water slide on the planet.

things to do in Perth with kids
Serpentine Falls

At about $200 AU for a family pass, a trip to Adventure World doesn’t come cheaply.  However, it will be worth it for tweens and especially young teens.

Things To Do In Perth Hills For Kids

One of Perth’s best areas to enjoy with kids are the Perth Hills which are top of our list of free things to do in Perth with kids.  Not only are all these attractions national parks, and therefore relatively cheap day out, but you are out and about in the fresh air and seeing some of the best of the Australian bush.

You could spend a week in the Perth Hills and still find things to do.  We’ve included some of our favorite kid-friendly activities here.

things to do in Perth with kids
Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls are Perth’s biggest waterfall and also the best for kids in our opinion.  You can see the waterfall while doing a short walk, and if you don’t want to, there is no climbing involved.  Though to be honest, the best view is from the bottom.

things to do in Perth with kids
Our kids loved the tunnel!

John Forest National Park

Western Australia’s oldest National Park also offers a great day out for all the family.  Our favorite “must do” activity is taking a hike to the awesome, slightly spooky Swan View Tunnel.  A 5km return walk, along a very flat and easy surface, is doable for the whole family.  Don’t forget to take a stroller or trailer for younger kids

Also, remember to stop at the very Aussie John Forest Tavern.  It is located in the middle of the national park.  Not only does it have a ‘pub feel’ but it is also where to see kangaroos in Perth.

We have covered Lesmurdie Falls and John Forest National park in our list of the Best Waterfalls in Perth.

free things to do in Perth with kids

Mundaring Weir

Not far from the John Forest National Park is the Mundaring Weir.  This is a lovely picnic area and is high on our list of fun things to do in Perth for kids.  For international visitors, there are kangaroos literally lazing and grazing in the picnic areas.  The Mundaring area also offers great opportunities for camping and hiking, with Beelu National Park nearby.

Historically the Mundaring Weir is a very important part of Western Australia’s history.  The dam and the Goldfields pipeline were first planned by Irish Australian engineer C Y O’Connor as part of his famous plan to supply the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia with water, quite literally ‘liquid Gold’ for the gold rush boom towns of Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie.

If you are looking for a unique pub Lunch why not check out the picturesque Mundaring Weir Hotel.

free things to do in Perth with kids

Araluen Botanic Garden

Another gorgeous thing to do in the Perth hills for kids is the Araluen Botanic Garden.  This is a simply beautiful garden in a bush setting.  The Araluen Botanic Park has got plenty of Australian bush, but also many other types of flowers and plants.  For example, they have an internationally recognized collection of Camellias, topping 270 varieties!

I have to admit, we normally visit the Araluen Botanic Garden during the annual Araluen Tulip festival.  It is season dependent but generally held from the end of August through to the end of September.  We think that the Araluen Tulips are truly gorgeous and it’s a lovely spring family day out in Perth.  We have covered everything you need to know about a visit to Araluen Botanic Garden in our Visiting Araluen Tulip Festival With Kids.  Note, dogs are not allowed at Araluen.

free things to do in Perth with kids

Orchards In The Perth Hills

Located near the Araluen Botanic Park are some local orchards which have long been famous for their amazing fresh fruit.  Honestly, they came to my attention via Instagram.  Yes, these are great places to go and get those winning Insta Pic!

Raeburn Orchards

Located in Roleystone are the most famous of the Insta orchards of the Perth Hills.  They charge a small fee for you to wander their orchard.  At various times of the year, they also have family festivals on the weekends with stalls and bouncing castles.

If you visit in May you will see the Persimmon trees turning orange and red.  If you visit in September there is the ‘white way of delight’ with the cherry trees blossoming.

S &R orchards

Another gorgeous orchard, the S & R orchards hold a Blossom Festival every spring.  It is picturesque with many rows of cherry blossom trees blooming with pink delicate flowers.  It’s a perfect place for a picnic and selfies.

The owners were thoughtful to provide props or settings for photo ops which would really look good for Instagram.  There were also food stalls available so no need to worry about food.  The only thing I don’t like was the eco-toilets which I think is not so hygienic.

family activities perth

Perth Observatory

A night sky tour at the Perth Observatory is high on my bucket list for future things to do in Perth with kids.  I have had my eye on this night excursion for a while now.  However, in the essence of world schooling, I wanted the kids to be old enough to appreciate this very special outing.

On the standard night sky tour, you can learn all about the night sky by looking through a range of telescopes at dying stars, star clusters, nebulas, and of course the moon and planets when they are visible.  In addition to looking at the sky, there is also an interesting museum with a range of exhibits including a meteorite.

Before visiting the Perth Observatory, make sure you do your research about what kind of experience you want.  For example, there are Dark Sky Nights, Moonlit nights, and full moon nights.  Each type of different moon phase offers different benefits for viewing.

Landsdale Farm

One of the difficult things about writing a mega-post about places to go with kids in Perth is that “kids” covers a range of ages – from toddler’s right through to school-age kids.  Then they turn into tweens before becoming full-blown teenagers!

We haven’t been to the Landsdale Animal Farm Perth yet, and know that 2 out of my 3 kids are older, we might not.  It sounds like it is a little farm, complete with red sheds and white fences, with plenty of animals to pet and cuddle, which is awesome for very small kids (eg, 1- 5 years old).  You can help the ‘farmer’ feed the animals, or have a ride in the vintage tractor and buggy.  The cart ride around the farm sounds like a real highlight of a visit to the Landsdale Animal farm.

I should note, I think our favorite Animal Farm Perth is found at the Caversham Wildlife Park, check out the section on Molly’s farm.

 The Best Day Trips From Perth For Kids

Heading out of the city for a day is something that our family talks about for weeks afterward.  There are some varied excursions you can do from Perth with kids, and we have covered them here briefly.  Alternatively, we have extensively covered the best day trips from Perth in our comprehensive post, The Best Perth Day Trips.


family activities perth

Yanchep National Park Koalas & Trees Adventure

Yanchep National Park offers a truly Australian bush experience in a lovely setting just a short drive from Perth.  Yanchep is famous for its resident kangaroos and koalas.  It is a peaceful and beautiful setting.  You can see many local birds like swans and pelicans, amongst others.

You can take a tour of the Crystal Cave and, on weekends, you should ask about the Aboriginal cultural experiences.

Pack a picnic and enjoy a low priced, typical Australian bush experience.  The best time to see the kangaroos is in the morning or evening.  However, many people also see them during the middle of the day!

If you have adventurous kids, you will love the Trees Adventure Yanchep Park, which is WA’s latest addition to a number of other Treetop Adventure Parks.  We loved the one at Dwellingup, Tree Adventures Dwellingup, and can’t wait to try the other one soon.

kids activities Perth

Penguin Island

Just 45 minutes’ drive south of Perth this should be on every Perth family’s places to go!  A small island just off the coast, Penguin Island is located in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and offers a wonderful day escape from the “Mainland”.  There is an amazing amount of birdlife and lots of easy walking along boardwalks to explore the island.  And, as the name of the island indicates, Penguin Island is the home to a Penguin Discovery Centre, a great place to learn about these tiny animals.

For more info, A Day Visit To Penguin Island Western Australia is a great resource.

kids activities Perth

Rottnest Island

Why does Rottnest Island hit our list of things to do in Perth with kids?  Well, if you are visiting Perth for a short time, then it is a pretty amazing place!

Personally, we think that ‘Rotto’ (as the locals call it) merits more than one day if you can.  With a unique island feel, no cars, perfect white sand beaches, turquoise water, and great swimming for kids, there are a lot of family fun activities on Rottnest.  Plus, make sure to get your quokka selfie!

kids activities Perth

Swan Valley With Kids

The kid-friendly Swan Valley makes a wonderful day out from Perth, with plenty to occupy you for the full day.

The Swan Valley is famous as home to Australia’s oldest wine valley.  An exploration of the Swan Valley is not complete without an exploration of the wineries, breweries, and fine food outlets.  Yes, there are lots of kid-friendly restaurants in the Swan Valley to explore.

Alternatively, if you would like to explore on foot there are a number of different walks.  For example, check out our descriptions of the walks at the Noble Falls and the Bells Rapids in our post about Waterfalls in Perth.

Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

Another popular animal farm Perth is the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm.  Like the other places we have included in kids activities Perth, here your children can have the chance to get to know lots of friendly farm animals.  There are lots of things to do, and lots of cute animals to pet!

Plan your visit around the daily bottle-feeding at 10.30 am, and 3 pm.  Depending on the season there are lambs, kids, calves, and piglets that you can feed.  Also, each day there is goat miking at 11.30 am.

As the Swan Valley is just over 30 minutes’ drive from Perth CBD, this is a wonderful place for the whole family to escape the city!

Covered above in our things to do in Perth with kids, the Outback Splash and Caversham Wildlife Park are both considered in the Swan Valley.

Chittering Valley

The Chittering Valley is located about 1 hours’ drive from Perth or another 30 minutes from the Swan Valley.  Chittering offers experiences at the farm gate, untouched bushland and wetlands, vineyards, orchards, spectacular wildflowers, and stunning scenery.  Take a drive along one of the food and drive trails that meander through the region with orchards, wineries, markets, and roadside stalls selling seasonal fresh produce along your way.  The area is also well known for its vast citrus orchards.

For several months of the year, the aroma of orange blossom is the backdrop of the town of Bindoon, and mandarins, oranges, and lemons are sold from roadside stalls.  It is for citrus picking that we are adding the Golden Grove Orchard to the list of things in Perth for kids.  This orchard was one of the first planted in the area and was first open for public fruit picking 40 years ago.  Now, it has been upgraded to have more tourist-oriented experiences with tractor rides, a petting farm, nature playground, alongside the traditional fruit picking, making it a must-do, fun day out for the whole family!

Golden Grove has around 10,000 citrus trees spread over its beautiful orchards of oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, and grapefruits.  It is important to do your research and find out what fruit will be ripening in the season when you are visiting!  Or, ask if it is the end of the season as some people have reported that there are limited oranges at the end of the season.


Things To Do In Perth With Kids

Our Verdict – Things To Do In Perth With Kids

As you can tell we simply love Perth!  There are so many great things to do in Perth with kids that we simply could not fit them all in this post.  Perth is such a great city, and there truly are so many kids activities Perth.  Whether it is indoor activities for kids Perth you are after or outdoor fun, there are many options.  Whether it is visiting something special like the secret garden Perth or visiting one of our top-notch Perth parks or beaches, there are so many free things to do in Perth with kids.  You truly do not have to spend a ton of money to have a spectacular time.  That is one of the things we think makes Perth so special!

Did we miss anything?  Do you have any other fun Perth for kids activities you can think of? If so, please let us know in the comments below.


Looking for more information about Perth and Western Australia?  We highly recommended these guidebooks and maps.  Click each one for current prices.

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