Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids

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Walpole Western Australia is a tiny village on the South Coast surrounded by forest and ocean, truly in the middle of the wilderness. Walpole is the ideal destination for a nature-based holiday and we thoroughly love it for its clean air and isolation.

Surrounding the town, the Walpole Wilderness Area is a vast, pristine region of karri, jarrah and tingle forests, rivers and inlets, and deserted rugged coastline.   We’re lucky to have friends in the area, and have been coming to this isolated spot for over 30 years of holidays.  Without a doubt this is a place for people who are into nature – there really is not much else to do!

This started out as a list of 15 awesome things to do around Walpole Western Australia, but we divided them into categories.  This is a really comprehensive list of things to do around Walpole, with kids, for families and even for travelers.

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Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids

Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids
Mt Frankland Wilderness View Lookout

Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre

Three places make up the Walpole Wilderness Discovery CentreSwarbrick art in the forest, Mount Frankland and the famous Tree Top Walk.  When the Walpole Wilderness was created back in 2004, money was invested to teach people about this unique ecosystem and environment and these sites are the results! These sites also make easy visits with Kids.

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

One of Western Australia’s iconic places, and with good reason.  An exceptional walk through massive trees on an upside down suspension bridge that moves! Check out our post  “Top Tips To Visit The Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk With Kids” for more detailed information.

Also, if you are wondering about Walpole accommodations, check out our post “Best Places To Stay Near the Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walks”.

Might we add, this is the only “touristy site” on this whole list!

Walpole for kids
Swarbrick Art Loop

Swarbrick Art Loop

Once a site of a forest protest camp, Swarbrick Forest was ultimately logged.  However, the battle for the forest is recognized here with a collection of random art exhibits.  Like many artistic things, it is sometimes difficult to relate to the pieces.

That said, the kids loved the 500m easy loop walk, wheelchair accessible so perfect for prams and little legs.  While it may not have been the intention of the artist, this place is seriously fun for kids!

Mt Frankland Granite Peak

Keep heading out on the same road from Swarbrick Art Loop and you will see the granite peak of Mount Frankland (411 meters) through the trees. There are two walks at Mt Frankland.

The easier is the Wilderness View lookout where you can look out onto forest as far as the eye can see.  Just 600m from the carpark, take your prams and feel totally insignificant in the middle of the forest.

The much more difficult walk is the Summit Trail – which is mostly straight up!  However, the climb is worth it!  On a clear day, you can see the Porongurup and Stirling ranges in the east and the Southern Ocean to the south.  Its 1.2 kilometers and over 300 steps! Our legs definitely felt it the next day!

Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids
Mt Clare Bush Walk


Walpole is a mecca for forest walks, bushwalks, and short hikes.  Also the famous Bibbulmum Track, a long distance walking track that extends from Perth to Albany runs through this area.  Our video gives you an idea of a stunning short walk in the area.

For older kids, ask at the local tourist bureau for some excellent local walks, for example, Mt Clare to Walpole, Hilltop Lookout back to Walpole or the longer Conspicuous Cliff to Peaceful Bay.  For hiking with smaller kids, our favorite three bushwalks are:

Giant Tingle Tree

This is a great way to see the Red Tingle Trees without the entry fee and touristy atmosphere at the Tree Top Walk.  An easy 800m walk leads you to a large, old tingle tree that has been hollowed out by fire over many years.  There are toilets and picnic tables amongst the trees and we enjoyed a most pleasurable morning tea after our walk.

Circular Pool

Another short easy walk of less than 500m!  We continued onto this site from the Giant Tingle Tree and were rewarded with roaring river views.   Keep an eye on little kids as they can access the river if they don’t stay on the path.

Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids
Circular Pool

Mt Clare Walk

This 2.4 km gentle uphill walk through massive Giant Tingle Trees was a perfect bush escape during our last visit, with plenty of brightly colored wildflowers.

Beaches & Swimming

Peaceful Bay

As the name sounds, is an extremely beautiful, sheltered bay which is popular for swimming.  Kids love jumping from the rocks and the white sand is to die for.  Be prepared for the chilling Antarctic waters when you first get in though!

Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids
Peaceful Bay

Nornalup Inlet

Nornalup Inlet is an enclosed area of water, is generally a few degrees warmer than the ocean. It is also very shallow – perfect for young children. Two sites near to Walpole town are Coalmine Beach and Sandy Beach (near Rest Point Caravan Park). Nornalup Inlet is also the focal point of the Walpole Nornalup Inlets Marine Park and a place of stunning scenery.

Conspicuous Cliffs & Mandalay Beach

For beachcombing and whale watching – but definitely not for swimming.  Both have really stunning scenery and Mandalay Beach was listed as one of the top 101 beaches in Australia in 2016.

Things To Do In Walpole Western Australia For Kids
Mandalay Beach

Markets, Eateries, And More Around Walpole Western Australia

Walpole certainly doesn’t have the wide variety of attractions in nearby trendy Denmark, but it’s a lot more low key and relaxed.

Monthly Summer Market

There is a monthly Saturday market in summer with lots of interesting (and not too expensive) things to buy including fabulous beanies upcycled kids shirts.

Thurlby Herb Farm

Located on the road to Mt. Frankland, it as a cute restaurant set amongst herb gardens.  The ‘factory’ for this environmentally sustainable local business that sells botanically based products without synthetic additives is also on site.  These soaps are really amazing, and they come in a range of recycled packaging.  We ended up buying a lot of gifts at this shop.  They quite literally have something for everyone, from the blokes (Blokes Soap), pets, and also newborn babies.

NornaBar in Nornalup

If you think Walpole Western Australia is small, Nornalup is smaller.  However, they have an amazing little restaurant called the NornaBar (formerly the Nornalup Teahouse) with great atmosphere and delicious food.  The kids ended up down the road at a modest kids Playground.


Walpole Accomodations – Best Places To Stay in Walpole Western Australia With Kids

Walpole is a very small town, with a supermarket, pharmacy or fuel station (and a couple of restaurants. this is our full list of Best places to stay near the Tree Top Walk.

Also, Check out this list of Walpole Accommodation.

What Else Is There To See Around Walpole, Western Australia

For trips in the future, we have our eyes on the following around Walpole.

  1. Tingles Bake House – fresh homemade pies.
  2. Canoeing to Monastery Landing
  3. WoW Wilderness Cruise.

We’ve traveled with Lonely Planet for over 20 years! For unbiased and detailed advice, they are our trusted guide book.  Even in this digital age, you can’t go past them for maps and info on the go.  Take a look below at our favorite Western Australia guidebooks. They are great for planning your trip.

Our friends over at Our Globetrotters also loved Walpole.  Here is their summary of things to do in Walpole.


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