The BEST Things To Do In Yallingup WA

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Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by Travels with Kids

Here are our top things to do in Yallingup WA, part of the Northern Margaret River region.  If you are coming to Yallingup from Perth, it is roughly a three-hour drive.  Why not make the most of it? For tips and recs on things to do on the way to Margaret River, read From Perth to Margaret River Road Trip.

We would recommend that unless you are making a once in a lifetime visit (if so, see our Best of Margaret River in 3 days itinerary) to pick one area around Margaret River and explore that over a weekend.  There is literally so much to do that if you are coming from Perth on short visits, the best way to visit the Margaret River region is by breaking the areas into sections.  We have loved doing this and enjoyed each one thoroughly!  The main benefit of focusing just on the Yallingup area is that you can limit the amount of travel you need to do, which means happy kids!

Things To Do In Yallingup
Doing a short hike on the Cape to Cape track near Yallingup

Yallingup, famous for Caves House, is really just a seaside collection of shacks – that look pretty luxurious.  While it’s not a kid’s beach at all has that feeling of a small country spot, the caravan park looks especially unpretentious and our kids adored the playground. Both Caravan Parks look like great places to stay, and we cover Yallingup Accommodation further on in the post.

If you are looking for Dunsborough, take a look at Things to do in Dunsborough.

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Things To Do In Yallingup
Enjoy purple icecream at Cape Lavender

Things To Do In Yallingup

Yallingup and the entire Margaret River region is jammed-packed with plenty of activities to keep you busy for quite some time.  Whether you are enjoying the beach, exploring the lighthouses, or relaxing at a winery, there are so many things to do in Yallingup Western Australia.  Here are some of our favorites.

Epic Beach Side Spots –Yallingup WA

The beautiful granite outcrops on this part of the coast make for some stunning photography.  If you head out anywhere into the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in this area you will discover the amazing power of the ocean.

Things To Do In Yallingup
Exploring at Canal Rocks on a winter day.

Canal Rocks

One of the best places to visit in Yallingup is Canal Rocks!  Over thousands of years, these soft rocks have been eroded by the powerful action of the ocean, creating natural canals. They are really from out of this world – a network of lined, rocky islands.

The Canal Rocks carpark is huge and is right beside the first of the crisscrossed Canal Rocks. There are toilets here, but no shade in summer or protection against the winds in winter.

There was a raised wooden boardwalk out across the rocks; this was washed away during storms in June 2020.   We had just as much fun climbing up on the rocks and having a fantastic view below.  This is truly one of nature’s playgrounds!  Keep in mind that this part of the coast is very dangerous and unpredictable, so don’t get too close to the water!

Canal Rocks are just south-west of and easily accessed off of Caves Road.  The Cape Lavender tea house is located on the corner!  Exploring Canal Rocks then stopping at one of the many Yallingup restaurants, would be a great date.  Certainly one of the best romantic things to do in Yallingup.

Things To Do In Yallingup
The coastline around Yallingup is amazing.

Canal Rocks To Wyadup Hike

On our next trip to Yallingup with the kids we plan to do the hike south along the Cape to Cape Walking track that links Canal Rocks with Wyadup Bay.  At 4km return, it is a moderate walk and will enable us to visit the other famous spot along the coast, the Injidup Natural Spa.

Wyadup Rocks And Injidup Natural Spa

If you are heading south from Dunsborough along Caves Road, a few minutes after you leave the Canal Rocks turnoff you will see Wyadup Road. Follow it to the end and you come to another ample carpark.  A short walk from the carpark to the right you’ll find a large rock pool now famous on Instagram!  This is the Injidup natural spa where the surrounding rocks shelter this little inlet from the crazy waves. In the right conditions, when the surf crashed through the little gap in the rocks you can have a natural massage.

Again, take care on this part of the coast – the waves can be strong and unpredictable and there are strong outgoing currents.

Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup

The Margaret River region is famous for its unique underground caves, and you must do one while you are in the area.

One of the best things to do in Yallingup is Ngilgi cave (pronounced ‘Neel-gee’) which starts with a guided tour.  It was a bit difficult for the small kids to stay still while the guide was talking, and the cave means every little sound echoes.  However, we found it very colorful and brightly lit and once the tour ended could explore.

More information HERE Ngilgi Cave tours tickets, opening times, and availability!

Eat Purple Ice Cream At Cape Lavender

Yallingup things to do

The Cape Lavender Tea House is probably not a little kid’s destination– but it is an Insta-perfect spot for tea and scones.  We chose to eat our bright purple lavender ice-cream out on the lawn rather than amongst the lovely flowers and lavender china indoors.   Keep in mind they ONLY offer the purple ice-cream so if your littlies are looking for something a little less radical, they might be disappointed!  Very popular for those looking for Yallingup things to do.

Yallingup things to do

Yallingup Maze

The only Margaret River maze is located in the north.  It is the very popular Amaze’n Maze; It is huge and has amazing gardens.

If you are looking for a more fun park-like atmosphere then consider Xcape At The Cape.  It has more traditional kid’s entertainment like mini-golf, a maze, and trampolines.  If that’s not enough there are also climbing towers, a bouncy castle, and an undercover adventure playground.

Yallingup Maze

Visit A Farm

Given you are in the country, it’s a great chance for the kiddos to get to know more about farm life.  Two places you can do this in the Yallingup area are:

The Shearing Shed – As you can imagine, do shearing demonstrations each day and your kids can also feed the sheep.

Country Life Farm – Where, as you can expect, they offer you the chance to learn about farm life.

Yallingup things to do
On the lookout! Whalewatching in the Margaret River region.

Whale Watching (In Season)

This is on our bucket list, big-time.  We want to head to the open ocean to watch the migrating whales.  They pass by this area of the coast and you can do the trip with Naturalist Charters, located in Dunsborough.  There are several other whale watching tours you can do.  Check here for more information.

Take A Hike to Quinninup Falls
Quinninup Falls

Take A Hike To Quinninup Falls

The famous Cape to Cape track winds along the coast here and you can basically walk any section if you are looking to take a short hike.  One of the most Insta-popular sites around is Quinninup Falls.

Despite being Western Australian, I first saw these pretty waterfalls on Instagram!   The track to the Quinninup falls is not especially difficult (allow about 45 minutes one way – or 3km) and also offers great views along the coast.

We visited in July 2020.  For more information on Quinnip Falls check out our post What You Need To Know About Quinninup Falls & Other Short Margaret River Hikes.

The short hike to Quinninup Falls is a 3.4 km round trip, allow 1.5 to 2 hours.

Take A Hike to Quinninup Falls
The Hike to Quinninup falls

The trail follows the Cape to Cape Track North through granite outcrops and coastal heath.  Near the beach, the trail turns inland to the base of the falls.  There is one steep dune, which is quite hard to come back up… but not impossible.

Our group consisted of my 76-year-old mother, kids aged 10 and 6, and myself carrying an 18-month-old baby in a backpack.  It was extremely achievable for this group.  We did the hike following some very heavy rain, and we were impressed that the wetter parts of the hike were covered in a boardwalk, and other parts had shale added.  In general, it was entirely suitable to do the hike to Quinninup Falls in winter, with kids.


Yallingup playgrounds
The Playground at Yallingup

Yallingup Playground

This is a great playground with a beachy shipwreck feel; our kids loved it.  We spent a good hour there during late winter and it was quite full; rumor has it that during summer the area is jam-packed.  The playground will be on any kids Yallingup things-to-do list.

Places To Eat In Yallingup

Places To Eat In Yallingup
The Caves House bar

Caves House

On this particular trip to the Margaret River Region, my mother had a special request – she wanted to stop at Caves House. She’d visited with her own family in the 1950s and even had a photo outside the old building.

In a place of foodies, wineries, and breweries Caves House makes you feel like you have come home.  It’s old fashioned, full of ambiance and a lovely place to spend some time in the middle of winter.  They have a large restaurant, a lounge area and also as Caves house is a Hotel, an old fashioned bar where you can get your favorite beverage.  In the middle of winter, we set the kids up with some colouring in supplied by the hotel and settled down by the fire.  In summer I can imagine eating outside overlooking the beautifully manicured gardens.   Even in the middle of winter, our kids went for a huge run around these lovely old fashion gardens.

Places To Eat In Yallingup
Yallingup Bakery

Yallingup Bakery

This cute bakery will catch your attention because of its bright blue and pink painting!  We’ve been a few times now and always had something delicious.  If you are staying in Yallingup itself, there is fresh bread that is delivered every afternoon WARM!!!

Places To Eat In Yallingup
Yallingup General Store and Post Office

Yallingup General Store

As soon as we walked into the eclectic Yallingup General store you could feel you were in a truly cool place. Full of nooks and crannies, there is a coffee shop and post office.   There is a great range of burgers on the menu and there were a few surfer dudes appearing to shelter from the windy weather outside.   We grabbed some supplies (milk, meat, and some vegetables) amongst the well-stocked shelves we found all the supplies we needed for the night’s dinner.   Next time we are in Yallingup I think we will stop for a coffee and a famous burger.

Lamont’s at Smiths Beach

Lamont’s is the first of Kate Lamont’s chain of restaurants is known for classy food and fine service.

Places That Aren’t In Yallingup … They Are Actually In Dunsborough

  • Sugarloaf Rock
  • Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Check out our comprehensive guide on Things to do in Dunsborough WA!

Visit Family-Friendly Wineries & Breweries Around Yallingup

Swings and Roundabouts is a popular family-friendly winery with a casual atmosphere, picnic tables, and a big lawn for the kids to run on.  We’ve heard that their wood-fired pizza is divine but haven’t stopped.  Swings and Roundabouts are well located in relation to the Cape Lavender tearooms and the turn off to Canal Rocks.

Windows Estate is another place that gets good reviews for kids – they have lawns and outdoor games as well as elegant, though understated wines.

If you enjoy good pub fare then why not stop by Caves House.  The kids will enjoy the grassy banks in this heritage garden.

Bunkers Beach House gets rave reviews; it’s right on the beach overlooking Bunker Bay.  How suitable it is for kids, we don’t know.  If you do happen to know, please drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Goanna Cafe has an outdoor play area, and that makes it a winner in our book.  It comes recommended by locals as a great family-friendly place to eat around Yallingup. The Goanna Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch.

Last, but not least, is the fantastically kid-friendly Cheeky Monkey Brewery.

Broadwater Resort Busselton Review

Friendly Winter Activities In Yallingup

It is no secret that the summer holidays are busy around the entire Margaret River region as Perth folk head south for a little cooler weather.  We’ve often taken long weekends down to Yallingup, Dunsborough, and nearby Busselton during the winter.  There are still plenty of things to do in Yallingup when it’s raining.

Many of the accommodation places offer to pay 3, stay 4 type deals.  The walk trails are empty.  The beaches are windswept and the brooding coast makes for some stunning pictures.

Many Yallingup accommodation places have cozy warm fires.  If the weather is particularly inclement, take the chance to enjoy some truly family bonding.  Grab some cards or a board game and cozy up by the fire.

Winter is definitely our go-to time for a visit to the Yallingup, Dunsborough, and the Busselton area.  If you like to have an indoor swimming pool as we do, take a look at our list of recommended indoor pools (these are tried and tested because our kids love to swim)!


Friendly Winter Activities In Yallingup
The surfer in Yallingup

Yallingup Accommodations

Yallingup Accommodations
Enjoying the grounds at Caves House, Yallingup

Caves House Hotel

If your kids aren’t too noisy, then consider a stay in these heritage rooms.  The property is set on a gorgeous 35-acres and a close drive to Canal Rocks and the Yallingup Maze.  Check here for current prices to stay at the Caves House Hotel.

Wildwood Valley

Wildwood Valley is for the wild ones.  They are self-catering and fully furnished.  They allow you space and privacy you need for a country getaway.  Check here for current prices to stay at Wildwood Valley.

Yallingup Accommodations

Yallingup Beach Holiday Park 

This is a traditional caravan park right on Yallingup beach.

Canal Rocks Beachfront Apartments

Self-contained, these are homey refurbished apartments.  They include a washer and dryer which can be useful for those wet days or if you have been traveling a while.  You can hear the powerful waves of Yallingup beach from the apartments, and they have great views.  Check here for current prices to stay at the Canal Rocks Beachfront Apartments.

Yallingup Accommodations
Seashells Yallingup

Seashells Yallingup

Located in lovely gardens full of birds, these self-contained apartments are great for families and have a kitchen and washing machine.  Located adjacent to Caves House and 15 minutes’ walk from the beach.  Check here for currents prices to stay at Seashells Yallingup.

Smiths Beach Resort

Famous in the Margaret River region, these apartments have living areas upstairs with views of the ocean and coast.  They are fully equipped with everything you would expect from a high-quality resort and are located very close to Canal Rocks.  Check here for current prices to stay at Smiths Beach Resort.

The Verdict – What To do In Yallingup

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Things to do in Yallingup, particularly the winter activities in Yallingup.  We are going to be heading to the Margaret River region this upcoming winter and will be able to give you an update on our favorite things. Don’t forget we put together our list of What do in Yallingup after many visits to the region!

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Things To Do In Yallingup



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