Tree Top Walk Photography Tips

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The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is one of Western Australia’s most iconic photographed sites, and we want to offer some tree top walk photography tips based on our experiences.  It is also a photographer’s paradise while also being a challenge!

We don’t profess to have amazing photography skills, and feel under-qualified to provide photography tips or advice, BUT (deep breath) a lot of the best photos are when you are well prepared!

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Our Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk Photography Tips


How do you get the perspective of these trees? We got down as low as we could and still we couldn’t fit the whole tree into the lens!

If you have extra lenses, make sure you have them all the same time.  We were able to get some cool perspective shots like the one below.

Tree Top Walk Photography Tips

Be Prepared For Movement

The walk wobbles. With a big zoom lens and kids making the walk sway (a lot), I was disappointed to see many of my images blurry.  Next time I’ll probably take a different lens without so much zoom.

A tripod would also be nice but given the kids move at such a fast pace probably not much of an option at the moment.  Just be prepared for movement.  Whatever way you best photograph under those conditions is one of our top tree top walk photography tips.

Tree Top Walk Photography Tips

Arrive Early/Stay Late

If you are looking for pictures without the people arrive at opening time – or stay right until closing time.  However,  be prepared for low light due to the thickness of the forest canopy.

Also, these trees grow here because there is a lot of annual rain.  Many times we have visited it has been pouring rain. Go prepared!

Tree Top Walk Photography Tips

Late Night Visits

The late night special opening also gave a gorgeous soft light and lots of special opportunities. We highly recommend contacting the Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk and asking when they have late night openings.  They are typically in the summer or school holidays and are a MUST for any photographer. We’ve yet to write our post on this special visit but it was awesome.

More Than Just Tingle Trees

There is much more to the Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk than the Tingle Trees.  We saw Quokkas during our night walk and enjoyed the shop and educational area.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to explore and also to put these tree top walk photography tips into practice.

Tree Top Walk Photography Tips

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Tree Top Walk Photography Tips



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