Tree Top Walk at Night

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark – At Night!

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A visit to the Tree Top Walk Denmark is amazing anytime, but at night it is truly magical.

We loved our visit to the Valley of the Giants so much during our last visit, that we decided to go back again.  However this time we went during their summer activity program “Late Night Friday’s”.

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A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

This meant that we were able to drive down from Perth during the day making a few stops along the way,  (see our blog post Great Stops For Kids On A South West Road trip), then book into our accommodation (Best Places To Stay Near The Tree Top Walk), and still make it to the Tree Top Walk Denmark for their 6pm night opening.  This was a brilliant use of our time which was limited to just 3 nights.

On the recommendation from some local’s we picked up some pizza and hot chips from Mal & Barb’s Flaming Hot Takeaway in Walpole village.  We then headed out to the Valley of the Giants to eat at their special night picnic tables under the trees, which are only available on “Late night Fridays.”  We enjoyed pizza under the trees in beautiful ambience!  This was a fantastic way to sit back, relax, and hear the sounds of the forest in the early evening.

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

Then we headed out to the tree top walk and, unbelievably, we were the only people there!!!  This in itself is a fantastic reason to visit the Tree Top Walk Denmark during the night!  If visiting during the day it can get quite busy.

For a photographer, the colors of the walk in the sunset period were muted and gorgeous; we got some stunning photos!  This is another great reason to visit the Tree Top Walk at night.  For some useful photography tips check out our post Tree Top Walk Photography Tips.

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

As this was not our first visit, we followed our own instructions – as we have described at “How To Get The Best Out Of a Tree Top Walk Visit”.  First, we went down to enjoy the huge trees in the Ancient Empire and then back to the shop.  By the time we did this, it was falling dark and we heard the excited call of some other people “We’ve just seen a QUOKKA!”  We went running outside to see the cutest little Quokka you can ever imagine!

Unbeknown to the common urban myth, the cute little furry Quokkas do NOT just live on Rottnest Island!!!  Quokkas once lived all over the south west but were reduced to Rottnest Island after European settlement.  Now, after extensive fox baiting (who are their predators) and relocation programs Quokkas are once again flourishing in the Walpole Nornalup National Park.  They are even fairly easy to see around the Tree Top Walk at night.

For our final walk around the Tree Top Walk, it was completely dark.  The sensation that you have on the Tree Top Walk during the day is that it is very VERY high!!!  This wasn’t so evident during the night walk. It made us more focused on using our other senses like sight, sound, and smell.  By this time there were quite a lot of people!  In particular families with small children, like ourselves, who were a bit noisy and using the flashlights a lot!

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

We dropped back and let the people go ahead of us.  We went quietly around the walk with our torches turned off, focusing on using our other senses.  Our eyes adjusted and we could see more than expected.  We were able to hear a range of different animals rustling and running about in the bush and finally, with sight taken from us, we could smell the powerful aromas and eucalypts of the forest.

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

We also got to do some stargazing from the highest pylon before heading back to our accommodation and getting the kids to bed at 9.30pm.

A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

Our 4 reasons why doing the Tree Top Walk Denmark at night is awesome!

  1. Early in the evening there are few other people (at least on the night we went).
  2. You might get to see Australia animals like a quokka, at close range.
  3. Walking the Tree Top Walk at night is completely different and you use senses like hearing and smell.
  4. Great use of your time, especially when you have a short amount of time.

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A Visit To The Tree Top Walk Denmark - At Night!

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