Visiting Araluen Tulip Festival With Kids

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Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by worldoftravelswithkids

Enjoy a colorful welcome to spring at the Araluen Tulip Festival at the Araluen Botanical Gardens!  Located just out of Perth, in the Darling Range the Araluen Tulip Festival is a great day out.  With tulips in full bloom, and a riot of color this was an awesome springtime activity to do with kids in Perth!

The Araluen Tulip Festival runs from the middle of August to the middle of September  – so what is the best time to see the tulips in flower?   We were told that it depends on the season, and it’s a good idea to be in contact with Araluen to find out when will be the best chance to see the blooms!

We visited in early September on a sunny Saturday, the first sun that Perth had seen for months.  It appeared that we and every other Perth family thought that Araluen Tulip Festival would be a good idea.  It was packed full of people and really a picture perfect family outing.  It was a beautiful atmosphere – like a carnival in that there were so many bright colors, a kaleidoscope of cultures, there was a fantastically festive feeling about the day with everyone celebrating the end of a Perth winter and lots of warm sunshine.

The Araluen Botanical Gardens itself offers a wonderful range of secret nooks, crannies, and pathways.  So once you arrive at the parking area (which incidentally was full – and we parked in an overflow area) you come to the main area where there’s a train stop and beautiful sets of Tulip garden beds.  Absolutely stunning –  but genuinely full as people lined up taking photos, and getting the best Instagram op.

Our Recommendations For A Visit To the Araluen Tulip Festival (With Kids)

Try To Go During The Week

Even if they are at school it might be worth taking the day off (heaven forbid) in order to have an uncrowded experience (depends on how you feel about days off!) Or you could go on cut-price Tuesdays which offers half-price entry – and we are told that after 3pm when the grannies go home for afternoon tea, the park is practically empty and there might be opportunities for solitude in the late afternoon.  (the Park closes at 6pm)

Head Into The Hills 

If you have to go on the weekend, once you arrive at Araluen – head off into the hills (sounds romantic) by going past the main train stop and the café. Head up the valley where there are lots more tulip beds and picnic areas. And  – best of all – there were very few people there in comparison to the main areas.


Pack A Picnic Lunch

Not only is the food expensive, but there are long queues on busy days, so take a picnic rug for a fun family picnic experience.
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Take The Train

It’s a lot of fun for littles – our little guy had a ball. Cost $5 per adult and $2 for a child under 5. On A busy Saturday, there was an enormously long wait – up to 30 minutes –  but we were told that on a quiet day that the passionate driver explains all the different aspects on the park – another reason to go when there are fewer people.

Pack the Pram

The site seems to be pram friendly, so even if your toddler likes to walk, pack your pram for the picnic basket.

Araluen Tulip Festival Photography Tips 

When you first arrive at the initial Tulip beds there are lots of ropes around the garden beds, but if you go further up there are no ropes,  so if you are looking for a very genuine photo, then look for the higher up beds. Consider visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon for better photography and avoid the busy lunchtime period.

A 110% family friendly outing and all of Araluen was full of families enjoying themselves, a wonderful family experience to celebrate the beginning of Spring with the rest of Perth


How To Get There – The Araluen Botanical Gardens

Roleystone – about 40 minutes drive out of central Perth

Entry fee $15 per adult, and $7 for a child over 6, and children under 6 were free. Also concession rates available – see Araluen website.

How Long Do I Need To Spend At The Arualuen Tulip Festival

If you don’t spend that long at a picnic you could spend 1-2 hours there.  if you want to take the train ride it was about 20minutes plus wait time…

Value For Money

Entry fee $15 per adult, and $7 for a child over 6, and children under 6 were free. Also concession rates available – see  Araluen Botanic Park.

If you use our tips to plan your day wisely, the entry fees are good value.  If you go for just 1-2 hours its not such good value for money, especially if you include a train ride and or/ lunch.

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