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Why Book Family Travel Early?

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There are a number of important reasons to book family travel early!  There are two main reasons you should book now for next year!  Firstly, you should save loads of money, and the second is that by getting it all booked and confirmed, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the New Year.

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Why Book Family Travel Early?

Why you should book family travel early!


  1. There are some great flight deals and sales 9-12 months before travel.

Once you have decided where you are going, and which seasons are best (see our handy guide about How to Plan a Family Holiday) then subscribe to emails from a number of different places, so that you are alerted when the sales start.   For example:

  • Your frequent flier airline
  • The national airline of where you are traveling to
  • Online cheap search engines (We like “I know the pilot”)

In Australia, we’ve found the cheapest deals for the Americas are purchased in November.  Obviously, this will differ from country to country – but the point is getting in early with your planning will help! Book family travel early!

We also always use SkyScanner for flight comparisons.


Old fashioned newspapers also have some sales that might not be evident immediately online; maybe we are showing our age, but buying the weekend’s paper with a travel section might save you hundreds of $$

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A note about Travel Agents; even if you are an independent traveler or researcher don’t under-estimate the value of travel agents when it comes to knowing the best package deals or flight offers.  They quite often come up with something that isn’t available to the general public.


Why Book Family Travel Early?
Staying at the 5 star Warrick Resort in Fiji was not on our agenda except our travel agent knew of a very good deal.
  1. Get the best Accommodation for your family

    For many families one of the best ways to save money is to book an apartment or house; not only will you get a bit more space (vital for sanity) but you will get the chance to self-cater.   Self-catering while traveling is one of our top tips for saving money as well.

    So if you are looking for space and cooking facilities it is likely you will need an apartment on places like Airbnb or Flipkey (sign up to Airbnb here and you will get a voucher on us). In our experience  the very best apartments book well in advance – like 12 months – so get in there and get your apartments booked. (And don’t hesitate to ask for a discount, they can only say no!)  Whether you go with an apartment or hotel, remember book family travel early which means all aspects of family travel.


Why Book Family Travel Early?


  1. Review your passports and visa requirements.

Check your passports carefully.  If they need a renewal, there will be plenty of time to send them off and get a new one.  Should you need visas for the country of your destination, you will be aware and can send them off in the New Year.


  1. Spend your money on long term goals.

When everyone else is thinking about Christmas your focus will be on something that will give long term benefit – TRAVEL!  You hopefully won’t be so caught up in the purchasing frenzy that is associated with the Nov- December period as you are focused on your trip.  By not spending extravagantly on the festive season you will save loads of money.  Money that you can spend on you trip!


Why Book Family Travel Early?
The educational value of travel is without measure. Focus on the benefits for the family when the busy Christmas season is upon you!


  1. Quality time with your family on the holidays

In Australia, one of the best months for beaching – and spending time with your kids is January… why be planning a holiday when you could be out living life with them?


  1.  Have your inbox clean for the beginning of the New Year

Unsubscribe from those emails above!  In an act of New Year cleaning, don’t forget to unsubscribe from all the emails alerts once you have booked . There is nothing worse than thinking that you might have got a better deal at another time.  Plus, your inbox will be much cleaner!

Buy More Save More


How to plan for family travel?

How do you plan a family holiday?  There are many ways to plan a family holiday, and each way will suit different families.  However, this is how we go about getting a plan for our family holiday.

Tips to prepare for your travel!

What goes in our family travel medical kit?   This is our list of what we have included!

This is our guide to baby travel gear, which I very nearly titled, a guide to baby travel “stuff”As you evolve into the parent role, you realise that babies and toddlers have a lot of STUFF.  But what do you need?  This is our list.

Booked and ready to go? Pre departure checklists

For the last 24 hours – check this one out  Departure Day: a final checklist

For the week prior to departure take a look at Travel Packing List – 1 week to Departure

How to visualize the departure & get very organized – 1 month prior to departure

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    • That is hard if your work commitments change. I am not sure if November is a big month for airline sales in the UK…. but its a big month in Australia!

  • Great tips! My husband and I are a nightmare for changing our mind and delibrating for ages about where to go. We should just book a year in advance and then we don’t need to research and read any more reviews for the rest of the year!

  • I absolutely love planning ahead for future vacations! The planning process is so much fun for me! Plus, it gives us time to find great deals and get really excited about the trip.

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