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20 Great Gifts for a Road Tripper

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Last Updated on April 9, 2021 by Travels with Kids

If you’re looking for a gift for a road trip fan you know, then this guide is here to help.  All the best gifts for a road tripper are listed here, and we’ve only included road trip gift ideas that we really love.  They are all also highly rated, according to those who already own them.  Read on for a selection of the best road trip presents around.  Whether you need gifts for a road tripper that are adults, teens, or kids.

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road trip gift ideas

The 20 Greatest Gifts For A Road Tripper

 For your convenience, this guide is divided into two sections.  The first contains gifts for travel enthusiasts of any age, while the second details the best toys for car trips that kids will love.

20 Great Gifts for a Road Tripper 

15 Of The Best Gifts For Any Road Tripper

15 of the best gifts for people who love to travel are listed here.  If you’re looking for a kids’ gift idea, the separate section detailing the top toys for travel for keeping the kids entertained can be found lower down the page.

20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips

 Matador Pocket Blanket

It’s so tricky to please everyone in the car when you’re setting the vehicle’s inside temperature.  Kids and adults alike may also want to take a nap while someone else takes over driving duties.  So a neat pocket blanket like this is one of those road trip gifts that’s as cute as it is practical.

Whether your trip involves camping, beach days, picnicking or hiking – or simply long days spent on the road – this handy little blanket is a top-quality gift idea that comes complete with its own pouch.  It even has built-in ground stakes for those pit stops.  One of the many great gifts for a road tripper you can give.

20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips

Crave Box Care Package Gift Box

This road trip gift basket is the ideal present for anyone who already has it all.  What better way to show you care by keeping them well-fed when on the road?

This 60 item Crave Box features a combination of savory, sweet, salty, and healthy snack foods.  Each pack of cookies, popcorn, chips, or crackers is individually wrapped for convenience and to reduce mess.  From cereal bars and fruit snacks to cheese and peanut butter-based treats, this is our top pick among road trip basket ideas.


20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips

EP Auto Car Trash Can

So what do you do with all those food wrappers?  Put them in this vehicle trash can, that’s what.  If you don’t think that seems like a very exciting gift idea, think about how attractive a nice, clean, litter-free car will look.

There’s a choice of 4 colors, and a waterproof lining means it can even cope with those spills from soda cans that are a given when traveling with kids.


20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

While a pair of real Ray Bans isn’t cheap, this is a truly special gift that will last a lifetime.  This classic metal aviator frame never goes out of style, and purchasers can choose between an impressive 32 color combinations.  These include lilac, green, blue, or fuchsia mirrored shades and polarised lenses in various neutral tones.

As well as being a design classic, these Ray-Ban sunglasses have military-grade lenses made from scratch-resistant glass.  They also provide 100% protection from those damaging UV rays.  Make sure your recipient can see their way clearly for years to come with one of the most iconic gifts for road trips you’ll ever find.

gift for road trip

TableTopics Original

What are TableTopics?  They are a great way to soak some interesting conversations, getting everyone away from their screens.  Each card in this est of 135 asks an interesting question, which everyone can then discuss at their leisure.

While they’re designed for adults, TableTopics are also appropriate for anyone aged over 12.  From why you love your home town to the most scenic drive you’ve ever taken, these can stave off boredom for hours while helping everyone to connect.

gift for road trip

Veken Set Of 6 Packing Cubes

Anyone who tries out packing cubes wonders what they ever did without them.  This set of 6 from Veken comes in 6 cool color options too, not only giving you choice but meaning each family member can color-code their belongings.

Whether you store them in the trunk as they are or use them to maximize suitcase space, these cubes are particularly stylish and tough.  The durable fabric is even waterproof.  If you are still not convinced these are amazing, read our posts The Best Travel Packing Cubes and 5 Pro Tips For Using Packing Cubes For Family Travel.

gift for road trip

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Listening to music is a great way to unwind and while away those hours on the open road – but you can guarantee that everyone will want to listen to different sounds.  Problem solved with these noise-canceling headphones in stylish silver.

Generous padding, an ergonomic design, and memory foam earpads make them comfortable enough for all-day wear, and background noise is also filtered out.  This is one of those great gifts for road trippers of any age.

gift for road trip 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

 While at first glance a flask may seem to some like a slightly dull option, these colorful flasks really do make one of the best gifts for road trips.  Take a look at the gorgeous array of colors, for starters – how does Hibiscus, Pacific, Carnation, Spearmint, Watermelon, or Alpine grab you?  Then there are 7 more, too.

This stylish flask can keep drinks hot as well as making sure cold drinks stay cool.  A slip-free coating makes it easy to grab on the go, and there are various size options too.


gifts for road trips

Aeris Memory Foam Pillow

There’s surely no greater luxury than getting a good night’s sleep, making this one of those classic gifts for car travelers as well as frequent flyers.  It’s compact, with its own travel pouch, and can attach to your other luggage via a Velcro strap.

An eye mask and earplugs even come with the pillow, making this gift the complete package for anyone who wants to snooze away those miles.



gifts for road trips
 ‘The Open Road: 50 Best Road Trips in the USA’ by Jessica Dunham

This guide to the USA’s best road trips attracts awesome reviews on Amazon from happy purchasers.  Suggested itineraries are split into various categories, including family road trips, drives with amazing views, cross-country journeys, coastal routes, and more.  50 trips are listed, including iconic drives like Route 66, The Apache Trail in Arizona, Colorado’s Continental Divide, and the Californian coast.

The author is an experienced American road tripper and all sorts of helpful hints are included.  You can discover where to stay and eat, what to see and do and find out about the climate  – as well as health and safety tips.  Suggested podcasts and playlists are even mentioned, as are practical strategies for road-tripping with kids and pets.  A book is one of the most affordable gift ideas for road trips around, too.

gifts for road trips

Travel First Aid Kit

A 100 piece first aid kit is surely a road trip essential. This compact kit in its own neat little pouch has everything you should need – from scissors and tweezers to a selection of adhesive bandages.  It even includes a tourniquet, CPR mask, and blanket – plus a helpful first aid guide and much more.

Make sure the whole family has a healthy and happy trip with this ultimate road trip essentials gift.  As it’s pocket-sized, you can also carry it when taking it to the trails or heading to the beach.

gifts for road trips

Copper Compression Socks

This is surely among the most unique gifts for travelers.  If you’ve seen medical compression socks then you may not think they’re the most attractive hosiery ever.  However, these are totally different.  Purchasers can choose between an astonishing 26 options for their 6-pack.

From bright tropical or festive designs to monochrome patterns and plain colors, there’s a pack of socks here to keep every member of the family comfortable as well as healthy.


gifts for road trips

Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler

This Yeti cooler really can provide the entire family with the ultimate road trip care package.  A wine or 2-liter soda bottle can stand upright inside.  It is also designed to fit snugly behind the driver or passenger seat – or of course in the trunk.

The Roadie comes in 6 color options and is 10% lighter than its Yeti predecessor.  It can hold 20% more food and drinks and is up to 30% more thermally efficient.  A flexible handle also makes it easier to carry.

gifts for road trips

Reserwa Car Back Seat Organizer

This two-pack of car back seat organizers is among the best road trip gifts for anyone traveling with kids.  There are lots of separate storage pockets – including central clear ones that are designed for holding their iPad or tablet.

Drinks, books, snacks, toys – whatever they want to take this can hold it all tidily, without taking up any valuable seat or floor space.  The fabric is durable, waterproof, and easy to wipe clean.  It will also protect the seatbacks from mud and splashes.



road trip gift ideas

National Geographic Road Atlas: Adventure Edition

Who needs a paper atlas these days?  Well, any serious road tripper, for a start.  Otherwise, what do you do when there’s no cell phone signal, or the battery runs out on your phone just as you need directions?

This book from National Geographic is so much more than an atlas.  There are detailed guides to 24 National Parks as well as the top 100 adventure destinations.  Guaranteed to provide reading material for everyone during your trip.



20 Great Gifts for a Road Tripper


The 5 Best Road Trip Toys For Car Trips

If you’re buying for a younger person, then this mini-guide to the best toys for road trips is for you.  The must-have list of the best travel toys for kids includes reading material and a construction toy as well as options for the most creative children around.


road trip gift ideas

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

This LCD writing tablet with a stylus pen and e-writer really is one of the most versatile of the best toys for car trips.  The feel is like writing with traditional paper and pen, but without the issues of waste or running out of paper.  The Boogie Board comes in pink, blue or gray.

This handy device does not need charging, which makes it perfect for younger kids in particular.  It also comes complete with magnets and a kickstand. Older kids and adults will also love the features that allow you to save and share your scribbles and doodles.


road trip gift ideas

Aitey Magnetic Building Blocks Set

While certain construction toys are definitely not made for car trips, these magnetic blocks are much more practical.  The 54 pieces come complete with guide cards, so kids can make the most of every possible combination.

This magnetic puzzle toy is lightweight, durable, and non-toxic.  It’s also colorful, engaging, and educational – and has the capacity to amuse every member of the family.


gift ideas for road trips

National Geographic Kids’ US Road Trip Atlas

While it’s not strictly a toy, we have to include at least one book in this section.  This one from National Geographic is like a kids’ version of the road atlas listed above.  The great thing is that it’s packed with games, maps, and activities to keep them entertained for hours.  While ideal for kids aged between 8 and 12, it will also appeal to a younger audience.


gift ideas for road trips

Junior Me Reader Electronic Reader

A kids’ e-reader is a great alternative to packing lots of books for any long journey.  It takes up less space, as 8 illustrated books are included.  It’s an interactive toy, too, as the child can press the matching buttons to hear sounds that enhance each story.

Certainly a top pick among car ride toys for toddlers, an e-reader will also help to develop their reading, matching, comparing, and motor skills as they play.  There are various editions to choose from.



gift ideas for road trips 

Wikki Stix Traveler Playset

This Wikki Stix playset comprises a bright red carry case containing 144 Wikki Stix.  These are strips of wax-coated yarn that are made for molding and sculpting shapes.  Their creations can then be attached to any smooth surface, without leaving any residue once removed.

Each colored strip will attach to others, but unlike with other play materials, they don’t mix.  Nor do they leave blobs of sticky stuff all over your car!


20 Great Gifts for a Road Tripper


Top Tips For A Great Road Trip With Kids

 When it comes to taking road trips we’re seasoned parents (though perhaps not quite willing to claim that we’re seasoned pros).  To find out more about the do’s and don’ts we recommend, Tips For A Successful Road Trip With Kids.  Including all about singalongs, storytelling, and car sickness.  As well as why – sometimes – it’s best just to throw out the plan.


20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips


The Verdict – 20 Great Gifts For A Road Tripper

We really hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect gifts for a road tripper in your life – whatever their age and interests.  With so many beautiful and practical items listed, the only problem should be making your final choice.  Just remember, there’s always going to be another birthday, Christmas, or Thanksgiving to buy for in the future!


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20 Very Useful Gifts For Road Trips

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