Welcome to ‘A world of travels with Kids’. We are a multicultural family of 4 that enjoys responsible family adventures globally and locally.

We share what we do to inspire others to get out and explore; but to also seek balance and some calm in a fast paced world.  It’s not all about stamps in passports, but experiencing the world that we live in.

We hope to inspire families to get out and explore their local area but also that adventure is just one part of a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.  We  believe you don’t have to travel internationally to create awesome learning experiences for kids; that said we clock up a fair few frequent flier miles.

We aim promote living conscious, sustainable lifestyles with a minimal global footprint and aim to raise international citizens with compassion for all humanity.

World of Travels with ids are an honest family travel blog that focuses on blogging about what they know and love!  We are ‘real’ travellers and review places and hotels that they know well.

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More about our Travels with Kids!

Our Mumma Traveller clocked up some 40 countries as a backpacker, and always loved to write and take photos.  Then came an interlude of about 10 years where we fell in love with Peru, started a business, and a social enterprise, formed a long term relationship with Nicaragua, became 2, then 3, and then 4.   certainly in those early years there were travels with kids, but we were too busy to document them!

In sharing our adventures and travels with kids we are re-connecting with what makes us really passionate; being conscious world citizens exploring the world.

Now that we have the wonderful little people to share their perspective we realise that adventures can be locally or globally.  We are a bilingual family, with a smattering of Quechua thrown in (from Mumma’s days in the Andes). We have a strong sense of social justice, and believe its vitally important to stand up for things that matter.  It’s not just about travel, its about being a global citizen and ensuring that we have a positive impact and help to create greater global harmony.

We’ve been told our travel stories and hints are both useful and interesting, and so we will share them here for anyone who needs them. certainly, if you are planning travels with kids,  this is a great place to start your research or dreaming!

Time is a precious commodity, especially when the little ones are growing so fast – so we try too, to limit the work we do on the blog to be a valuable resource to all. with have much gratitude for anyone who takes the time to share our travels with kids, our adventures as a family.


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