Top Things To Do in Fiji For Kids

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There are so many things to do in Fiji for Kids you will be blown away! From tropical islands with great snorkelling to jungle adventures, your kids will find there is plenty to do.  Family activities Fiji are plentiful and a great opportunity for the family to recharge and connect together.

Without doubt the best family holidays in Fiji  are ones with something to keep all ages and stages happy.  Without further ado, we share with you the top things to do in Fiji for Kids.

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Top Things To Do In Fiji For Kids

Visit an Island

If there is one place where to go in Fiji – it should be an island! Yes, Fiji itself is an island, but known locally Vitu Levu is known as the ‘mainland’.  We highly recommend getting away from the “mainland” and staying on a tropical island for a few days!  This will be one of the most memorable Fiji with Kids things that you can do. Not only was the boat trip memorable, so was the feeling of being able to walk around a small tropical island.  Our kids really loved it and it was an unforgettable geography lesson!  Visiting an island should be top of your list when thinking about Fiji for families because the paradise like islands are the best places in Fiji!

Some of the most stunning islands – suitable for slightly older children – are the Yasawas Islands – take a look at where to stay in the Yasawas.

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Learn To Snorkel, Kayak or Paddle Board

With many resorts offering free gear hire, there is no reason your kids can’t learn to snorkel, kayak or paddle board while enjoying their Fiji family holiday.

This of course depends on the age of your youngsters, but many of the Mamanuca Island chain offers safe snorkelling options right off the beach!  Our pre-schooler had a great time putting on snorkelling masks and paddling around in the shallows using the mask.

Kayaking is another great activity to do in Fiji for kids.  The sense of accomplishment that our 7-year-old had after learning to kayak was immense!   There was no pressure (as there can be when you are racing against the clock) and we went back day after day for her to practice with the kayaks.

At another resort, on the Coral Coast, papa had a fab time with the Stand-up Paddle board.  In short, water sports should be high on your Fiji for Kids list and is one of the best family activities Fiji

There are plenty of child friendly hotels in the Mamanuca Islands.  One of our favorite is Mana Island Resort.  You can can see our beautiful photos in our Mana Island Resort review. 

For other options, take a look here at where to stay in the Mamanuca Islands.

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 Learn About Native Wildlife

One of the best things in Fiji for Kids is to learn about the local wildlife and a fantastic place for kids to see a variety of plant and animal life is at Kula Eco Park on the Coral Coast allows you to get close to iguanas and the Kula, Fiji’s national bird.   You get to hold an iguana and a snake, if you choose.  The Turtle feeding at 11am was a highlight.

There is a free water park in within the Kula Eco Park that our younger kids loved, and spent well over an hour.  If you wish to upgrade (for extra cost) then you can also do faster waterslides and even zip lining.   This would be a great activity for teens in Fiji.

It’s worth noting that the Kula Eco Park is not a huge nor polished wildlife or Adventure Park like you might experience in Australia or the USA.   You could easily visit it in less than 2 hours and combine your experience with a visit to the Sigatoka Sand Dunes.



Ride In An Open-Sided Bus

One of the cheapest things to do in Fiji is quite simply take the bus!!! The public buses in Fiji (on short routes) are all open sided meaning the air blows in on your face.  We used them on a number of short trips and found them lots of fun.  Not only that, it is a real lesson in humility.  To go slow through the countryside, see people load on/load off their belongings, and then begin to walk off into the jungle was very eye opening.  Not to mention the fun scramble to let down the plastic sides in a downpour.  The public buses are a great way to travel short distances in Fiji for kids as it is a fun and cultural experience.

Also, unlike many places in Asia we felt that Fiji was safe and that pickpocketing was a rarity so taking the bus was also easy for that reason.


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Visit A Local Village Or School

If you search ‘what to do in Fiji’ you will find there are many suggestions to visit a local village or School.  Many resorts encourage you to visit Fiji schools and bring supplies.   We did visit a school as part of a tour that was organised by our resort; a couple of people in this tour had brought school supplies to share as it had been recommended by their travel agent.

While we were there we talked to the principal about the random supplies that were bought. They seemed appreciative to receive the gifts but I had to ask myself:

  • Would I want people visiting kids in their school daily?
  • Was it useful to bring random supplies to school in an uncoordinated way?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to have a responsible and sustainable approach to visiting schools?

I wondered who got more out of the interaction – the tourists or the children?  My recommendation is that if you are going to visit a Fijian school do your research and do it with a reputable travel company that answers the above questions.

What about visiting a local village?

Fiji has fascinating land tenure issues, and a strong tradition of inviting guests into their village via a ceremony where you drink Kava.  We strongly support their maintenance of this way of life.

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Visit A Waterfall in the jungle

With some lush jungles and mountainous terrain Fiji has some lovely waterfalls.

Our trek to the Biausevu Waterfall on the Coral Coast was a highlight for us. There were 9 creek crossings which was fun, though hard on your feet.   (Take Crocs if you have them!)   Our horse mad daughter was delighted to ride a horse to the waterfall. Walking through the jungle canopy was an easily accessible adventure and a view into the local life as we walked through farmland as well.   We stopped and a coconut was split open for us and we drank the coconut milk.

Another popular waterfall and jungle hike is the Colo-I-Suva Waterfall Tour which we covered in the Best things to do in Suva Fiji post.


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Suva Market

Suva’s sprawling market is right in the center of this modest city. From the fish market right on the wharf, to fruit and veggies, and the colorful flower market, this place had it all.  We were the only foreigners there and felt the people were genuinely welcoming.

Plus, because English is one of the main languages in Fiji, we were able to ask what certain fruit and veggies were and have little conversations with the people. This is a rarity when you are traveling overseas, and visiting markets without a guide. It also makes communicating in Fiji for kids easy.

We loved our time in Suva visiting a number of famous Fiji famous landmarks which we have covered in the best things to do in Suva Fiji. 

We enjoyed being in the center of the city in Suva, for a full list of properties in the capital, click here. One of our most favorite hotels in Fiji with kids is The Grand Pacific Hotel SuvaYou can check out our full review here.

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Attend Church

Whatever your creed or belief system it is powerful to be part of a village congregation assembling to share their faith and raise their voices in stunning, powerful songs.  We don’t normally attend church, so this raised important discussion with our children about faith and weekly checking in with your spiritual side.

We were staying at the First Landing Resort when we attended a local service and would highly recommend checking in wherever you are staying for Sunday services.  Check here for current rates to stay at the First Landing Resort.

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Learn a cultural craft

One of the best family activities Fiji is learning a cultural craft, like Islander Dancing, Shell Necklace Making, Coconut Hunting, and Or Basket Making

Fiji is exceptionally well organized for young children – that is why Fiji for Kids makes perfect sense. Every resort we stayed at had a Kids club with a full complement of activities, from dawn to dusk.     Even if you don’t “use” kids clubs, definitely join in some of the activities alongside your kids.  We did this and had a wonderful time making baskets and shell necklaces.   There are nannies abound for younger children, while the Kids Club programs are culturally oriented.

With kid’s clubs and organized activities abound, it definitely makes traveling in Fiji with kids easy and enjoyable. The wide number of kid’s options at Kids Clubs is definitely one of the reasons why family holidays in Fiji make a lot of sense.

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Horseback Riding

Horse-riding is a popular activity for kids in Fiji; but you need to ask around to find some horses!

Our daughter is horse mad, therefore it was a given that she would want to ride wherever possible.  We rode to the Biasevu Waterfall on the Coral Coast as well as at the Double Tree Resort.  Horseback riding is a great activity in Fiji for kids (and adults too).  Without a doubt your kids will still be talking about their riding adventures long after they return home.

For the latest rates at the Doubletree Sonaisali Island, click here.


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Get Dirty – Take a Mud Bath

The Sabeto Hot Springs – and Mud Bath are lots of fun; and a little bit challenging for kids.   We took the dark mud and smeared ourselves all over, allowing it to dry and then crack.  Then, we climbed into the murky pools to wash it all off, moving through a series of the heated pools that were warm and lots of fun.    And, it did have definite benefits for our skin – it was soft and smooth afterwards, and our daughter’s eczema was markedly improved for a week afterward!

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Bonus Ideas – Fiji with Teenagers

When we visited Fiji our children were still young and not into adventurous family activities (they were 7 and 3.5 at the time of our Fiji Holiday). We talked about our next Fiji adventure when they were older.  These activities are more suitable for older tweens or teens. Without a doubt Family Holidays in Fiji do cater to all ages.

Here are some ideas to get for Fiji with Teens

Sigatoka Jet Boat Safari

Guaranteed to get your blood pumping this tour takes you by roaring jet boat up the Sigatoka river where you will visita number of different villages and be welcomed in a traditional Kava Ceremony.

Zip lining

there are a number of different locations around Nadi or Pacific Harbor.  We can’t vouch for safety or maintenance. 

  • Zip Fiji Nadi in Pacific Harbour
  • Sleeping Giant Zipline, Orchid Falls & Jungle Safari – 6 zip lines

Fiji For Kids, rainforest

Navala Village tour

If you are keen on showing your kids a little bit of Fijian life, you might like to make the trip North of to the Navala village where you can visit the school (on school days) and see how the Fijian people used to live in traditional houses.  This is one of the few remaining villages that maintains this traditional building practice. You can visit yourself if you have a rental car or with a guide.


Shark Dives

If you have adrenaline junkie teens then you will definitely have their attention when you mention diving with sharks without a cage in Fiji!  Check out  Aqua-Trek Shark Dive   which has a sustainable operation, and a perfect safety record.

Fiji for Kids – the Verdict

Fiji for Kids is a great place to visit. There are loads of outdoor adventure sports, wildlife and trekking.  Or, if your children are more culturally oriented they will enjoy time in the Kids Clubs.  If you are travelling to Fiji with Teens there are also some really awesome options to keep them occupied.  In short our verdict is family holidays in fiji have got something for everyone

Want To Know More About Fiji With Kids?

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Where Did We Stay In Fiji? During our time in Fiji, it was important to us to see out family friendly Fiji hotels that would make our stay affordable and memorable!

Below are some of our favorite travel guides for Fiji.  These are perfect guides to plan before you go and to take with you.


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