Things To Do In Suva Fiji

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If you are looking for things to in Suva Fiji then look no further!  This is our family’s tested list of what to do in Suva Fiji with kids.  First of all, Suva is a long way from the touristed side of Fiji that is centered around the city of Nadi, the Denarau resort area, and the Mamanuca island chain.   A lot of tourists never make it to Suva and that is part of its charm!  With a laid back vibe (well, for a capital city it was sleepy) it just felt like you had stepped back in time.

There are not a lot of things to do in Suva but certainly enough to fill two days.   Without a doubt, Suva is on our Fiji best places to visit list because it was un-touristed and unique.

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Things To Do In Suva Fiji
Downtown Suva Fiji

Things To Do In Suva Fiji Our Top Recommendations

Fiji Museum, The Moana Boat And Walk In The Botanical Gardens

Things To Do In Suva Fiji
The “Moana” Boat in the Fiji Museum

The Fiji Museum is on the top of the places to visit in Suva.  When you arrive at the modest building you will be surprised.  In fact, even after entering you will be perplexed – it is dusty and rundown.  The exhibits are not interactive and there is lots of writing, which is not great for kids.  However, if you can look past this you will discover an extensive archaeological collection.  As well as some fantastic insight into both the native Fijian population and the introduction of the Indian population.   This should be vital reading for anyone visiting Fiji!

The kids loved the Moana boats in the entry section.  If you have a Moana fan we would definitely recommend a visit to the Fiji Museum if for no other reason.


Suva with kids
Thurston Gardens, Suva

Outside the museum, the kids had a good run in Thurston Garden.  Tropical and lush the capital city’s botanical gardens were a far cry from being sculptured or well maintained.  There are a fountain and a clock tower but in general, not a lot to see.

Suva Market

Suva with kids
Locals were friendly in the Suva Market

Suva Market is also listed high on things to do in Suva lists and with good reason.  This is a huge bustling market that totally caters to locals.  In fact, if you are visiting the Suva Market with the intention of picking up cheap handicrafts you will be sorely disappointed.

Like all around the world the market is full of people going about their business; like farmers in from the country selling their fruits and vegetables.  You will see different types of tubers like yams and kumala as well as lots of tropical fruits like papayas and pineapple.  We liked that you couldn’t but one, but you had to buy the whole heap.

Also worth visiting at the Suva market is the seafood section which is most active in the early morning as fishermen come in with their catch.  There are fish of every different type and most of them will be completely unfamiliar.  Like many markets, the children can either find it curious or repulsive to see the crabs tied up and a direct connection to their food.

We loved Suva Market we included it on our fab list of things to do in Fiji for Kids.

Playground On Foreshore, Adjacent To The Grand Pacific Hotel Suva

Things To Do In Suva Fiji
Wherever we go, a playground makes them happy!

As we travel frequently with kids we know just how important a playground is to keeping everyone sane!  Therefore we spent an hour or so playing in this playground and having a good run around. We even met some expat kids who lived in Suva – always a bonus!

Suva City Walking tour

Things To Do In Suva Fiji
A church on the Suva Walking Tour

There are a number of Suva walking tours listed on websites and on the Lonely Planet guidebook.   Suva is small and it was very easy to walk around in a couple of hours.  There were few people and it seems quiet and safe.  Remember the heat in Fiji is scorching so try to leave in the early morning or late afternoon.  Apparently the downtown is deserted on the weekend so it is best to do this walking tour during the week.

Walk Along The Foreshore Of Suva Harbour

Suva Harbour Fiji
Suva Foreshore

We wandered back from the center of Suva to our beautiful hotel, the Grand Pacific Suva along the foreshore of the harbor.  There were people going about their daily business, an evangelical concert in a park and beautiful views out over the harbor with many boats moored.   We were told that the Suva foreshore was totally safe during the day, less so at night.

Dinner At Tiko’s Floating Restaurant Suva, Fiji

Things To Do In Suva Fiji
Tiko’s Floating Restaurant Suva

One of the most memorable things to do in Suva Fiji is dinner on a boat – or better known as Tikos Floating Restaurant.  The idea of eating dinner on a nice old boat moored in the harbor rocking and rolling as if you are on a boat is very appealing to us!  We were told that the best dish is mud crab or qari curried in coconut cream.  Some nights have live music and reviewers describe it as a very romantic venue.  The floating restaurant was high on our Suva activities list but on the night we had planned to go the toddler was misbehaving and the idea of taking him for dinner on a boat was overwhelming.

Sunset Drinks At The GPH

When we stayed at the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva the most famous guest to date was Queen Elizabeth.  After we stayed Prince Harry and his wife Megan stayed.  You get the picture.  The Grand Pacific Hotel is one of those places that ooze charm and are absolutely gorgeous.

We splurged on a stay at the Grand Pacific Suva, but if you don’t want to, definitely make sure you have sunset drinks at the GPH.  It seemed to have a lot of non-guests milling about.  The kids loved swimming in the pool and we loved the drinks while watching the sunset.  Totally worthwhile. For more photos take a look at our Grand Pacific Hotel Review.

Colo-I-Suva Waterfall Tour 

Of all the things to see in Suva we wished we had of done was the Colo-i-Suva Waterfall tour.   It is about a 30-minute ride in a taxi from downtown Suva (unless of course, you are renting a car in Fiji).

As expected in the tropical rainforest it is humid and wet, and the paths down to the pools slippery and not well maintained.  The pools are man-made and popular with Fijians.

Where To Buy The Best Souvenirs In Fiji

Where To Buy The Best Souvenirs In Fiji
Papa proudly wearing a Bula Shirt!

As mentioned above, the Suva Market is not a place to buy souvenirs.  We did quite a lot of souvenir shopping in Suva at Jacks and Tappoos.  Both of these stores have outlets in Nadi and at many of the resorts and everything seems to be priced the same

Our daughter loved shopping in the Indian dress shops in Suva but we found the gorgeous dresses would have been very expensive.

Our favorite Fiji Souvenir was a Bula Shirt which papa wore the rest of the time we were in Fiji.

best hotesl in suva fiji
The doormen at the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva

What Are The Best Hotels In Suva Fiji

Grand Pacific Hotel Suva

In terms of Fiji famous landmarks, there is only one really iconic place to stay – the Grand Pacific Suva.

Price-wise it comes in the same price bracket as the other business-oriented hotels in Suva Fiji.

The Grand Pacific Hotel is a pacific institution and has had many famous guests over the years from Somerset Maugham through to the Queen, and most recently Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.  From sunset drinks overlooking Suva harbor to wide colonial verandas, it is hard to not get caught up in romantic notions of the Pacific as it used to be.  Where adventurers wore linen and were utterly chivalrous.

The Grand Pacific Hotel had a makeover a few years back and the bulk of the rooms are now in a totally modern, luxury wing.  Unless of course you are Royal and stay in the royal suites!

For us, of all the hotels in Suva Fiji, the Grand Pacific Suva is without doubt head and shoulders above the rest.   Our review of the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva includes plenty of photos to inspire.  Check here for current rates to stay at The Grand Pacific Suva.


The grand pacific Suva
View from our room at the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva

Holiday Inn Suva

The Holiday Inn Suva is the other often-mentioned hotels in Suva.  Just up the road from the Grand Pacific it also offers fine harbor views and is very popular with the business crowd.  It is a large complex around a modest-sized pool overlooking the harbor.  Reviews indicate that the rooms are modern and comfortable and exactly what you would expect from a Holiday Inn.

While technically there are no Suva resorts, the Holiday Inn Suva is the most resort-like of the hotels, with palm trees gracing the edge of the pool.  It is a tad cheaper than the Grand Pacific Hotel.  Check here for current rates to stay the Holiday Inn Suva.


What to do in Suva
Tanoa Plaza Hotel

Tanoa Plaza Hotel Suva

Located high up on the hill, the Tanoa Plaza is the last of the business style hotels in Suva Fiji.  An older style building the rooms have been recently renovated.  The balconies are small and people rave about the views across Suva Harbour, especially sunset.

For families visiting Suva, the price tag is similar to the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva or the Holiday Inn, but this hotel seems older.  Also important the pool seems much smaller than the other two hotels.  Given that Suva is hot and humid having a good pool will be important for most children.  Check here for currents rates to stay at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel Suva.


what to do in Suva Fiji
On our way to Mc Donalds where we played with a local Indian family in the Mc Donalds Playground.

Things To Do In Suva – The Verdict

We loved our visit to Suva with Kids; we felt more like travelers than people simply visiting Fiji for a stay at a resort (although that is fine too).  If you are looking for Fiji famous landmarks then Suva is full of them – from the Fiji Museum & the clock tower to the Grand Pacific Hotel.

With a laid back charm and not in the main touristed area, Suva can almost be considered an off the beaten path Fiji destination.


Things To Do In Suva Fiji



If you are looking for more information on Fiji, we highly recommend these Fiji guidebooks.  Click each photo to see the current price on Amazon.


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Things To Do In Suva Fiji


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