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Family Vacation Planner services

If you have found our webpage, and to this page, it’s likely you are like us, part of a family that loves travel.  Maybe you are even planning a trip; but don’t know where to start? That is where our family vacation planner services help!

We know how it is:  squeezing in some travel planning between school pickups, or skimping on the zizz’s reading hotel reviews.  It’s a HUGE job to plan a trip to a place that you have never been too.  A family holiday planner saves you a lot of time by providing a expert ear and pointing you in the right direction!

Now, of course, there are travel agents – and they will do their best, but many of them don’t have the experience of travelling with a small family or in an independent manner… time and time again I see recommendations for big corporate stuff.

And of course there are blogs – hundreds of them – and if you have a lot of time (… and as parent we know you don’t…) then you can work your way through them, bookmark them and make an itinerary.

You can also ask us for help.

But WHY do I need a Family Travel Planner?

We are not a travel agent – we don’t book things for you!

We mentor you – and bounce around ideas for travel to places we know well.

Ariana has done this for over 15 years, and built a business (Apus Peru) about her ability to give honest, accurate and informative travel advice. Her reply “I just answer people’s questions honestly. And if I don’t know, I will say so”.

So – if you would like ideas for organising a trip to Peru, Nicaragua,  Western Australia, or Bali, we would love to help. Shoot us an email with your questions and we will let you know if we can help (or not).

From there we can organise a Skype call (during school hours!) or a written reply via email.  We charge $40 AU per hour, payable via Paypal prior to the call/email.

write to Ariana now:

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About Us

Hi! We are a multicultural family from Peru, Nicaragua & Australia. We believe adventures can be global – and local – and are one part of our sustainable lifestyle, and raising children who are global eco-citizens.