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Thinking of traveling to Singapore with kids?

Check out our Singapore destination guide filled with places to visit in Singapore and tons of practical information with links to resources!  We hope we can clearly show to you why visit Singapore with family, and answer questions like, when is the best season to visit Singapore.

Little India Singapore, Singapore with Kids
Exploring murals in Little India Singapore

Singapore With Kids – Our Singapore Destination Guide

If you ask travelling families, where is a truly GREAT destination for travelling with kids,  Singapore will nearly always be on the list.  This compact city-state is easy to great around,  has many fantastic kid friendly facilities and due to its small size travelling times are short.  The main drawback to visiting Singapore with Kids for long periods is that Singapore can be quite expensive and it is hard to find cheap options. That is why we have rated it low for variation in budgets.

We Rate Singapore 4/5 For Kids

  • Kid-friendly facilities – 5/5
  • Variation in budgets – 1/5
  • Tourist levels – 2/5
  • Travel times – 5/5
The Jewel, Changi Airpot

What Is The Best Time  To Visit Singapore

There really is no “best” season to visit Singapore.  Singapore is a year-round destination but it can hot and humid all year round.  If you are traveling to Singapore with kids, keep in mind that it is located very close to the equator.  The heat and sun exposure is a concern in Singapore.  Planning activities and visiting highlights in Singapore around the heat of the day and air-conditioning is a real thing.

Although Singapore doesn’t have a typical “wet” and “dry” season, generally dry season is considered February through August.  However, don’t expect it you will escape showers completely.  Singapore experiences showers even in the typical dry season and the humidity is relatively high all year.


When Should I Avoid Visiting Singapore

Again, there isn’t really a time to necessarily avoid Singapore.  Monsoon season in Singapore is November through the end of January.

If air quality is a concern, avoid May through August.  Agricultural fires in Sumatra cause smokey and hazy conditions during these months.  However, depending on the direction of the wind, not every day is like this.  If you have respiratory issues either avoid Singapore during these months or wear a mask while visiting.

Christmas and Lunar New Year are peak travel times in Singapore.  There are crowds and accommodation prices are inflated.  Singapore can be an expensive place to travel, so if you are on a budget avoid peak holiday times.

Shop ’til you drop, Arab Street

Singapore Festivals And Events To Plan Around

January – Lunar New Year day is a public holiday celebrated on the 1st.  Chinese New Year is celebrated sometime between January and February each year. The exact dates coincide with the Chinese Lunar calendar.

January in Singapore also see’s Singapore Art week, and the Singapore Fringe Festival.

February – The Chingay Parade is a street parade that takes place yearly in February (can also take place in January depending on the year).  It coincides with the Chinese New Year and celebrates the birthdays of the Chinese deities.  Expect floats, festivities, and celebrations!

April – The Singapore Film Festival is held yearly in April.  It is known as one of the most prestigious film festivals in all of Asia.  It is also the countries longest-running independent cultural event.  Over 200 international films are screened along with other seminars and festivities.

May – The most important holiday for Buddhists in Singapore happens in May.  Vesak Day celebrates the birth and enlightenment of Buddha.  Vesak is a more subdued celebration than other holidays in Singapore and includes a vegetarian food festival, singing, and talks and the temples.

Restaurant in Little India, Singapore

July – The Great Singapore Sale happens annually from May through July.  This is the biggest shopping event in Singapore.  Retailers offer deep discounts and there are many hosted shopping event.s

August –   National Day is held annually on August 9th which includes the iconic National Day Parade.  National Day, which celebrates Singapore’s independence, takes place at the Marina Bay.  It is marked by celebrations and an impressive fireworks display.

September – Hari Raya Puasa or Eid Ul Fitrm, which marks the end of Ramadan takes place annually in September or October. Eid Ul Fitrm is the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.  The Malay community in Singapore celebrates Hari Raya Puasa with singing, dancing, celebration, and elaborate feasts.

October – Deepavali (festival of lights) is the most significant holiday for Hindus in Singapore.  It takes place in either October or November.  Celebrated in the Little India district of Singapore, Deepavali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.  Little India is decorated in colored lights, flowers, and traditional decorations.

December – Christmas is a widely-celebrated public holiday in Singapore.  The Christmas season is Singapore is much like it is anywhere else in the world.  Christmas festivities usually begin in early December and last up until Christmas Day.

Cloud Forest Dome, Gardens by the Bay

Why Enjoy A Singapore Family Vacation

A Singapore Family Vacation makes perfect sense if you are looking for a fun filled, action packed kid friendly holiday.

We love Singapore due to its cultural diversity – where else in the world can you expose children to Malay, Arab, Chinese and Indian cultures all in one trip?  It is also easy for children to understand Singapore’s cultural diversity due to seeing many different cultures ‘side by side’.

Singapore is also an extremely modern, easy to get around city. We chose to travel by the clean and airconditioned Metro (MRT) for much of the time,  while there are also many taxi’s  as well as Uber and Grab.  English is widely spoken so if you find yourself lost in Singapore, then there is always someone nearby to help.  This makes travel in Singapore less stressful than many other places in Asia.

In addition to being a modern city, Singapore is also future thinking and there are many examples that will blow your mind! The Marina Bay Sands (which my son described as the upside down boat) is a jaw dropping site, and the Gardens by the Bay  and Super Trees of Singapore are not only a great bucket list item to tick off but also extremely educational.  Oh, and did I mention fun? Make sure you don’t miss the free water playground at Gardens by the Bay!

To round out our favourite things to do in Singapore with kids we will mention out whole family’s favourite thing to do in Singapore – the Art Science Museum was simply awesome.

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