Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

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Gardens by the Bay is the MOST iconic site in Singapore.  Worldwide, the Super Trees are recognizable as a bucket list spot.  It is natural then, that you will want to visit Gardens by the Bay with kids.   Why not plan the BEST visit possible with our tips?

So, while it is easy to find information about Gardens by the Bay, we’re here to help you plan to get the best out of your Gardens by the Bay visit when traveling with kids.   Having spent plenty of time researching our visit, I’m confident that we offer unique and kid-friendly ideas about how to get the best out of your visit to the Gardens by the Bay Singapore and the Supertree Grove.

There are three main sections in the Gardens by the Bay that were of interest to our family.  The first was the domes (The Flower and Cloud Forest Dome).  The second was the Supertree Grove and the third was the children’s section.  This section includes the Gardens by the Bay children’s water park and the playground.

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gardens by the bay, Singapore
A beautiful view of the Super Trees, at the Gardens by the Bay

Planning Your Day At Gardens By The Bay

Singapore is hot and humid, and we strongly recommend that you plan your day around the heat.   We visited these beautiful gardens over 3 days and allowed lots of time for gardens by the bay water play.

How Long Does It Take To See The Gardens By The Bay?

We were traveling with multiple ages of children and an elderly person and went slowly.  In all our total visit time was eight to nine hours.  This means you could dedicate just one whole day to Gardens by the Bay Singapore, and still have a successful visit.

However, in our experience, it’s far better to have the children engaged and stimulated for a couple of hours than for a whole day when they invariably will get tired and grumpy.  In our Gardens by the Bay itinerary, we visited over three days.  This was ideal because we broke it up with other nearby (air-conditioned) sites like the Marina Bay Sands.

gardens by the bay, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay Day 1: The Domes (The Cooled Conservatories)

Gardens by the Bay has some incredibly unique gardens that are outside.  If you arrive early in the morning (it opens at 8:30 am) you can visit the clock dial, the Kingfisher and Lotus Gardens which are located in the central area.  By the time the heat begins to climb (which is usually by 10:30 am), head to the Garden Domes.  The first Garden Dome we visited was the Flower Dome.  It features garden exhibits from all around the world like South Africa, South America, California, and Australia.

Interestingly a lot of the featured gardens were very similar to what we grow in our garden at home in Perth Western Australia.  This was an interesting experience for our family.  It was nice to see plants we see every day admired so enthusiastically by thousands of people.

Another Flower Dome highlight for the children was the wood crafted animals that abound through the garden.  These included horses, dragons, and antelope all.   As if the amazing plant displays are not enough to keep your kids happy, the dome is maintained at 23- 25 degrees Celsius (74-77 Deg F).   This means it’s not quite air-conditioned, but it’s very pleasant to move around and you don’t feel the heat outside.  Depending on the season that you visit, there’s also a changeable seasonal display.  When we visited, the Flower Dome was celebrating the Chinese New Year and highlighted an orchid extravaganza.

Inside the Flower Dome, there are plenty of places to sit down and rest for an older person.  In our case, we also stopped and fed the baby in the cool air while the children played nearby.  In total, we spent one and a half hours in the Flower Dome.  As soon as we walked outside the reality of Singapore’s midday heat hit us.  We quickly moved over to the Cloud Forest Dome, which you’ll immediately recognize from Instagram and social media.  The Cloud Forest Dome is truly spectacular from the time you enter to the spray of an amazing waterfall.

There is no doubt that the Cloud Forest Dome was our kids’ favorite;  it wasn’t just the spectacular walkways and waterfalls, it is that we had mini-adventures within the dome.

flower dome singapore

Our little Lego fanatics favorite part of the Cloud Forest Dome was the very creative Lost World  Lego Garden.  This unexpected discovery left true smiles of joy on our small people’s faces.  Without a doubt, the Gardens by the Bay captures the magic of gardens and your whimsical side.  Your imagination is allowed to run wild and a true appreciation of plants can’t help but bloom.

At the same time, when you’re traveling with a nine-year-old, a five-year-old and a baby, there is only so much magic that we can absorb in one day.  At this point, we headed home to our hotel!

We visited from around 10 am – 12noon, and it was busy but not intolerably so.  The busiest time of the day for the conservatories is apparently after 4 pm through to 7 pm when the Gardens by the Bay light show commences.

Accessibility With A Baby

The Cloud Forest Dome is 100% accessible.  The elevated walkways are designed in such a way that while they are high, they were easy for us all to walk over.  We never felt afraid of the height.

When you’re traveling with a baby in a pram, we had to keep going in and out of lifts to access the different levels.  So while it is pram friendly and kid-friendly, it is also a bit inconvenient and would’ve been better us to park the pram at the bottom and carry the baby in her sling.

Gardens By The Bay Ticket Prices

We liked that you could buy separate tickets for the different attractions at Gardens by the Bay; and especially that the vast majority of the gardens were free and required no ticket at all!

In 2019, entry to the two conservatories (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest Dome) was Adult $28 & Child (up to 12) $15.   We made the purchases quickly and easily before entering.

Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

Gardens By The Bay Day 2: The Super Tree Grove & Children’s Activities

The next day we were a little wiser and a little smarter and arrived at the Supertrees by 8:30 am.   The Supertrees are engineering marvels and an absolute icon of Singapore.  However, by the time we had queued for a very short time (due to our early start) and made it up onto the high walkway, our not so epic little travelers were already hot and bothered!  The walkway itself offered spectacular views of Singapore and the Gardens by the Bay.  It was not busy when we visited so we took our time.  Keep in mind that even early in the morning it was hot, and we were exposed.

The OCBC Skyway Tree Top Walk through the Supertree Grove is open from (9 am to 9 pm) with peak hours after dark.  In peak times each visitor is only allowed 15 minutes of entry.

From the Supertrees we headed directly over to the Gardens by the Bay Water Park and let the kids loose where they played happily.  Entry to the water park is 100% free!  We’d packed our own lunch and had lunch under the shaded area before the kids went back to do some more water play.

Our kids wore their rashies, hats and lots of sunscreen.  While this is a great water park, it is fully exposed and kids could get very sunburnt in the tropical heat.

The Garden by the Bay Water Park is located immediately adjacent to the Far East Organization Children’s Playground which is an excellent adventure playground.  It’s a one-way circuit that can be done in about 20 minutes.  We did this circuit twice.  However, given the extreme heat didn’t engage in some great play equipment as much as we would have normally.

To be honest, in Australia we have some incredible free water parks and playgrounds so our kids are very spoiled by having access to some ‘wow’ free kids play area.   The Gardens by the Bay Children’s Playground was very good, but it wasn’t incredible compared to our playgrounds.  So considering the heat and what our children were normally exposed to, they didn’t spend as long as they might have otherwise.

Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

Gardens By The Bay Day 3:  Supertrees By Night & Gardens By Bay Light Show

Our third visit to Gardens by the Bay was at night and this time.  Instead of taking taxis, we decided to take the MIT.  This meant we avoided the taxi queue after the light show at Gardens by the Bay. During the cooler night hours, we visited the Giant Baby statue as well as enjoying running in the Colonial and Malay Gardens.  In terms of enjoying the Gardens by the Bay, I do think we enjoyed this evening’s exploration the most due to the coolness of the night.

Gardens by the Bay Light Showtimes are at 7:45 pm and 8:45, but we would strongly recommend arriving about 2 hours before.  Not only to get a good spot to watch the show but to enjoy the Gardens. The light show is only 15 minutes in duration and it costs nothing but it is very worthwhile.  We recommend finding a spot at least 30 minutes before the show starts.  We enjoyed some biscuits and a refreshing drink while watching

Entering from the Marina Bay Sands side of the gardens you get some very different perspectives of the Supertrees before following the crowds to the  Supertree Grove itself.

We watched the light show from immediately underneath one of the large trees and this was a very good viewpoint.  In retrospect, the best spot to watch the night show at Gardens by the Bay would be from the grassed area immediately adjacent to the Supertree food hall.  There was a lovely grassed area and it had the best view of the Supertrees at night.


Garden By The Bay Ticket Price

With the majority of attractions at the Gardens by the Bay free, you could visit and not pay an entrance fee and have an amazing experience.  The tickets allow you entry to the Cooled Conservatories and the Supertrees Walkway.  Both wonderful and special, but if you are traveling on a budget you might prefer to do one attraction only.  We would pick the Conservatories or Domes in preference to the walkway.

Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

For up to date information, check out Garden by the Bay Singapore’s website here.

Side Note – Get travel insurance!  Even though Singapore is extremely clean and safe, accidents happen.  Singapore is generally hot and humid year round; for someone not acclimated this could cause issues.  Not only does travel insurance typically cover health-related incidents but make sure it includes evacuation, medical coverage, theft, and cancellation.  World Nomads offers really affordable Family Travel Insurance.

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Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

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Gardens By The Bay Singapore With Kids

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