Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

Thinking of booking family holidays to Thailand?  That is a great choice!  Thai people love kids – and especially love babies.  You will find your children greeted enthusiastically everywhere!

Check out our Thailand destination guide filled with places to visit in Thailand and tons of practical information with links to resources!  You will find all the information you need to for your Thailand family vacation.

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Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

Thailand With Kids – Our Thailand Destination Guide

We Rate Thailand Family Holidays 4/5 For Kids

Kid-friendly Facilities – 4

Variation In Budgets – 5

Tourist Levels – 3

Travel Times – 4

Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Thailand?

As Thailand has a tropical climate, the weather tends to warm and humid (even hot!) throughout the year.  Tourists and families flock to Thailand year-round making there really no right or wrong time to visit Thailand with kids.

It is usually said that the best time to visit Thailand is late November to early April.  This is when rain is least likely, temperatures are milder, but there is still plenty of sun and good weather to enjoy your Thailand vacation.  However, if you are happy to have overcast days and bursts of rain, then the rainy season in Thailand means some very good deals on accommodation and tours.  Family holidays to Thailand can be enjoyed all year round.

Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

When Should I Avoid Visiting Thailand?

Again, there is not really a time that Thailand should be avoided.  It really depends on what activities your family is interested in.

Monsoon season in Thailand is July through October.  During this period, it rains frequently, with heavy downpours, and hot and humid air.  Flooding is also quite common in places like Bangkok and Southern Thailand has seen severe flooding in years past.

That is not to say travel should be avoided.  Visiting Thailand during the rainy season means cheaper prices on hotels and resorts and fewer tourists overall.  In fact, our last trip to Thailand family vacation was at the end of the rainy season, and we had a wonderful time!

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Thailand’s Festivals And Events To Plan Around

January –  Chinese New Year is celebrated sometime between January and February each year.  The exact dates coincide with the Chinese Lunar calendar.  Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout Thailand but the biggest festivities are held in Bangkok.  Expect parades, fireworks, food, and festivities.

thailand family holidays

April – Songkran celebrated the 13th-15th is known as the Thai New Year and water festival. A deeply religious date on the Buddhist calendar and it also marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year. Huge, friendly water fights take place in the streets.  Make sure to waterproof your goods as no one stays dry.

 July – The King’s birthday is celebrated on July 28th.  King Maha Vajiralongkorn is the new King of Thailand, succeeding his father, and thus his birthday is a national holiday.  It is celebrated annually throughout Thailand with fireworks, parades, and festivities.

October – The Phuket Vegetarian Festival takes place each year in October.  The festival celebrates the belief in the Chinese culture that sustaining from meat during the 9th lunar month brings prosperity and good health.  However, be warned, this festival is not only about enjoying delicious vegetarian dishes.  This festival is bizarre and shocking as many locals pierce their faces and body with different objects in an attempt to purify their souls.  This can be a bloody festival and a particularly gruesome festival.  If you have younger kids you might want to avoid this festival or book your Thailand family holidays for another time.

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NovemberChiang Mai’s Lantern Festival takes place every November.  Many people have seen the Instaworthy photos of the lanterns being released but there is more to the festival such as religious ceremonies, parades, and other festivities.  Festivities do take place in other Northern Thailand villages outside of Chiang Mai.  The holiday is officially known as Loi Krathong and Yi Peng and coincides with the lunar calendar.

December – Father’s Day, observed December 5th. King Bhumibol Adulyadej was the longest-reigning monarch in the world before his death in 2016. So beloved by the Thai people they call his birthday Father’s Day.

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Why Enjoy A Thailand Family Holiday?

Thailand is well-organized for families which makes it an excellent place to travel with the kids.  Many resorts have special kids facilities like water slides, kids pools, and especially kid’s clubs.  The Thai people themselves are easy-going and also love children.  Our songthaew driver kept volunteering to look after the baby while we did activities, and the waitresses in restaurants quite literally took the baby out of the high chair more than once.

Thailand offers such a diversity of options you can enjoy as luxurious or budget experience as the bank account dictates.  All the same, time you are enjoying interesting cultural experiences.   Without a doubt Thailand family holidays are easy and a great place to start your international travels with the kids.

Thailand family vacation

Places To Visit In Thailand With Kids And Practical Advice


While your first thought when you hear Phuket is ‘party party’ it couldn’t be further than the truth.  We recently visited Phuket with kids and had a wonderful time.  In fact, Phuket makes a great first-time family travel destination.  Check here for our guide to Phuket With Kids.  Phuket is a great place to visit on your family holidays to Thailand.

There is so much to do in Phuket for kids of all ages.  Kids can partake in activities such as snorkeling, sea kayaking, paddle boating, mini-golf, and much more.  Splash Jungle Water Park is a particular favorite spot.  You can read our review of Splash Jungle Water Park here.

Northern Thailand

Think hill tribe trekking, elephants, and lush green rainforests.  Centered on Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand offers excellent cultural experiences for the whole family.

Kids would enjoy a trip to the night market or Lod cave in Pai.  Take a day trip from Chiang Mai to Doi Suthep and visit Bhubig Palace (the winter residence of the royal family) and explore the national park.

Thailand’s Beaches

One reason to visit Thailand is most definitely its picture-perfect beaches!  We love this honest roundup of The Best Beaches in Thailand For Families.  Family holidays to Thailand (or anywhere) can be stressful, but Thailand’s beaches make for a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Bangkok & Ayutthaya

A big crazy city full of people and cars, Bangkok with kids can be quite daunting.  However, it also offers some excellent experiences.  Check out the Art in Paradise 3D Museum (which is the biggest art illusion museum in the world), the floating market, or one of the many theme-based restaurants Bangkok offers.

Most importantly, read our post on the Ultimate 5 Days Bangkok Itinerary – Including Ayutthaya Tour Info.  It is packed with all kinds of information about Bangkok including an ultimate 5 days Bangkok itinerary.  It also includes information about the old capital Ayutthaya and Ayutthaya tour information.

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What Visa Do I Need For Thailand?

Many countries, including Australia, Great Britain, and the United States get a visa waiver on arrival.  However, Visas are an important aspect of traveling to any country, so you should do your own research,  A guide to Thailand Visas is very useful!  Make sure your family holidays to Thailand go smoothly and do your research.  Make sure you have everything taken care of for any visas before you leave.

Places we would like to visit near to Thailand!

I’ve visited Myanmar for 60 days over two trips and loved it so much I’d love to take my kids.

Vietnam was a wonderful experience, and I’d like to return sometime with  a Vietnam Travel Agency

I have never visited Cambodia so that is definitely also on the list for the future!

Thailand family vacation

The Verdict – Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

A Thailand family vacation can be one of the most enjoyable vacations your family takes.  As we said, Thai people love kids.  This makes family holidays to Thailand super enjoyable.  Thailand offers delicious food, relaxing beaches, amazing culture, and a great Thailand with kids’ experience.

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Family Holidays To Thailand, Enjoy Thailand With Kids

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