Nicaragua Destination Guide

Nicaragua Destination Guide

Thinking of travel to Nicaragua with kids?  Check out our Nicaragua destination guide filled with places to visit in Nicaragua and tons of practical information with links to resources!   We can highly recommend a visit to the land of lakes and volcanoes with your young ones.

What sets Nicaragua apart as a destination for families?  Like its popular family travel neighbor, Costa Rica, Nicaragua has a warm tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Where it really packs a punch is its small size and awesome range of activities in a small area.  No long car trips in Nicaragua, most of our favorite things are close to one another an easy to access!

With two awesome colonial cities, carriage rides, and relaxed friendly people it much charm.  Nicaragua is the perfect off -the-beaten-track destination for a family looking to immerse themselves.

Granada, Nicaragua is Papa traveler’s home town and while we’ve not yet lived in Nicaragua with the kids, we do visit family often.   Therefore, all of our Nicaragua information and advice comes as ‘tried and tested’ by insiders, like our advice post on 11 Great Things To Do In Granada With Kids.

Nicaragua With Kids – Our Nicaragua Destination Guide

We Rate Nicaragua 4/5 For Kids

  • Kid friendly facilities – 4
  • Variation in budgets – 5
  • Tourist levels – 3
  • Travel times – 4

Places To Visit In Nicaragua

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Nicaragua

Late November through April is Nicaragua’s “dry season” and the most popular time for travel to the country.  Nicaragua is located in the Southern Hemisphere so this time period also roughly correlates with “summer” in Nicaragua.

Being that Nicaragua has your typical tropical climate, the temperatures do not fluctuate drastically between seasons.  However, travel during Nicaragua’s “dry season” will the perfect weather conditions for all outdoor activities; and in Nicaragua there are many!  Traveling during the “dry season” also means fewer mosquitoes!

While the “dry season” is typically regarded as the best time to visit,  this season is also very hot and dry.  Depending on how you deal with the heat, this can make visiting the Nicaragua attractions difficult or unpleasant.

When Should I Avoid Visiting Nicaragua

Travel to Nicaragua is really great year round, there are plenty of places to visit in Nicaragua, and there is really no advisable time to avoid travel.  Having said that, the “rainy season” is May to November with the peak in September.  The rainy season sees frequent downpours, increased mosquito activity, and increased humidity.  However, being that the “raining season” is considered the off-season for tourists this means cheaper rates and fewer tourists – also bigger waves for surfers!

Nicaragua’s Festivals And Events To Plan Around

January –  Every January the region of Diriamba celebrates the Feast Day of San Sebastian.  The celebration actually lasts several days and involves Holy mass, singing, dancing, fireworks, and dress in traditional costumes that predate the arrival of the Spanish.

One January 20th, the actual feast day, there is a street processions or dancers and musicians in traditional clothing and masks.  It is also tradition on this day for the local people of Diriamba to offer food and drink to visitors.

May – Palo De Mayo festival is a tribute to the Mayaya African goddess of fertility and celebrates the arrival of the rainy season. The activities kick off the first day of May and last throughout the month. During this time you can experience different displays of cultural dance, costumes, and delicious traditional food.

July  – Taking place July 19th is Sandinista Revolution Day, a national holiday.  Also called “Liberation Day” this is a day of huge importance to the Nicaraguan people.

August – Santo Domingo celebrations take place annually the first 10 days of August.  Celebrating the patron saint of Managua, Santo Domingo de Guzman, you can expect a carnival like atmosphere with plenty of parties, bullfights, church services, and general festivities.

September – The Battle of San Jacinto, a public holiday in Nicaragua, is celebrated on September 14th.  The day is set aside to honor Nicaragua’s history and culture as an independent country.

December – December 8th is Feast Of the Immaculate Conception Day, which celebrates the Virgin Mary who is Nicaragua’s patron saint.  It is celebrated with feasts and traditional mass.  Christmas and New Year’s Eve are celebrated in December.

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