Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua

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These our some of our favorite family friendly hotels in Granada, Nicaragua.  With family in Granada, we make frequent visits to this lovely colonial city known as the La Gran Sultana.  For short stays of just a few days we opt for hotels, while for longer stays we go for apartments or homes.  In case you are wondering, with our family’s homes already overflowing with various generations of families and children, there is not really space for us.

For us, location in central Granada makes life much easier.  When you are traveling with small kids the heat of Nicaragua is likely to “get” to you at some stage – so we like being able to get back to the hotel to cool down and recuperate with frequency.

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Hotel Real La Merced

This is a seriously stunning hotel of royal proportions and appearance.  We stayed here during our 2015 visit, and with a balcony overlooking the La Merced church, a wonderful pool and massive sized rooms, this is a fantastic place to stay!  Not to mention the glamour of walking up and down a curved staircase that fuels the imagination of any romantic.

Check here for current rates and more information.

Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua
View from restaurant at Hotel Real La Merced.

Sofia Apartment Hotel

Located very close to the hotel where we stayed, we did an inspection during our last visit to Granada, and this place really caught our attention for its apartment style rooms.   It had a very good location, being just across the street from the hotel above.  Each apartment includes a full kitchen which is always useful for when traveling with kids.

Check here for current rates and more information.

Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua
Atmospheric scenes abound in Granada.

Casa La Merced

In the same area as the two hotels above, this hotel is a little less grandiose but correspondingly more affordable.  The tiled rooms are ample, and we love the beautiful gardens and courtyards.   This is a really lovely colonial house and place to stay.

Check here for current rates and more information.

Hotel Plaza Colon

This is one of the most established, famous hotels in Granada and with good reason. Overlooking the leafy Parque central and Cathedral, the Hotel Plaza Colon oozes old world charm. The front rooms overlooking the park are also the biggest and offer a constant stream of entertainment.  The pool is also ample, and sipping juice on the balcony a must do!  It is also one of the best family friendly hotels in Granada, Nicaragua.

Check here for current rates and more information.

Hotel Alhambra

This is proudly Granada’s oldest hotel and it probably is a touch faded – but in return it also provides a good value for money stay, with a swimming pool in the heart of the action.  Make sure you ask for a room with a view – not the ones on the ground floor.    We stayed with a baby and the size of the room was more than ample.

Check here for current rates and more information.

Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua
A horse carriage ride in Granada is a must!

Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua – Longer Stays

When we are looking for a longer stay in Granada (of 1 to 2 weeks plus) we look for apartments or houses in the central area that are within walking distance to La Calzada plus the market.  To date,  traveling with small children we have always sought out places with NO pools!   This eliminates many of the home rentals available and will of course depend on the age of the kids.

Apart from location and the pool, the next most important consideration is air conditioning.

For us, having all rooms air-conditioned is comfortable, but it doesn’t really make you feel like you are in Nicaragua (it isn’t THAT necessary).   We do ensure, however, that the bedroom is air-conditioned as this makes a huge difference to a good night’s sleep.   Keep in mind that some private places will charge extra for the air-con (read the fine print)!

Condo Hotel Xalteva

While more expensive than a hotel, the Condos Xalteva are a good option for a slightly longer stay or if you want to self cater.  They  include a quite ample kitchen,  a choice of 2-3 bedrooms, and  are atmospheric.   With a pool on site, it is a win win situation and it isn’t a long walk to the market or Pali (one of the supermarkets).  As a bonus , wide balconies offer great views across to Mombacho Volcano.  Condo Hotel Xalteva is one of the great family friendly hotels in Granada, Nicaragua that we have found.

Check here for current rates and more information on Condo Hotel Xalteva.

A similar option that we are considering for our next trip, located on Cuiscoma is the Paraiso Granada Condominium

Newer than the Condos Xalteva, we would definitely consider staying here with lots of space, and a pool these Condos are quite centrally located and would be a good option for families traveling with kids.  Check here for current rates and more information on Paraiso Granada Condominium. 


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Family Friendly Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua

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