Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

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The Splash Beach Resort in Mai Khao is an excellent Phuket airport hotel.  It is an excellent opportunity for your kids to get some good water park time in while in Thailand. When we first started reviewing what to do in Phuket with kids, we saw that Splash Jungle Water Park was an option and that quickly hit our number one on the list of something that we wanted to do in Phuket.

The entry fees to the Splash Jungle Water Park are around $125 USD per day for a family of four (2 adults plus 2 kids).  It quickly occurred to me, that’s the same price as a room for four people. We saw that if we stayed at The Splash Beach Resort we would get one-night accommodation free (or free Splash Jungle Water Park entry).  Whatever way you looked at it – seemed like a fantastic deal!

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Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

Splash Beach Resort

The Splash Beach Resort itself is an absolutely huge hotel-style resort.  There are many, many blocks of hotel rooms all clustered around the “water park”.  The Splash Jungle Water Park opens from 10 am to 5 pm each day and adds a carnival-like atmosphere to the overall Splash Beach Resort.  You can hear the happy sounds of people enjoying themselves at the water park from your room.

Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

Splash Beach Resort Rooms 

The Splash Beach Resort rooms are standard size hotel rooms.  You can have an option with a balcony and without a balcony, with an ocean view or with a pool view, or with a garden view.  Essentially your budget is the only limit!

With two adults, two children and an infant we squeezed tightly into a deluxe room.  We would have liked more space but when you’re trying to economize (you have to accept the lack of space)!  We were glad we had opted for the deluxe room with a balcony as it gave us a bit more breathing room!  When the kids were being irritable we put them out on the balcony and had a bit of time to recoup!  (When traveling as a family this is important.)

Check here for current rates to stay at Splash Beach Resort.

Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

Splash Beach Resort – Facilities

The Splash Park also has two large, attractive pools.  One is located close to the hotel rooms and restaurant.  The other large infinity pool is located on the other side of the golf course at the beach.  There is, in fact, a whole separate bar area and kids club facilities at the beachside infinity pool.

We saw a couple of lovely bridal parties and the Splash Beach Resort appears to be a gorgeous wedding reception and venue.

Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

Mai Khao Beach

We didn’t swim at Mai Khao beach but it looked like quite a nice beach for swimming.  We enjoyed evening strolls along the beach at sunset as well!

Mai Khao Beach

Plane Spotting At Phuket International Airport

Not only is the Splash Beach Resort an awesome family-friendly Phuket airport hotel, but it is plane spotters’ heaven!  At any time – all around the resort – you can see planes taking off.  Our family gets quite a buzz from seeing planes so close, for us, this is a plus of the resort.

The sounds of the planes are not so loud as to interrupt your sleep or daily activities.  We also went down on to Mai Khao beach at sunset and plane spotted with a wide range of local people, including monks on holiday from Chiang Mai.  Like many locals, they wanted to get their picture taken with our 8-month baby.  So we took pictures of them.  They took pictures of us, and we all took pictures of the planes.  So The Splash Beach resort also offers a wonderful opportunity for plane spotting.

Breakfast Buffet

The Slash Beach Resort had a huge breakfast buffet with a wide range of different types of foods. There was not an enormous amount of European people at the resort, and rather there were a lot of Indians, Arabs, Middle Eastern and Russian people.  The breakfast buffet reflected a wide range of different taste buds.

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

How Long Should I Spend At The Splash Jungle Water Park

The Splash Jungle Water Park is a place you could spend the whole day easily.  In our case, we broke up our days so that we toured around the island of Phuket in the morning (see post, Phuket For Kids) and then in the afternoon, we would go to The Splash Jungle Water Park for several hours. (The shortest stay was 2 hours, the longest 4 hours.)

Types Of Rides And Attractions

The Splash Water Park features a number of water slides that are targeted at different ages and abilities.  There’s a double slide, single slide, and then they’ve got some really death-defying slides like the Super Bowl, and Boomerango.  The 6 lane Whizzard was also lots of fun.  One of our favorites was the Family Raft Ride which we all went down together.  This would be a great ride for small kids to get used to the idea of the water slides.

So are many options depending on your age and interest at The Splash Jungle Water Park!

As you had to climb about 100 steps to get to the top-level of slides it certainly gave your legs a workout; Master 5 managed climbing the steps with his tube on his head, and never complained once.  Frequent rests were necessary though!

In addition to the big water park waterslides, there was a kid’s playground and a wave pool; both large parts of the Splash Jungle Water Park playground.  Also, there is a lazy river and finally another of our favorites was called Spring Pool it was undercover and very cool.  We found out that one was fantastic in the heat of the day (And let’s face it, it is very hot)!

For more information about the rides, check out the Splash Jungle Water Park website.

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket Thailand

Safety At The Splash Jungle Water Park

As a parent, you always have some concerns about the safety of your children at water parks.  There were a lot of lifeguards in strategic places who seemed alert to people in distress.  They also adhered to safety guidelines on the larger water slides (much to the disappointment of our little boy who was too short and light for certain rides).

Phuket Resorts

Shops & Facilities Around The Splash Beach Resort Phuket

One of our favorite things about Asian destinations is being able to leave the resort grounds to find local shops, restaurants, and other facilities.  (Like getting your dirty washing done #keepingitreal).   We dislike being isolated at a resort without easy access to local facilities.

When we were about to book The Splash Beach Resort we were hesitant as to what facilities would be available nearby.  In the two streets immediately adjacent to The Splash Beach Resort there were about five different restaurants, all were very reasonably priced.  By that we mean around $30-60 USD per night for a family of 4, with one drink each.

In addition, there were also a lot of massage parlors offering you all about 300 Thai Baht for one hour, which is similar to other places in Thailand.  They didn’t have a wide range of other beauty services or hair braiding.  A surprise was there were very few souvenir shops.  We assume that you would do souvenir shopping in Phuket Old Town or at Bangla Road.

Phuket Resorts

The Verdict Splash Beach Resort and Water Park Phuket

If you have kids that love water parks, and you need to fly out of Phuket early in the morning/or late then this is a great option.  We were very happy with our stay at the Splash Beach Resort and the kids definitely loved the Splash Jungle Water Park.   We highly recommend it as a great combination of an airport hotel and Phuket water park.

Check here for current rates to stay at Splash Beach Resort.

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Splash Beach Resort & Water Park Phuket Review

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