Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

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Our whole family loves to visit Singapore, and so we’ve put together these interesting Singapore facts for kids.  From the history of this small island state to some quirky statistics, you’re gonna be enthusiastic after reading these great facts about Singapore for kids.

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Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

Singapore Is One Of The Smallest Countries In The World

Yes, Singapore is the 20th smallest country in the world.  It has a total land area of 683 square kilometres (or 264 square miles).  In fact, it is so small that if you take the total size of Singapore it is only .01% the size of the United States.  It is 943 times smaller than the size of the state of Texas.  That is one small country.

Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

Singapore Is Not Just One Island, But Many Islands

While Singapore is typically thought of as one small island, it also does include other islands and inlets that make up the entire country.  In fact, there are 64 other islands that make up the entire island country of Singapore. These include islands you may have heard of like Sentosa Island and Sisters’ Island.  64 islands is a lot, and that is one of the more interesting Singapore facts.

Because there are so many islands to explore when visiting Singapore, planning your time is important.  We have lots of good ideas if you are interested in traveling to an island in our post Best Islands Near Singapore For Families.

Singapore Is Growing In Size

Just exactly how is Singapore growing?  Well, by a process known as land reclamation.  Usually, materials such as rock, cement, and soil are added to the areas of surrounding water in order to increase the actual land area for use.  Also, any areas of wetland can be drained and filled in to create a more stable ground that is suitable to build on.  Is that a cool Singapore fact for kids?

Water play at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Singapore Is HOT

Because Singapore is located only 85 miles north of the equator, it is pretty hot all year round.  The average temperature is 32 degrees Celcius (or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit) all year long.  You definitely do not need to wear a coat ever and it does not snow in Singapore. Typically the best times of the day in Singapore are the early mornings before the sun is fully out and the late afternoons after the sun has set.

Singapore also doesn’t have a typical wet/dry season like most other countries in Southeast Asia.  February through April is technically considered Singapore’s dry season because it receives, on average, slightly less rain than the rest of the year.  This is some important Singapore information for kids. It is important to know the kind of weather to expect if you ever plan on visiting Singapore.

singapore information for kids

Singapore Has Four Official Languages

That’s right, Singapore has FOUR official languages. They are English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.  On top of the four official languages of Singapore, a really interesting facts about Singapore for kids is that most locals speak another local fifth language known as Singlish.  Singlish is a local dialect that is super hard for foreigners to learn or understand.

Besides Singapore, there are only three other countries in the world that have four official languages.  Singapore is such a melting pot of people and cultures that each of the four official languages is universally important.  Can you imagine being able to speak four different languages?

Singapore information for kids

Singapore Is One Of Only 3 City-States In The World

So what is a city-state?  A city-state is a small, independent, sovereign single city and any of its territories.  In other words, it is a small city that is totally independent of any other state, country, or government.

There are only 3 city-states in the world.  They are Singapore, Monaco, and Vatican City.

singapore street art

Singapore Is The Only Country In The Modern World To Gain Independence Against Its Own Will

Once upon a time, Singapore was actually part of Malaysia.  Up until 1957, Malaysia was under British rule.  However, Malaysia peacefully negotiated their independence from Britain.  However, Singapore was always in opposition to the ideas and rules that Malaysia tried to enforce.  In 1965 the Malaysian Parliament actually expelled Singapore out of Malaysia forcing it to be an independent sovereign city-state.

Singapore’s Original Name Was Singapura, Which Means ‘Lion City’

The emblem of Singapore is the Merlion which is a mythical creature that has a lion’s head and a fishtail.  Singapore’s original name was Singapura, which in Sanskrit means ‘lion city’.

Legend has it that a Sumatran prince lived in Singapura during the 14th century.  While out hunting he spotted an unidentified animal that was moving very quickly.  People said it was a lion however there were no known lions that lived in Singapore. Thus, the name Singapura was born.  Some interesting Singapore facts for kids is that tigers could be found in the wild in Singapore up until about 1930.  So perhaps it was a tiger the prince saw and not a lion.

Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

Singapore’s National Flower Is Very Special

The national flower of Singapore is called the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim.  What a name!  The Vanda Miss Joaquim blooms year-round and was invented, or cultivated, by a resident named Miss Joaquim in 1893.  She invented it by cross-breeding two different plants.

This is a particularly interesting facts on Singapore because the Vanda Miss Joaquim is the only hybrid plant that is a national flower!

Singapore Is Very Clean And Tidy…You Will Be Fined If You Are Not

Can you imagine that? This is super important information on Singapore for kids and so important to know if you ever visit Singapore.  You can get fined $500 dollars for things like littering, smoking in public, spitting on the ground, and even leaving water in a saucer under a plant.  Which brings us to our next Singapore facts for kids.

Don’t take your gum to Singapore!  Chewing gum is illegal and strictly prohibited in Singapore.  So much so that you can’t even bring chewing gum in from another country or you will be fined by customs.

Kids In Singapore Get Presents On National Children’s Day

How cool of Singapore facts for kids is that?  In Singapore, October 1st is Nationals Children’s Day.  Children get presents and candy and also a day off school that week.

Traditionally, National Children’s Day is celebrated on October 1st each year.  People in Singapore celebrate National Children’s Day each year to celebrate children but also to bring attention to the problems facing kids around the world.

singapore indoor waterfall

Singapore Has Some Amazing Indoor Waterfalls

Most stunning waterfalls are outside, however, Singapore waterfalls are the exception.  The tallest indoor waterfall in the world is located in the Jewel Terminal and Changi Airport in Singapore.  It is known as the Rain Vortex and is 40-meters high!

When it was built, it took the title from another Singapoor indoor waterfall located at the Gardens by the Bay.

Facts on singapore

Singapore Has Some WOW Places To Visit

There are some amazing pieces of architecture and public space in Singapore.  For example, there is the Marina Bay Sands,  which is a massive 55 story building with a ship or boat on top.  Which, by the way, has an amazing infinity pool where people love to get Instagram pictures!  However, you can only swim in the pool if you are paying for a room, which doesn’t come cheaply.

The designer of the Marina Bay Sands, Moshe Safdie also built the amazing Art Science museum, which combines the arts and sciences.  It resembles a bunch of bananas, floating above the ground.  Or,  located in a pond of lotus flowers, perhaps it also resembles the lotus flower.

Finally,  all visitors to Singapore should not miss the Jewel Terminal.  Singapore’s Changi Airport is a destination in its own right.  It has won the Best Airport award 10 times in the last 20-years.  It recently won in 2019 making it seven consecutive years in a row.  That is an interesting Singapore fact!  Clearly, Chani Airport is a must-see Singapore destination.

Singapore Is Family Friendly

Something you won’t find on any other list of facts on Singapore is that Singapore is an extremely family-friendly travel destination.  In our opinion one of the best places in the world to travel with kids!  That’s right, with its cleanliness,  great infrastructure, and English is widely spoken, Singapore is a breeze to get around and there is always someone willing to help you out. 

In addition, there are some truly WOW things to see and do, and not to mention the Island of Sentosa which is like a huge amusement park.  For more information, take a look at What To Do In Singapore With Kids.  Even better, if you want to have a pre-organized itinerary, why not look at the 5 Days In Singapore Itinerary For Families.

Gardens by the bay for kids

Conclusion – Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids

Singapore is a fascinating melting pot of cultures, and there are so many interesting Singapore facts for kids.  Not only is Singapore a modern, vibrant place for families to visit, but it is also a lot of fun.  We loved our family holiday to Singapore, please take a look at our Singapore Destination Guide where you will also be captivated by facts on Singapore.

Do you think that there are other facts about Singapore for kids that would be a great addition to this page?  Please let us know if there are other facts on Singapore that we have missed!

If you are looking for more information about Singapore, check out some of our favorite books about Singapore below.


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Interesting Singapore Facts For Kids


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