Things to do in Nadi Fiji

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Here is a short list of things to do in Nadi Fiji; it might surprise you how much there is to do. You might even plan to spend a couple of days here, when you see what to do in Nadi Fiji.

Most people arrive via the Nadi International airport – it processes 97% of the international visitors to Fiji.   So the question is – stick around Nadi for a few days or head straight off to the Island paradise that Fiji is so famous for?

We say; if you are genuinely interested in getting to know a little about the local way of life, there are things to do in Nadi Fiji  that will take a couple of days, at most.

Why is it pronounced Nandi rather than Nadi?

Before you go further, remember that Nadi is actually pronounced “Nan-dee”. This is because Fiji has different vowel sounds than English… apparently the D has an unwritten N in front of it, which makes Nadi pronounced Nandee!  Oh… and if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about the C in the Mamanuca is actually pronounced TH, so the Mamanutha Islands!

Things to do in Nadi Fiji

Things to do in Fiji - Nadi, Sabeto Hot springs
The first mud pool at Sabeto Hot Springs where you wash the mud off!

The Sabeto Hot Springs & Mud Bath

The Sabeto Hot Springs are number 1 on our list of things to do in Nadi Fiji for a reason – they are lots of fun!  To start with, you cover yourself in mud –the local ladies get you to look over their stalls while the mud dries. Then you wash yourself off in a fairly unpleasant looking murky pool! From this point it gets better – as you move through the different hot baths that get warmer each time!  The facilities are not very modern, this is a rustic experience!  However it was really a lot of fun and our skin felt great for the week afterwards!

Things to do in Fiji - Nadi, sleeping giant garden
The very lovely Sleeping Giant Garden

Sleeping Giant Garden

If you go to the Sabeto Hot Springs then the Sleeping Giant Garden is another thing to do in Nadi, and most enjoyable.  By international standards these gardens are relatively small and not particularly well kept – however, it’s a fun outing that is particularly enjoyable if you like gardening! Our kids ran along the boardwalks while we meandered along behind resting on benches. There is a gorgeous orchid collection at the beginning of the walk as well.

Take insect repellent and expectations of a pleasant walk in the rainforest and you will also rate this as a definite ‘What to do in Nadi.’

Things to do in Fiji - Nadi,
Downtown Nadi

Nadi Shopping

The main street of Nadi offers a lot of shopping.   Keep in mind this is not Asian style market shopping, but there are still plenty of things to buy.    Jack’s and Tappoo are considered the highest quality souvenirs but you will also pay high prices.

Both times we went to the Nadi Shopping area was to do our grocery shopping; our bure at First Landing Resort was self-catering and then when we went out to the Mana Island on the Mamanuca Islands chain we also took a wide range of supplies!

The main thing that you want to buy in Fiji is a “bula Shirt” which is like a Hawaiian shirt except Fijian style! Our daughter bought her friends lots of shell necklaces and friendship bracelets while I picked up a sarong.   There were also chemists and banks in this area should you need supplies.

Things to do in Fiji - Nadi, cultural shows in Fiji are very popular
After watching a typical dance show at the First Landing Resort

The Verdict – Things to do in Fiji Nadi

Of the many gorgeous things to do in Fiji, Nadi is not the most picturesque. If you were wondering what to do in Nadi Fiji, we hope that we’ve helped you get some ideas.  In short, if you are genuinely interested in learning a bit about local culture and sights, then we’d recommend spending a day or two in Nadi.

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