Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone

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Last Updated on November 25, 2020 by Travels with Kids

We’ve been traveling with a drone, the  DJI Mavic Pro, for about 6 months now and here is our family’s experience.  It is time for us to share the pros – and cons – of travelling with a drone in your family travel kit.

If you are anything like our family to travel with a drone, on top of all our other gear, sounded daunting.  This mumma was certainly skeptical of buying one and how much we would actually use the drone.  Despite my skepticism, we took the plunge and bought one.  Here is our experience and advice on traveling with a drone.

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Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone

Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone

First, we want to tell you HOW we came to buy this marvelous and very technical piece of equipment.  Papa won the money in a draw at the local pub the week before we headed to Fiji!  I know, NO KIDDING, he won cash!  Now, we could have put that money into any number of things but we feel that if you have a stroke of luck you should spend it on something you wouldn’t have bought otherwise.  Maybe that is not very responsible but that’s what we believe.  So we bought a drone and headed off to Fiji to learn how to fly it.  You can check out the specific drone DJI Mavic Pro here.


Not to mention, that when we got home we had to learn to edit footage.

I’m definitely not going to say that you NEED to buy and travel with a drone as it is not a necessity.  However, if you have found this page you are probably weighing up the pros and cons of having a drone in your family travel kit!  If you are me, I wasn’t that enthusiastic.  Without being a spoiler, I was totally wrong!  The drone is awesome!


Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone
Flying at Margaret River


Pros Of Travelling With A Drone

1.  You get some amazing footage and stunning perspectives.  We all enjoy heading home after papa has filmed on the drone and watching the videos.  They show another side to the place we have just visited.  It is one thing to be shooting photos with a camera but traveling with a drone gives you an awesome ariel perspective of the places you visit.

Also, our family does a lot of trekking.  We also discussed that the DJI Mavic Pro would be the best drone for backpacking too!

Not only do you get a cool ariel overview of where you are, but you can also cover more ground with a drone.  You really do come away with some awe-inspiring videos of your travel courtesy of your drone.

2.  You also get amazing photos.  If you are into photography like we are, having stunning and different photos is a definite pro of having a drone.  Many people just think of the videos that drones produce but another benefit is the photos.


Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone
While Papa was flying overhead we got to explore the vines. Dress by Eternal Creation.


3.  They are relatively easy to fly and control.  Papa has taught himself using Youtube videos and so far, so good.  Although he has had a couple of minor crashes!

4.  It gives Papa something to do when the kids/family are playing.  He had tried fishing at the beach or having a beer but something was missing.  Now he has a hobby that he can practice at the same time as the family.  Works for us.

5.  The DJI Mavic Pro is very small and very easy to carry.  If you get a great drone bag it helps with transportation as well.  Actually smaller than the DSLR camera we carry with us.


Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone


 Cons (That Were Myths!) About Travelling With A Drone

1.  That traveling with a drone isn’t compatible with family travel (eg, they are dangerous).

This mumma’s initial response to the drone purchase was not particularly supportive.  Ok, not at all supportive.  I had visions of the thing falling out of the sky and crashing on the kid’s heads.  Yes, some caution needs to be exercised when landing or taking off and keeping the kids away from it, but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  As I mentioned above, it was relatively easy to learn how to fly the drone.  We have also not had any dangerous drone mishaps to date.

2.  There is nowhere to fly them.

We are learning that Western Australia, with plenty of wide-open space, is the ideal place to have a drone.   Sure, we have had a visit from the police asking what we were doing flying it in our neighborhood.  Probably we won’t fly it around our home anymore as it does seem to make the neighbors uncomfortable.

In Fiji, the drone sent warning restrictions all the time, as there were lots of little airports around the islands.

That said, traveling with a drone as part of our family travel kit, you don’t want to be flying it all the time.   It could get to be invasive, so having restrictions works for us!  Make sure you check the drone laws in the destination you want to fly it.  However, travelling with a drone is becoming relatively commonplace.  Therefore you can usually do a bit of research and find out all the information you need.

3.   It is an expensive thing to crash/lose.

Yes, it is!  So far, so good!  Papa takes good note of the wind conditions and has watched lots of Youtube crash videos, learning from other people’s experiences.  While it is true that drones are expensive, with a bit of care you should be fine.

4.  It is another piece of technology that takes you away from living in the present moment

While in Fiji we were traveling with DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro, DSLR camera, and phones.  It was way too much!  We’ve agreed that we have to decide what we are doing or we have a tech overload.  Drone flying conditions seem to be good at dawn and dusk, so papa tends to head off at those times.

5.  You need to work out a good storage system for the files.  They are huge.  We didn’t realize this – something to think about when you make the purchase.

In short, if someone in your family is looking for a new hobby, we have found that traveling with a drone is an awesome addition to our family travel kit.  It adds a whole new dimension and fun.  Make sure you get a great drone bag and all the accessories and have at it.


The Verdict – Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone

Despite all the reservations I had, travelling with a drone was actually quite enjoyable.  To travel with a drone can be cumbersome.  It is another piece of tech equipment (among others) and one more thing you have to pack, but the pictures and videos we were able to capture was worth it.

While it is not a necessity, we do enjoy our drone.  I wouldn’t recommend it for every traveling family.  I think you have to assess your individual situation and decide if it is something you want to add to your family’s travel kit.  Do travel with a drone?  What is your family’s experience travelling with a drone?  Let us know in the comments below!



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Our Families Experience Traveling With A Drone

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  • Interesting blog! My husband had a drone that goes along with us everywhere we visit. I was against him purchasing the drone initially although now I’m glad he did! He loves it. There are times I wish he would put it away when were on a quiet walk on a weekend away in the countryside because it seems he’s not really present but all in all I would recommend a drone for any travelling family.xx

  • This was amazing timing! My husband is actually sitting beside me researching drones so I loved hearing your experience. We saved a ton of money on a future trip so thinking about using it towards a drone. But scared to spend too much money! Great to hear that you are a convert…I think we will be getting the credit card out!

    • I’m glad it was useful! I think that there are some definate pro’s and con’s but now we have figured out a ‘happy balance’ it is a really cool thing to have! For example, once you research the restrictions, it means that lots of places you are not able to fly… so when you work out where you can fly, it is lots of fun!

  • So amazing you guys won one! I’m utterly jealous! I really want one, but then there’s the cost and completely agree with what you say about it being another item to distract you for being in the moment. Lots to consider. #fearlessfamtrav

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