Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas

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Who doesn’t love cute, cuddly Koalas? So it would only be appropriate to share these interesting facts for kids about Koalas.  Being that we are an Aussie traveling family, we happen to have a soft spot for this adorable native Australian animal.  Our children love learning kids facts about koalas too!  In fact, we think even adults will enjoy these koalas kids interesting tidbits.

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Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas

Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas

Koalas Are Not Bears

That’s right, even though they look like soft, cuddly bears, koalas in fact not bears.  They are marsupials that have a pouch where their newborns develop.  They are “born” a little like a pink jellybean and then attach to the teat inside until it grows hair.

So where exactly did koalas get their “beary cute” nickname?  Well, when Europeans first arrived in Australia they thought they looked an awful lot like some type of bear.  Thus the term koala bear became popular among non-Australians.  Now that is an interesting kids facts about koalas that is worth remembering.

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kids koala facts

Koalas Sleep As Much As A Sloth

Yes, we mentioned this above, but it is true that as nocturnal marsupials koalas spend much of their life asleep in a tree.  In fact, between 18 and 22 hours a day, making them just as sleepy as a sloth.  Now, how’s that for a fun koala facts for kids?  They are just sleepy little cuddly, fluffs.

Koalas Live On Leaves – The Koala Bear Diet

The koala bear diet – that is, living off gum (eucalyptus leaves) is one of the reasons that they are so sleepy.  In addition, koalas are very fussy eaters and have strong preferences for different types of gum leaves.  The koala bear can only live in bushland where their favorite trees grow.  One of the most interesting facts for kids about koalas is that koalas use different trees for different purposes.  They use some trees for eating, and others for just sitting or sleeping in.


Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas
Looking for Koala bears at the Koala Conservation Park, Phillip Island. Spoiler alert: It’s hard to see the Koala bears in the trees!

Will Koala Bears Eat All Eucalyptus Leaves

A kids facts about koalas I bet you didn’t know there are over 700 species of eucalyptusKoalas eat only some of these leaves.

Just as people in different countries like the kinds of foods they are accustomed to eating, koalas in different areas of Australia like to eat the leaves from different types of gum trees.  For instance, koalas in Victoria eat the leaves of different gum trees from those eaten by koalas in Queensland.

How Much Do Koalas Bears Eat

A fully grown koala bear eats about half a kilogram (about 1.1 pounds) to one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of eucalyptus leaves each night.  This depends on a variety of things, including the size and sex of the koala and where the koala lives.

Koala Bear Sounds

Koalas can communicate by making a variety of different noises.  The most interesting is the sound of a snore combined with a belch, which koala scientists/watchers call a bellow’.  Bet you didn’t know that curious facts for kids about koalas!  Try looking it up.  Do a Google search for koala sounds and be ready for a good giggle.


What Is The Biggest Threat To Koalas

As cute and fluffy as the koalas are, it is hard to believe that the koalas are still under threat.  The loss of their habitat (that is the gum trees where they live) is under threat through land clearing, the ferocious Australian bushfires, and a disease called dieback which kills eucalyptus.  Koala lovers are fighting for the protection of koalas and have achieved the protection status “vulnerable”.

Adults can advocate for their protection and kids can as well.  Many organizations rely on kids koala ambassadors and educating children about the threat koalas are under.

Do Koalas Live In Western Australia

Another koala fact for kids is that koalas do not live in all parts of Australia.  For example, they don’t live in Western Australia or Tasmania.  Scientists have found fossils that show that in the past koalas did live in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

However, if you are visiting Western Australia and desperate for a chance to see this Australian icon, don’t despair.  Koalas have been living at the Yanchep National Park, north of Perth since the 1930s when a colony originating from Victoria and Queensland was moved there.

Many non-Aussies find this koalas kids fact particularly interesting.  Usually, it is just assumed koalas inhabit all parts of Australia.

koalas kids facts
Photo op with a koala in Perth!

Where Is The Best Place For A Koala Photo In Perth

There are two great places for a koala photo when you are visiting Perth, Western Australia.

Caversham Wildlife Park Perth is a wonderful and well-organized place that you can get a photo with a koala taken!  In addition, you can get photos of kangaroos, snakes, wombats, and more.  Take a look at our full review of the Caversham Wildlife Park.

Yanchep National park is another place that you can see koalas in Perth.  In this case, you can only see them in their natural habitat, as you walk amongst the gum trees.

baby koala facts

Baby Koala Facts

They are so cute, cuddly, and thoroughly interesting we have decided to dedicate a whole portion of this post to baby koala facts to our interesting facts about koalas round-up.

Baby Koala Bears Are Correctly Known As Joeys

The correct term for a baby koala is ‘Joey’.  Scientists also refer to them using words like ‘juveniles’, ‘pouch young’, and ‘back young’.  However, if you want to impress with your facts for kids about koalas knowledge, call the babies joeys.

A Baby Koala Bear Is SO Tiny When It Is Born

When the joey is born, it’s only about 2 centimeters long, is blind, furless and its ears are not formed.  Once in the pouch, the baby koala attaches itself to one of the two teats which swell in its mouth, preventing it from falling out of the baby’s mouth.  Can you believe how tiny these koalas kids are?  One of the most interesting baby koala facts for sure.

The Joeys Live In The Koala Pouch For 6 Months

The joey stays in its mother’s pouch for about 6 or 7 months, drinking only milk.  Before it can begin to eat gum leaves, which are poisonous for most mammals, the joey must feed on pap which is a diluted form of the mother’s droppings.  Kind of like a probiotic for koalas!

Baby Koalas Get A Free Ride – Kind Of

After leaving the pouch the joey will ride on the mother’s back or abdomen (stomach) and will continue to drink milk from her pouch.  It tends to leave its mother’s home area once the mother koala has another joey.

The Saddest Facts For Kids About Koalas Of All

While there are plentiful numbers, and the koalas are protected by law, much of the remaining habitat that koalas live in is on privately owned land, and they are not protected there.  Koalas still are at risk, so that’s why it’s helpful to know these great koala facts for kids.  The more we know about koalas, the better.

Although koalas themselves are protected by law, around eighty percent of any remaining habitat occurs on privately owned land and almost none of that is protected by legislation.

facts for kids about koalas


The Verdict – Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas

Did you learn anything new and interesting from our facts for kids about koalas?  Let us know below in the comments what your favorite koalas facts for kids is.  Or, maybe you have something to add?  After all, koalas are not only adorable but they are super cool animals.  We would be happy to include any new kids facts about koalas you may know yourself!


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Interesting Facts For Kids About Koalas

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