Which Is The Best Kids’ Body Board? The Top 6 Boogie Boards For Kids

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Are you seeking the best kids’ bodyboard?  Then you’re in the right place.  As regular users of boogie boards for kids, we have taught our own children the art of riding those waves.  Kids’ boogie boards can keep them amused for hours while getting lots of fresh air and exercise.  As well as that incomparable adrenaline rush of flying along at wave speed!

Which Is The Best Kids’ Body Board?

Whether you want to know which are the good bodyboard brands or are wondering what bodyboard vs boogie board is all about, this guide should help answer your questions.  As well as listing the six best boogie boards on the market from the best bodyboard brands, we detail how to get started when teaching kids to bodyboard – or general body boarding for beginners tips!

Click here to see our number one best kids’ bodyboard.

If you want to know “what is a boogie board?” or simply want to find the top kids’ boogie board to buy, read on.  From a girls’ boogie board to the best bodyboards available to buy, boogie boards for the beach will open up a whole new world of water-based family fun.

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Which Is The Best Kids’ Body Board?

Kids’ Boogie Boards Comparison Table



     Size     (inches) Our          Score  Price Guide
BPS Storm 10 combinations 33, 37 or 41 10 $$
Bo-Toys 4 options 33 or 41 9.5 $
Gyn Pro X 12 plain or print 33, 37 or 41+ 9.8 $
Gymax 4 prints 33, 37 or 41 9.9 $$
Goplus 4 prints 33, 37 or 41 9.6 $
Woowave 5 colors 33, 36 or 41 9.7 $$


The Top 6 Boogie Boards For Kids

Kids’ Bodyboards: Our Experiences using Kids’ Boogie Boards

We live on the coast.  In fact, along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world.  For about 3 months of the year, we are at the beach every second day or so.  It thus goes without saying that my kids are little fishes who spend a lot of time in the water.

Not only do they love to snorkel, but they are also lucky that my brother loves to get out in the surf.  We love to go and visit him on the spectacular South Coast of Western Australia, which is when we take advantage of the decent surf there so the kids can learn.  The little ones, however, tend to spend more time on their boogie boards.

That’s the thing about kids’ boogie boarding: they can have just as much fun in small waves as when used in bigger surf.  A little kid can play around on a boogie board in the smallest waves and experience that thrilling adrenaline rush.  My kids are also just as happy to climb on the board and have me drag them up and down the beach.

Boogie boards’ sizes do vary, and kids love nothing better than to have their parents play with them in the surf.  When teaching a child to boogie board it’s pretty hands-on, making it a great family activity.  There are also larger boogie boards with handles that can accommodate both a toddler and parent, but personally, we have not yet given those a go.

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of opportunities to use bodyboards near me.  However, they are also great fun for family holidays when you don’t live so close to the ocean.


The Top 6 Boogie Boards For Kids
Getting him used to the waves – notice he also has a lifejacket on in case he goes under!

Bodyboarding for Beginners: How to Boogie Board with Kids

As mentioned above, boogie boards make great beach toys and are useful for occupying small children as well as older kids.  Little kids can play around on the edge of the water and ‘surf’, which will keep them entertained for some time.

It’s when your kids get older that you can all truly enjoy boogie boarding.  This may be around the age of 6 plus, or whenever they become able to swim capably and confidently.  Here are my boogie boarding tips when trying to teach a first-time boogie boarder

  1.  Look for a place where the waves are large enough to ride – but not overwhelmingly big.
  2. Spend some time on the beach watching the waves (and hopefully other boogie board riders who are already out there.)
  3. Being able to identify good waves to catch is just as important as actually riding them; when teaching kids to boogie board the parents can help with this. For adult boogie boarder beginners it pays to watch other and learn.
  4.  Wade out into the water until it reaches the height of your waist – usually this is the “whitewash” where the waves have broken.   Tow the child around on the boogie board so they can get a feel for the board and the motion of the sea.
  5.  Next, talk about how you are then going to tip them off – or flip it.  This is important because if you’ve never fallen off a boogie board you won’t realize that it’s quite a shock.  Getting them used to falling off the board desensitizes them to this.  It reduces the risk of future panic attacks that could happen when they are in the surf and actually fall off – or hit a wave at the wrong angle and get flipped over.
  6. if you are a adult beginning, Watch the waves breaking and see if you can get a sense for the movement of the ocean.
  7. Make sure the child has a good grip on the board, and is centered (but this will also come with  practice. =)
  8.  Line yourself up exactly where the waves are breaking and when the time is right, push the kid onto the crest of the wave.  The extra push from you helps them get the timing right, helping them to catch waves unaided in the future.  This parental involvement in the early stages is vital
  9. Once they have caught a few waves or got a sense of how the ocean moves,  talk again about being centered and also raise your chest, which gives you a bit more speed.
  10.  Finally, don’t forget to take a look at their faces the first time they catch a wave – that expression is PRICELESS!

Note – I do realize that these boogie boarding tips are for kids – if you are working with body boarding for adult beginners I think you should follow the same steps!

Two more bodyboarding for beginners tips

  1. Don’t forget to attach your leash
  2. A wetsuit is vital in most places, as you can get cold very quickly.  Here are  our recommendations for the best kids wetsuits.

The Top 6 Boogie Boards For Kids

How do a Boogie Board and a Surfboard Compare?

Bodyboarding and surfing are both very popular water sports all over the planet.  How does the experience compare – is riding a boogie or surfboard better?

Surfing on a longer board is done standing up.  When paddling, only the upper body is used, making this a bit more tricky.  Standing up to ride the wave at just the right time takes some practice – and requires good balance.

A surf or a boogie board is great fun for kids, tweens, and teens as well as adults.  Things tend to happen more quickly when surfing, so it takes longer to master the timing.  Once used to it, a surfer can catch bigger waves than a bodyboarder, and some say this provides more of a thrill than riding waves lying down.

Surfing requires more experience and a good awareness of safety in the water.  For beginners – such as kids – beach boogie boards enable them to hone their skills much more quickly while having lots of fun.  Surfboards also tend to be much heavier than any bodyboard for kids, and require frequent waxing.

Buying a boogie board for the beach can act as an introduction for those who may become keen on surfing later on.  Bodyboarding is also great fun in itself.  Both water sports are compatible – as well as a wonderful way for the family to spend time together.


How Do A Boogie Board And A Surfboard Compare?


What to Look for when Buying the Best Kids’ Bodyboard

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the best boogie boards for kids.  As well as what to look for – such as price, type, size, and other items you may need.

Are the Best Boogie Boards for Kids Expensive?

All across the internet, you will find guides advising you “how to buy the best boogie board” for your kids, listing products with all types of specifications and details.  If you don’t go to the beach often – or are not entirely sure whether the kids are going to get into bodyboarding – you can get reasonable starter boogie boards.  Just like the ones listed in this guide!

The best bodyboards for beginners are not always costly.  In short, it’s only when you get into decent surf and regular use that a boogie board needs to be robust and streamlined.  This is when the best bodyboards’ brands may be worth investing in.

What is the Difference Between a Kids’ Bodyboard and a Beach Boogie Board?

The short answer is that there is no difference at all.  Both terms tend to be used interchangeably.  They are both designed for riding lying down and are shorter than surfboards.  A toy company owns the trademark for the surf “boogie board”, meaning that it must be referred to as a adults’ or kids’ bodyboard by other manufacturers.

What about Boogie Board Sizes?

This is one of the primary considerations when choosing the best boogie board for your child.  Adult bodyboards will often be too big for kids to manage.  However, there are lots of surfing boogie board products to pick from.

Some of these are simply “one size” kids’ bodyboards that are smaller than the adult versions, while others come in a range of size options.  Each design may vary slightly in terms of length, width, and exact shape.

If you do want, for instance, a toddler boogie board or a boogie board for a 5-year-old, then all the boogie boards we’ve listed offer several size options to suit specific kids’ weights and ages.

As a general rule, look for a board measuring around 33 inches for kids that weigh 40 to 65 lbs and are under 4 feet in height.  If they’re over 4 feet tall and weigh between 65 and 85lbs, go for a board that’s over 36 inches long.  Several manufacturers include size guides on their listings too.

What Other Items Might you Need when Bodyboarding?

The items you may also wish to consider include a rash vest and a wetsuit.  Whether or not you need a wetsuit – and what type – may depend on the climate.  Wetsuits come in “shortie” versions for warmer water as well as summer and winter variants.

A rash vest can protect skin against soreness and chafing.  It can be worn alone for this purpose, or beneath a wetsuit as an extra layer.  If the beach is pebbly or rocky – or there is any danger of stings or bites from wildlife – some wetsuit shoes can also be very helpful.

If the bodyboard is used often or stored somewhere dusty, a specially made bag may also be useful.  Some people also like to wax a boogie board, though even for adults this isn’t really needed.

What Other Items Might You Need When Bodyboarding?
A boogie board with handles is good when they are learning.

Other Useful Features to Look for


Most bodyboards come complete with a leash.  This ends in a strap that fastens around the wrist with velcro (on surfboards this usually attaches to the ankle).  This stops the kids from being separated from their board when they flip over or fall off.  Instead of floating away, it stays in the water nearby so they can easily grab it again.  All the products we feature include a leash.


Some kids’ boogie boards have a handle to each side, near the head end.  These can improve grip so that the board is less likely to slip out from beneath them, although they’re not necessary.  Instead, many will have rail-shaped edges to improve grip.  You don’t really need a boogie board with handles – and it can make them bulkier to carry.

bodyboard vs boogie board


Fins are included with some boards – often the more expensive ones.  These can improve the user experience, but they are by no means strictly necessary for kids or beginners.


Finally, a crescent tail is best for any beginner, so all the boards we list feature this simple, effective shaping.



Six of the Best Boogie Boards for Kids


BPS Storm Bodyboard

The Storm Bodyboard by BPS comes in three different size options.  It was created by a Kiwi dad who started developing boards in his garage.  These make great boogie boards for girls or boys of all ages.

Again this one has a strong EPS core, teamed with a polyethylene bottom for robustness – even on rocky ocean floors.  This family-run manufacturer provides a helpful sizing guide to make sure you get the perfect fit when buying one of their boards.

A care guide also comes with this high-quality board, along with the backup of a full one-year warranty.  The pack also includes fins and a leash.


  • 3 sizes and various colors.
  • Built for maneuverability, balance, and speed.
  • 12-month warranty.


  • Higher price than some

Click here to see the BPS Storm Boogie Board for children.

Bo-Toys Body Board

This one is a great all-rounder.  Anyone wanting pink boogie boards should be happy, and this one also comes in red, blue, or green.  It’s also available in 2 size options – 33 inches for smaller kids or 41 inches for taller, heavier ones.

There is a good quality, reliable leash to keep the board close to the child, and it is highly maneuverable and durable.  Heat lamination to the surface and an EPS core increases its strength, while rails help your kid keep hold of it.

The Bo-Toys Bodyboard is affordable, easy to use, and built to last.  It’s also available in various sizes and colors – and looks good too.


  • Choice of colors and sizes.
  • Ultra-durable.
  • Easy to use.


  • No fins.

Click here to see this Bo-Toys Kids’ Boogie Board.

Gyn Trade Pro X Bodyboard

Gyn Trade heat seals their bodyboards to improve durability.  They say this helps to make their products stronger and more resistant to bubbling.

This board also comes in a range of sizes to suit anyone from a small child to a large adult.  It also comes is a selection of attractive plain and patterned designs.  The crescent tail makes it easy to achieve a smooth ride on the waves.

The Gyn Trade Pro X is a well-priced bodyboard for children, teens, and adults alike, available in various sizes and colors.


  • Various sizes and designs.
  • Heat-sealed for superior strength.
  • Crescent tail gives a smooth ride.


  • No rails.

Click here to see the Gyn Trade Pro X Children’s Boogie Board.

Gymax Ultra Lightweight Bodyboard

If weight is of the essence, then take a look at this super lightweight boogie board for children or adults.  It comes in 3 size options and a range of very appealing designs.

Despite being very light the board can withstand impact and stormy weather.  A super-smooth bottom increases speed, while an EPS core ensures durability.  This is a good bet for beginners and more experienced board riders alike.

With a range of cool designs and colors, this lightweight board should see any user through the summer season and beyond.


  • 3 sizes and 4 designs.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Super strong yet smooth.


  • Not the cheapest.

Click here to see the Gymax Lightweight Kids’ Boogie Board.


Goplus Bodyboard

The affordable Goplus Bodyboards also come in a range of sizes to suit all children, teens, and adults and feature a bright tropical palm design.  This buoyant, lightweight board has a slick, smooth bottom for speed and a leash to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

There are rails and a crescent tail, and the leash can be secured to either the ankle or wrist.  An EPS core increases strength and also helps to absorb shock.

These lightweight Goplus Boogie Boards are perfect for beginners and come with an attractive price tag too.


  • Great value.
  • Leash fits ankle or wrist.
  • EPS core, rails, and crescent tail.


  • More basic than some.

Click here to see the Goplus Boogie Board for kids.

Woowave Bodyboard

A top seller, the Woowave Bodyboard is another best buy as it comes in 3 sizes to suit all.  There are 5 colors to choose from.

Again this high-quality board attracts good reviews and comes with that strong EPS core, slick bottom, and a coiled wrist leash with a comfortable velcro cuff.  It’s good for beginners and more experienced wave riders.

The manufacturer supplies a size guide with this one too, so you can see at a glance which will be the best option.


  • 33, 36, or 41-inch sizes.
  • Coiled wrist leash.
  • Rails, crescent tail, and EPS core.


  • Less exciting design.

Click here to see this Woowave Child’s Boogie Board.


kids boogie boards


Two of the Best Bodyboards for Beginners who are Adults

If you are looking for a bodyboard for a beginner who happens to be a child, then you should easily find something that will suit them just fine in our comprehensive list of the best bodyboards for beginners who are kids (above).  But what about adults who are want to try something new? In case you want to have a go at riding the waves yourself, we’ve also included the best boogie boards for beginners.

Thurso Surf Lightning Bodyboard

This product is such as great all-around that we had to include it here, and it attracts really positive reviews too.  The Thurso Surf Lightning can be used as an intermediate or beginner boogie board, and comes complete with a carry bag, which means you can carry it more easily and keep it dry and clean while in storage.

You can pick between four colors and Thurso Surf offer a one year warranty on the board.  The board is designed to support a rider weighing up to 200 pounds for a smooth and stable ride.  It’s lightweight, fast and built to last, so it should give you years of fun before the kids decide they like the look of it!


  • Stable, strong & smooth
  • Bodyboard bag included
  • 1 year warranty


  • Plain design


Click here to view the Thurso Lightning Boogie Board

Kona Surf Co. Coconut bodyboard

If you want the best bodyboard for beginners that’s affordable and comes in three sizes, check out this one from the Kona Surf Co.  It’s ultra lightweight to carry to the beach and comes with an attached leash so you don’t lose it in the water.  The contouring and crescent tail have been added to give you a slicker and quicker ride, and the bottom has a scratch resistant finish to help prevent damage from sand and stones.

This quality bodyboard from a New Jersey company is perfect for adult rookies and older kids alike, and comes in a choice of five colors.


  • 3 sizes & 5 colors
  • Contoured shape & crescent tail
  • Scratch resistant surface to bottom


  • Leash not as good quality as board

Click here to see the Kona Surf Co. Coconut Boogie Board

Best Boogie Boards Australia

So you are in Australia and looking for the best beginner boogie board for your child or adult?  Tired of spending time investigating the best boogie board brands only to find that they are not even available in Australia?  Ugh! It’s so frustrating when that happens!  This is why we have done the hard yards and provided you with one of the best boogie boards Australia.  The following Morey Boogie Board is suitable for adults as well as older kids, is shipped from Australia and also attracts great ratings.

Morey Cruiser Bodyboard

Morey is one of the best bodyboard brands around and they make some of the best bodyboards for kids and adults.  The Cruiser ships from Amazon AU so you don’t need to wait weeks to get it, and if it doesn’t suit you then it’s far easier to return too. T his sleek boogie board available in Australia has a crescent tail for a smoother, slicker ride over the waves and channels for better body positioning and grip.

It’s one of the best bodyboards in Australia and a very sound choice for an entry level boogie boarder. As you progress, it will allow you to perform various turns too.


  • Channels assist with position & grip
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Ultra lightweight


  • Not as sturdy as some

Click here to view the Morey Cruiser Boogie Board

Which Is The Best Kids’ Body Board?

The Verdict -Which is the Best Kids’ Body Board? The Top 6 Boogie Boards for Kids

Which of these boogie boards for the beach do you like best?  As they’re all available in a range of sizes, it’s easy to find the right fit for all members of the family.  We hope you have lots of fun in the water as your kids learn to ride those waves for the ultimate adrenaline rush, and that our  body boarding for beginners tips have been useful!  One final thing  – just make sure you apply lots of waterproof sunscreen!


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Which Is The Best Kids’ Body Board? The Top 6 Boogie Boards For Kids

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